Employers of Lobbyists
Here is a list of lobbyists’ employers organized by how much each reported having spent for the purposes of lobbying the City of Seattle over the last eight quarters. Lobbyists are required to disclose this information if they are paid to lobby and do so on more than four days in any calendar quarter. “Lobbying” is defined in the law to mean communicating with City Council members, legislative department staff, the mayor, or the mayor’s staff in an attempt to influence legislation. Click on a lobbyist’s name to see the reports they have filed with the SEEC.
The Elections Code was amended in 2015 to provide that no candidate for City office may knowingly accept any contribution directly or indirectly from any entity or person who during the past 12 month period has paid $5,000 or more to a lobbyist or lobbying entity for lobbying the City of Seattle.

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Recent Quarterly Expense Reports
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Full Expense Report History
Lobbyist Name Report Period Expense
George Griffin 2016 - Q4 / Annual $ 0.00 View report
George Griffin 2016 - Q2 $ 2,000.00 View report