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Full Summary Report (C4) - 4/1/2020 to 4/30/2020
posted 5/7/2020 2:51:39 PM by Sonja Ponath

Note from Filer
My records show zero balance and matches the bank balance. For information purposes there were two issues I had to resolve 1. two checks bounced 20 on 6/13/19 500 on 8/13/19. I had accounted for them in account adjustments as directed, but that left me showing that amount as cash on hand so in consultation with the SEEC/PDC, I deleted them from the C3's and amended those. This amount of 520 has changed beg/ending balances by that amount from what is on file. 2. Petty cash used to refund small amounts as listed on this report. While the refunds are properly shown on the reports, it does not reduce the petty cash amount. So I had 12.01 r emaining as cash on hand which is not true. I have zero in petty cash. I used the math err or adjustment for that. Cash received is 587,141.43 and cash expended equal 587,141.43 so zero remains.

Committee NameVOTE SAWANT 2019
Mailing Address2920 East Cherry Street
Final Report Yes

Contribution Summary Expenditure Summary
Total at Start of Period $587,136.41  Total at Start of Period $585,876.01
Cash Received $5.02  Cash Expenditures $1,253.41
In-Kind Contributions $ 0.00   In-Kind Expenditures $ 0.00
Subtotal Cash and In-Kind $5.02  Subtotal Cash and In-Kind $1,253.41
Loan Principal Payments $ 0.00   Loan Principal Payments $ 0.00
Corrections $ 0.00   Corrections $12.01
Net Adjustments $ 0.00   Net Adjustments $ 0.00
Total at End of Period $587,141.43  Total at End of Period $587,117.41
Total Pledges $ 0.00   

Cash Summary
Cash on Hand$24.02
Liabilities $ 0.00

Schedule A to C4 - Bank Account Activity

Bank Deposits
SubTotal - All Deposits:$5.02

Bank Withdrawals
DateRecipient Name & AddressCodeDescriptionAmount
N/A Expenses of $50 or lessN/AN/A$16.30
4244 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
PO Box rental for one year$150.00
15224 97TH CT. NE
Campaign Treasury Assistance - final$1,087.11
SubTotal - All Withdrawals$1,253.41

Schedule B to C4 - In-Kinds, Pledges and Debts

In-Kind Contributions
None Reported

None Reported

Orders Placed, Debts and Obligations
None Reported

Schedule C to C4 - Accounting Corrections

Corrections To Contributions and Other Receipts
None Reported

Corrections To Expenditures
Date of ReportContributor or DescriptionAmount ReportedCorrected AmountDifference
1/31/2020 $ 0.00 $3.01$3.01
1/31/2020 $ 0.00 $4.00$4.00
12/31/2019 $ 0.00 $5.00$5.00
SubTotal $ 0.00 $12.01$12.01

Refunds from Vendors
None Reported

Schedule L to C4 - Loans

Loan Payments
None Reported

Loans Forgiven
None Reported

Loans Still Owed
None Reported

Report Certified BySonja Ponath
Date Certified5/7/2020 3:02:17 PM
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