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Parking Categories
Carpool symbol  Carpool
Paid parking symbol  Paid
Restricted parking symbol  RPZ
time limit symbol  Time Limited
No parking symbol  No Parking
Unrestricted parking symbol  Unrestricted
Parking Signs
vehicle load symbol  Vehicle Load
paid parking symbol  Paid Parking
no parking sign symbol  No Parking
RPZ symbol  RPZ
time limit symbol  Time Limit
other symbol  Other
Peak Hour No Parking
AM Symbol  AM Restrictions
AMPM Symbol  AM\PM Restrictions
AMPM Symbol  PM Restrictions

Addresses Eligible for RPZ Permits
Restricted parking eligibility symbol

Temporary No Parking
Temporary no parking symbol
Garages and Lots
facilities symbol

epark symbol
Real time open space counts available

This map shows on- and off-street parking facilities and information with special focus on short-term parking in downtown and in neighborhood business districts, and eligibility for restricted parking zones.

help Locations of off street parking that provide the public parking with fees

help Shows most common parking in a public right of way

help Locations of city parking signs with sign text

help Locations of temporary no parking

help Shows blocks where no parking and no stops are allowed during specified times of the day
help Identifies blocks where addresses may qualify for zone permit

2 Hour Rate      Name
Click on a street parking line to get information about the parking along that block.

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