Use the Street View tool to select a location to display

Request Status

Pothole Repair Status

History of Potholes Repaired

Click a point on the map to learn more about the work request or pothole:
Identify a work request or pothole

You can enter an address, intersection or Seattle landmark to pan the map to that location.
E.g. Seattle Center, 700 5th Ave, 5th Ave / Columbia St

Use the Neighborhood Selector to move to a selected Seattle Neighborhood.

Use the navigation tools above the map to:
Zoom To Full Extent
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You can also take advantage of the following keyboard shortcuts:
  • Drag the mouse to pan
  • Mouse Scroll Forward to zoom in
  • Mouse Scroll Backward to zoom out
  • SHIFT + Drag the mouse to zoom in
  • SHIFT + CTRL + Drag the mouse to zoom out
  • SHIFT + Click to recenter
  • Double Click to Center and Zoom in
  • SHIFT + Double Click to Center and Zoom in
  • Use arrow keys to pan
  • Use + key to zoom in a level
  • Use - key to zoom out a level
For general questions, call SDOT at (206) 684-ROAD (7623).