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Registered Side Sewer Contractors

Dirt Pros LLC

Contact: Erik Garcia
Address:  6418 Rebecca Ct. SE Auburn WA
Phone: 425-864-5434
Note: Requirements below affect RSSC's status of:
"Allowed to be issued side sewer permits for work in the public ROW"
Requirement Effective From Effective To Seattle Municipal Code
Insurance Aug 27, 2017 Aug 27, 2018 21.16.060 A.5&B
21.16.065 A.2
21.16.080 F.3
Bond Dec 13, 2017 Nov 27, 2020 21.16.060 A.6&C
21.16.065 A.2
21.16.080 F.3
City Business License N/A N/A 21.16.060 A.4
State Contractor's License Sep 02, 2017 Sep 09, 2019 21.16.060 A.3
RCW 18.27.110
Registration / Renewal Fee N/A N/A  
Condition Status Seattle Municipal Code
Is current (within 60 days) with any bill for work performed by the City for which the contractor is liable? Yes 21.16.065 A.7
21.16.080 F.1
Meets other compliances? Yes 21.16.065 A.3-6&A.8
21.16.080 F.3
Has one or more individuals (or Authorized Representatives) who passed the registered side sewer contractor exam?
(only names who have passed are listed)
Garcia, Erik
Prock, Olivier
21.16.060 A.2
21.16.065 A.1
21.16.080 A, C