Oct 16, 2017
Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections
Land Use Information Bulletin
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Pursuant to SMC 25.05.340 and WAC 197-11-340

The City of Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development is proposing to amend the Seattle Municipal Code Section 23.41.010 to adopt the Central Area Design Guidelines; amend Section 23.41.006 to establish a Central Area Design Review District; and amend Section 23.41.008 to change Design Review Board Composition.

The design review process, as provided for in the Land Use Code Chapter 23.41, is a forum to identify design-related concerns early in the design of a project to ensure that new development makes a positive contribution to Seattle’s neighborhoods. The design review process provides flexibility to ensure new development responds to its surrounding context, subject to adopted citywide and neighborhood-specific Design Guidelines.

Citywide Design Guidelines for Multifamily and Commercial Buildings apply to all proposed new development subject to design review. Neighborhood-specific design guidelines augment the citywide Design Review Guidelines to address the unique character of given neighborhoods, goals for neighborhood development, and key locations for important design considerations. The underlying zoning designations and standards for allowable uses, scale of buildout, and other parameters of development are not changed by adoption of Design Guidelines.

The Central Area Design Guidelines will guide future development to reflect the unique historical character of the Central Area community; retain the rich characteristics valued by both the communities long term residents as well as its new and future residents; and facilitate inclusive and equitable growth and development. The creation of a Central Area Design Review District and Board will support equitable and inclusive community engagement and process specific for those most impacted by displacement, maximizes the effectiveness of the Central Area Design Guidelines, and helps guide future development to respond to the unique Central Area historical character and identity.


After review of a completed environmental checklist and other information on file, OPCD has determined that the amendments described above will not have a probable significant adverse environmental impact, and has issued a Determination of Non-Significance under the State Environmental Policy Act (no Environmental Impact Statement required).


Comments regarding this DNS or potential environmental impacts may be submitted through October 30, 2017. Comments may be sent to:

City of Seattle, OPCD
Attn: Jim Holmes
PO Box 94788
Seattle WA 98124-7088



Appeals of the decision to issue a Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) must be submitted to the Office of the Hearing Examiner by 5:00 p.m. November 6, 2017. Appeals should be addressed to the Hearing Examiner and must be accompanied by a $85.00 filing fee in a check payable to the City of Seattle. The appeal must be sent to:


City of Seattle
Hearing Examiner
PO Box 94729
Seattle WA 98124-4729




All project documents are available no later than Monday October 16, 2017 on the project website at www.seattle.gov/opcd/ongoing-initiatives/central-area-design-guidelines.

The Public Resource Center is open 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday.


Questions regarding the proposed amendments can be directed to Quanlin Hu at (206) 386-1598 or quanlin.hu@seattle.gov.