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Land Use Information Bulletin

Notice of Decision

How to Appeal a Decision

Land Use Application to subdivide one development site into two unit lots. The construction of residential units is under Project #6530899. This subdivision of property is only for the purpose of allowing sale or lease of the unit lots. Development standards will be applied to the original parcel and not to each of the new unit lots.
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Project: 3025902  
Address: 154 20TH AVE E
Area: Downtown/Central
Contact phone: (425)233-6089
Planner: Emily Lofstedt
Planner phone: (206) 386-0097
Conditions: The following appealable decisions have been made based on submitted plans:

Grant - Unit Lot Subdivision
to create two unit lots.

Appeals of this decision must be received by the Hearing Examiner no later than 1/26/2017.
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