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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View270 S HANFORD ST S Hullen Transfer CompanyHullin Building
View4200 Latona AVE   
View305 Harrison ST Friendship Bell/Kobe Bell 
View1313 S JUDKINS ST S  Pali Apartments
View8535 Phinney AVE UnknownShamrock Group
View305 Harrison ST Washington State Coliseum/Coliseum Century 21Coliseum/Key Arena
View3800 Latona AVE  Dunn Lumber Company
View305 Harrison ST National Aeronautics and Space Administration BuildingNASA Warehouse
View3815 S Angeline ST S  Glen Apartments
View1167 Mercer ST Messenger SignsMessenger Signs
View305 Harrison ST Monorail OfficeFun Forest Administration Building/Monorail Office/Frontier Gallery
View305 Harrison ST International Fountain 
View305 Harrison ST Monorail Terminal 
View4800 40th AVE UnknownYWCA
View3100 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View2009 Minor AVE Lake Union Community Psychiatric ClinicBush, Roed & Hitchings
View305 Harrison ST Sweden Pavilion, International Commerce & Industry BuildingsNorthwest Craft Center
View301 Mercer ST Fine Arts Pavilion/Exhibition HallExhibition Hall/PNB Phelps Center
View201 Mercer ST PlayhouseIntiman Playhouse
View300 Mercer ST Parking GarageMercer Garage
View3818 S Edmunds ST S   
View305 Harrison ST International Commerce & Industry BuildingsColiseum North Court Rooms/Northwest Rooms
View1120 12th AVE UnknownUnknown
View305 Harrison ST Great Britain Pavilion, International Commerce & Industry BuildingsSeattle Art Museum Pavilion/Seattle Center Pavilion
View305 Harrison ST The Seattle Mural/Century 21 MuralHoriuchi Mural and Stage/Mural Amphitheatre
View2411 Alaskan WAY Edgewater Inn/ The CamelotEdgewater Inn
View2121 8th AVE Metro VolkswagenToyota of Seattle
View1732 BROADWAY Bonney Watson MortuaryBonney Watson Funeral Home
View2565 22ND AVE 06 Ford Residence
View1526 E MCGRAW ST E Residence 18 Neuhart Residence
View1529 E CALHOUN ST E Residence 18 Haimer Residence
View1531 E CALHOUN ST E Residence 18 Yasuda Residence
View2100 BOYER AVE St. Demetrios Church 
View2412 E 15TH AVE E Residence 18 Bauer Residence
View2416 15TH AVE Residence 18 Bauer Residence (2)
View410 4TH AVE  
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