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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View605 8TH AVE   
View655 S ANDOVER ST S Sinclair & ValentineModelwerks
View2505 AIRPORT AVE The Fuller Brush CompanyJohnstone Supply
View818 W Crockett W Sky View 
View14100 LINDEN AVE Bitter Lake Reservoir 
View4411 Corliss AVE  Corliss Crest
View2417 E Cherry ST E Garfield Playfield Shelter House 
View7118-7144 Beacon AVE UnknownYoung's Market + 4 others
View422 E PINE ST E UnknownAuto Pro
View564 12th AVE Commercial Co. Office & Shop BuildingJefferson Bus Base Exchange Office & Shop
View201 NE 40th ST NE University ArmsUniversity Arms Apartments
View4541 CALIFORNIA AVE City LightNext to Nature
View14100 Linden AVE Bitter Lake Reservoir Pump Station 
View3327 25th AVE   
View4033 E Madison ST E Paul Kirk ClinicNorthwest Clinic
View1300 N 97th ST N North Service Center 
View509 Northlake WAY   
View1416 N 55th ST N   
View719 W Lee ST W Magnuson, Warren & Jermaine, House 
View1918 Minor AVE Haloid XeroxKroesen's
View1100 2nd AVE National Bank of CommerceSecurity Pacific Building
View1400 5th AVE Logan Building 
View801 2nd AVE Norton Building 
View2000 6th AVE Doric Sixth Avenue Motor HotelSixth Avenue Inn
View3534 S PORTLAND ST S   
View421 RAINIER AVE  Emerald City Health Clinic
View2121 NE PARK RD NE  
View2401 E MCGRAW ST E 32 Mont's Market
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