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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View615 8TH AVE  Lindsay Industrial Tool
View4421 51ST AVE   
View4912 25TH AVE   
View6343 NE 65TH ST NE NAS Seattle Building 310 - Storage Building 
View7700 SAND POINT WAY NAS Seattle Building 312 - Small Arms & Pyrotechnic Magazine 
View10304 55TH AVE   
View3929 S BURNS ST S   
View2901 6TH AVE Langendorf United BakeriesFranz Family Bakeries
View44 S NEVADA ST S Seattle Warehouse CompanyTerminal 106, Warehouses 1 & 2
View3414 4TH AVE LePac CorporationCommercial Plastics
View2901 UTAH AVE Unknown Washington Chain & Supply Company
View2905 4TH AVE Schuck's Auto SupplyLighting Design Lab
View Woodland Park AVE Lower Woodland Park Comfort Station #2 (1952) 
View2316 S Spokane ST S   
View2102 N 40th ST N Zion Lutheran ChurchGift of Grace Lutheran Church
View1420 36th AVE   
View2531 30th AVE   
View4327 14th AVE   
View309 9TH AVE 309 9th Avenue NorthSoilsoup/
View2537 31st AVE   
View4540 15TH AVE Unknown 
View1900-1902 N 55th ST N   
View S Spokane AVE S South Rectifier Substation 
View1927 31st AVE   
View2500 3rd AVE Reichert, Robert, House 
View5513 S Cloverdale ST S Atlantic City Nursery Garage and Tool Service BuildingAtlantic Nursery Service Building
View303 NE Northlake WAY NE Ward's Cove Packing CompanyAlyeska Seafoods
View1857 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Substation 
View2700 24th AVE Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) 
View4801-4811 Beacon AVE Big Bear StoresSeattle Super Market & 5 others
View2001 NW Canoe PL NW Salmon Bay Park Comfort Station 
View4134 12th AVE   
View3103 12TH AVE   
View3261 Fuhrman AVE Portage Bay PlazaPortage Bay Plaza
ViewBuilding 631 Sunday School, Educational Training Building 
View309 Cedar ST Musicians' Assocation annexMusicians' Association of Seattle
View2124 4th AVE unknownDowntown Public Health Center
View5306 13TH AVE  St. George Catholic Church
View4032 47TH AVE   
View14 S IDAHO ST S Palmer G. Lewis BuildingR2R Investments LLC/ J. C. Wright Sales
View2749 4TH AVE Lakeridge Supply CompanyFuzzy Wuzzy/ Diamond Cleaning Services
View4540 17TH AVE  
View408 8TH AVE Wm. H. Gore Co. Steel Shelving 
View203 DEXTER AVE Pitney-Bowes Business MachinesWinston Wachter Fine Art
View501 DEXTER AVE Ancient Order of United Workmen Insurance CompanyUnkown
View5232-24 19TH AVE  
View2625 E MONTLAKE PL E 06 Kemper Development Co. Gas Station
View2023 E ROANOKE ST E 06 Patterson Residence
View1937 BOYER AVE Haines Residence 42 Elosegui Residence
View2132 BOYER AVE 35 Greek Orthodox Church admin bldg
View1826 E LYNN ST E 28 Ramsay Residence
View2316 18TH AVE 28 Rosencrantz Residence
View1809 E MCGRAW ST E Berg Residence 28 Otis Residence
View1815 E MCGRAW ST E 28 Rutherford Residence
View4528 44TH AVE ApartmentsApartments
View7502 28TH AVE  
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