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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View3926 46TH AVE   
View3926 46TH AVE   
View4232 48TH AVE   
View7710 62ND AVE NAS Seattle Building 47 - Recreation Building 
View7700 SAND POINT WAY NAS Seattle Building 54 - Hi-Explosive Magazine 
View7700 SAND POINT WAY NAS Seattle Building 55 - Hi-Explosive Magazine 
View7700 SAND POINT WAY NAS Seattle Building 67 - Garage 
View8332 BEACON AVE   
View2122 S BRANDON ST S   
View3422 1ST AVE Sundfelt Equipment Company/ Roger Olympic Machine CompanyNortrak (Old Rail Products & Fabricators)
View5000 1ST AVE United Motors Service Inc. (5000 1st Ave S/ 187 S Hudson St)H. R. S. Hughes/ Tri-North Department Stores
View5421 1ST AVE Savage Metal Products CompanyRSC Equipment Rental
View1561 ALASKAN WAY U. S. Army Terminal WarehouseU. S. Coast Guard Headquarters (part of)/Pier 36
View1519 ALASKAN WAY U. S. Army Terminal (building)Coast Guard Museum Northwest/Pier 36
View2727 6TH AVE H. Amick Sheet Metal WorksAmick Metal Fabricators
View1900 OCCIDENTAL AVE Associated Grocers Co-opEdward International-Kasala Outlet
View3501 Stone WAY UnknownPacific Inn Pub
View713 NE Northlake PL NE University Unit Substation 
View3909 SW Alaska SW Daniels & Brinton MortuaryHowden Kennedy Funeral Home
View2020 NW Market ST NW UnknownWashington Federal Savings & Loan
View5200 35th AVE Camp Long Office/Clubhouse 
View2124 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View2714 12th AVE   
View2301 31st AVE   
View8000 15th AVE Daily Food StoreBogart Bremmer & Bradley
View5266 17TH AVE Unknown 
View2224 31st AVE   
View434 Dexter AVE Hostess Cake/ Three Girls BakeryHostess Cake
View8603 Fauntleroy WAY Lincoln Park Colman Pool/Bathhouse 
View1021 S BAILEY ST S V.I. Sprinkle House #1 
View6201 13TH AVE Victor L. Miller and C.H. Johnson Bldg 
View1616 5th AVE Nelson, Findlay & Sigrid, House 
View3006 S ALASKA ST S   
View6225 FLORA AVE L.G. Anderson House 
ViewBuilding 619 Bus Shelter 
View4109 47TH AVE   
View3921 48TH AVE   
View900 ROY ST Auto Rebuild ShopUrban City Coffee/Cask & Trotter Parking Garage
View4100 1ST AVE American Smelting and Refinery CompanyCrosscut Hardwoods
View1885 E HAMLIN ST E Brown Residence 
View1804 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Mahan Residence
View2020 E CALHOUN ST E Posner Residence 14 Critney Residence
View4435 CALIFORNIA AVE Van Gilder's FurnitureSeattle Fish Company/Ma'ono
View8312 24TH AVE  
View7545 25TH AVE  
View7748 23RD AVE  
View3210 NW 80TH ST NW  
View7734 22ND AVE  
View7706 22ND AVE  
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