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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1212 S KING ST S Hokubei Butokukai Seattle ShibuNissei Veterans Hall (NVC Hall)
View4232 49TH AVE   
View4406 48TH AVE   
View4427 50TH AVE   
View5059 57TH AVE   
View4131 51ST AVE   
View5012 26TH AVE   
View7700 SAND POINT WAY NAS Seattle Building 40 - Paint Storage, Public Works 
View6505 NE 65TH ST NE NAS Seattle Building 61 - Small Arms & Pyrotechnic Magazine 
View7700 SAND POINT WAY NAS Seattle Building 98 - Gasoline Pump House 
View4130 50TH AVE   
View5022 28TH AVE   
View8444 46TH AVE   
View4211 49TH AVE   
View2733 3RD AVE USS SteelsRabanco Recycling
View8650 55th AVE Atlantic City Park Comfort StationBeer Sheva Park Comfort Station
View6415-6427 32nd AVE UnknownRegnors Pottery, Complete Family Hair Care, Susent Garden Center
View115 Raye ST Unknown 
View2916 5th AVE Unknown 
View6031 AIRPORT WAY V.L. Miller BuildingBrass Tracks/Ground Control
View4245 11th AVE   
View234 9th AVE Lauch Bros.Jones Soda Company
View4470 35th AVE West Seattle Golf Course Shop 
View1005-1011 Boren ST noneThai Star
View1447 NW Ballard WAY NW Mike's Tavern & Chili Parlorsame
View1430-1436 Elliot AVE Western Pacific Chemical CompanySuperior Embroidery/McNamara Signs
View9370 52nd AVE Roxbury Substation 
View3307C 3rd AVE Auditorium BuildingMcKinley Hall
View216 9th AVE A-One Ornamental Iron WorksA-One Ornamental Iron Works
View842 S ORCAS ST S Otto A. and Anna Sturham House  
View301 Pike ST F. W. Woolworth Company StoreRoss Dress for Less
View2230 7th AVE Bob Murray's Dog HouseHurricane Café
View4000 47TH AVE   
View2733 4TH AVE 2733 4th SEspresso Liquidators
View2723 MONTLAKE BLVD U.S. Bureau of Fisheries – Hatchery Building 
View2723 MONTLAKE BLVD U.S. Bureau of Fisheries – Butler Building 
View1803 E SHELBY ST E 01 Salter Residence
View1601 E CALHOUN ST E Wolfstone Residence19 Oseran Residence
View1607 E CALHOUN ST E Callahan Residence 19 Rising Residence
View1611 E CALHOUN ST E Clark Residence 19 Ambuske Residence
View1617 E CALHOUN ST E delValle Residence 19 Seiple Residence
View1623 E CALHOUN ST E Kolb Residence 19 Gwynn Residence
View1632 E MCGRAW ST E Meister Residence 19 Covington Residence
View1627 E CALHOUN ST E Knudson Residence 19 McCall Residence
View1633 E CALHOUN ST E Sprincin Residence 19 Rostomily Residence
View4455 SW OREGON AVE SW West Seattle NutritionFunky Jane's/Many Moons
View4449 CALIFORNIA AVE Allison AttorneysPagliacci Pizza
View1512 E MCGRAW ST E Holmdahl Residence 18 Rosenberg Residence
View7356 12TH AVE  
View4312 SW OREGON ST SW Campbell Retail BuildingFiddlehead/Brunette
View7726 10TH AVE  
View8026 31ST AVE  
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