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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1019 S JACKSON ST S Garland FloristPhu An Jewelry
View9686 51ST AVE   
View5307 32ND AVE   
View5053 E MARGINAL WAY E Jordan Terminal- Interstate Transit CompanySno-Pac Products
View1505 6TH AVE Unknown (1505 6th Ave S)Gulf Systems/ Asian Foods
View101 23rd AVE Fire Station No. 6 
View3202 18th AVE   
View8011 Fauntleroy WAY Lincoln Park Shelter House 
View4507 Brooklyn AVE Meany (Edward) HotelUniversity Tower Hote - Best Western
View1128 S ALBRO PL S James Gordon Building 
View8800 8TH AVE West Seattle Reservoir 
View 4th AVE SW Trenton Street Gate House 
View2921 15th AVE   
View1601 N 52nd ST N  Daylite Studios and Apartments (per Assessor)
View623 W MERCER PL W  Mercer Manor
View1800 E OLIVE WAY E UnknownAll Seasons Cleaners
View2801-2805 Beacon AVE Treat-U-Rite MarketSalon Nouveau and Farry W. Yee DDS - Family Dentistry
View5948 39th AVE Brighton Playfield Shelter House 
View 4th AVE SW Trenton Street North Standpipe 
View3315 Rainier AVE York Apts.VanQuach Insurance & 5 others
View7212-7220 Greenwood AVE Seventy-Third Street BuildingSeventy-Third Street Building
View1020 NE 82nd ST NE Maple Leaf Playfield Shelter House 
View5520 Ravenna AVE Ravenna Park Shelter House 
View1324 16th AVE   
View519 W ROY ST W Sea View ApartmentsSea View Apartments
View5900 Lake Washington BLVD Seward Park Comfort Station #2 (1932) 
View101 NE 51st ST NE   
View1806 11th AVE Maher, Michael & Estelle, House 
View711 14th AVE Coca Cola Bottling Company (1313 E. Columbia) 
View5900 Lake Washington BLVD Seward Park Comfort Station #1 (1932) 
View 8th AVE West Seattle Reservoir Gate House 
View8061 Densmore AVE North Shops, Seattle Water DepartmentNorth Park Shops Service Building
View4751 18TH AVE Unknown 
View 4th AVE SW Trenton Street South Standpipe 
View4115 13th AVE   
View923 NW 54th ST NW Gilman Playfield Shelter House 
View5400 E MARGINAL WAY E Argo Blower & Manufacturing Co.Argo Blower & Manufacturing Co.
View1719 NE 50TH ST NE  
View1893 E HAMLIN ST E Rogers-Tartar Residence 
View1905 E BLAINE ST E 43 Kong-Lau Residence
View2237 E BLAINE ST E Halpern Residence 48 Fraese Residence
View1919 E EATON PL E McAllister Residence42 LaFond Residence
View2457 26TH AVE Peterson Residence17 Root Residence
View2457 26TH AVE Dowell Residence 
View2229 E MILLER ST E Scott Residence 15 Stevens Residence
View4720 CALIFORNIA AVE Junction HardwareElliott Bay Brewery
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