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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1534 1ST AVE American RadiatorQueen Anne Window & Door
View507 12TH AVE   
View4616 51ST AVE   
View3909 S BURNS ST S   
View2804 S HUDSON ST S   
View3525 S FERDINAND ST S   
View9856 63RD AVE   
View9908 WATERS AVE   
View3018 S GRAHAM ST S   
View2307 24TH AVE   
View3739 S BURNS ST S   
View5000 MARGINAL WAY Inger's Cafe-Cascade Service Station Inc./ Petroleum Transportation Company/ Totem Equipment Co.Hudson (Cafe)
View814 6TH AVE Metropolitan Grocery Co./ Angela Merlino BuildingDwinell Visual Systems
View3200 4TH AVE Pacific Hoist and Warehouse Company/ Machinery MartG & S Cabinet & Granite
View450 S SPOKANE ST S Washington State Highway DepartmentWashington State Department of Transportation
View5500 Phinney AVE Woodland Park Zoo Main Gate Comfort Station 
View3236 37th PL   
View1511 36th AVE   
View508 3rd AVE Pacific Coast Casket Co.Film Stop
View201 Newell ST Stafford, John C., House 
View3826 24th PL   
View2215 32nd AVE   
View2917 15th AVE   
View2819 10th PL Duplica House 
View909 4th AVE Elliot View Apartments 
View3263 Conkling PL Hanley, Merle & Mae Beth, House 
View1120 John ST Seattle Times BuildingSeattle Times Building
View3232 37th PL   
View1432 33rd AVE   
View2207 13th AVE   
View4715 BEACON AVE   
View4535 17TH AVE Theta Chi Fraternity 
View3414-3426 NE 55th ST NE Kelly PharmacySalute
View113 12th AVE Crane CleanersSAW Gallery
View1405 Elliot AVE Harlan Fairbanks CompanyHarlan Fairbanks Company
View6500 3rd AVE Berg's IGA StoreAll Aboard 2nd Hand Inc.
View3404 NE 55th ST NE Bryant CleanersTop of the Hill
View 14th AVE Unknown14th Avenue Bridge
View2815 10th PL Graham, William & Gladys, House 
View227 9th AVE 227 9th Avenue North/ Builders' Hardware Supply Company227 9th Avenue North
View105 Ward ST Ward Apartments 
View7367 47th AVE Lincoln Park Maintenance Shop 
View4304 13th AVE   
View613-617 1/2 Broadway Lewis BuildingThai Garden
View101 23rd AVE Firestation #6 
View2514 30th AVE   
View4519 14th AVE   
View2211 32nd AVE   
View777 THOMAS ST 777 Thomas St German Motor Specialists
View1404 3rd AVE Tower Apartments 
View165 Lee ST Lindenmeyer, Paul & Carol, House 
View2020 E Galer ST E Miller, George C., House 
View2215 E Prospect ST E Vinikow, Joseph, Residence 
View400 Boylston AVE Park Lane ApartmentsPark Lane Apartments
View703 Bellevue AVE Bel Roy ApartmentsBel Roy Apartments
View315 N 50th ST N Ridgeview ApartmentsRidgeview Apartments
View2603 3rd AVE Metropolitan PressRite-Aid Drugs
View2807 15TH AVE  St Peter Catholic Church
View2606 25TH AVE 04 Harvey Residence
View2612 25TH AVE 04 Sinkler Residence
View2502 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Conkling Residence
View5220 S MYRTLE ST S   
View2230 4TH AVE Pacific Iron and Metal Co.Pacific Iron and Metal Co.
View2607 ROYAL CT 04 Trupin-Hundley Residence
View4021 AIRPORT WAY Rainier Ornamental Iron & Wire WorksTouratech
View2512 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Pittaway Residence
View2136 E SHELBY ST E Faurot Residence 
View2552 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Moeur Residence
View2556 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Kleinman Residence
View2006 19TH AVE 42 Vandenberghe Residence
View2723 MONTLAKE BLVD U.S. Bureau of Fisheries - West Wing Building 
View2511 W MONTLAKE PL W Fellows Residence 
View2042 26TH AVE 41 Phillips Residence
View2425 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Kefauver Residence 
View2429 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Fritz Residence 
View1915 E EATON PL E Wolfstone Residence42 Cantor Residence
View2003 E EATON PL E McJannet Residence42 Chapman Residence
View2005 E EATON PL E Berryman Residence42 Forsberg Residence
View1532 E MCGRAW ST E Boye Residence 18 McCrory Residence
View3323 NW 71ST NW  
View26 HARRISON ST Dalmasso ApartmentsDalmasso Apartments
View8030 20TH AVE  
View7533 31ST AVE  
View8027 DIBBLE AVE  
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