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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1000 4TH AVE National Grocery CompanySalvation Army Thrift Store Warehouse
View501 12TH AVE  Art Process Silk Screen
View1000 S WELLER ST S  Displaymaker
View1261 S KING ST S   
View6306 WILSON AVE   
View5000 26TH AVE   
View4003 S BURNS ST S   
View2469 S FERDINAND ST S   
View2465 S FERDINAND ST S   
View2455 S FERDINAND ST S   
View8735 HAMLET AVE   
View9233 39TH AVE   
View7737 62ND AVE NAS Seattle Building 12 - Boiler Plant 
View8665 ISLAND DR   
View8665 ISLAND DR   
View2415 S FERDINAND ST S   
View3931 S BURNS ST S   
View2245 1ST AVE Eyres Storage No. 22245 1st Ave S
View3201 4TH AVE Nalley's Inc. A C Automotive
View5021 COLORADO AVE Liquid Carbonic Co./ Liquid Carbonic Pacific Co.Old Liquid Carbonic Company
View2700 4TH AVE Mill and Mine Supply CompanyEsquin Wine Merchants
View412 S LUCILE ST S 412 Lucile St412 S Lucile St
View2224 1ST AVE 2224 1st Ave SCommercial Fabrics/ Greenlake Cabinets and Construction
View4580 COLORADO AVE Bloch Steel IndustriesBloch Steel Industries
View118 S LUCILE ST S 118 Lucile St118 S Lucile St
View1943 4TH AVE Earl B. Staley Equipment Co./ Eckert's AutomotiveStar Rentals/ Elliott Tire & Service
View1510 MELROSE AVE  vacant
View5319 1ST AVE Loyal Fuel & LumberBellan Construction
View211 S DAWSON ST S 211 Dawson St211 S Dawson St
View2220 E LOUISA ST E Gray Residence
View749 S Sullivan ST S Unknown 
View1429 7th AVE Warrack, James D., House 
View2117 30th AVE   
View400-410 Broadway UnknownPayless Shoe Source, Seattle's Best and 2 others
View4065 Latona AVE   
View1020 NE 50th ST NE Fire Station No. 17 
View415 W ROY ST W Iris Apartments 
View6427 FLORA AVE Mike Yario House 
View421 W ROY ST W West Roy Apartments 
View6718 FLORA AVE Giovanni Devoto House 
View317 W Highland DR W Moody, Robert, House 
View1907 12th AVE   
View1907 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View1127 Olympic WAY Alexander Hamilton ApartmentsAlexander Hamilton Apartments
View800 20th AVE Unknown 
View415 20th AVE Unknown 
View5211 Kirkwood PL   
View4304 SW Dakota ST SW California Avenue SubstationCalifornia Substation
View520 W Raye ST W Arthur A. Wright & Son Mortuary & ColumbariumButterworth Arthur A. Wright Funeral Home
View2116 15th AVE   
View1618 S Hinds ST S   
View2105 30th AVE   
View3428 14th AVE   
View1518 5th AVE Fifth Avenue North ApartmentsFifth Avenue North Apartments
View5503 33rd AVE Fire Station No. 38 
View1437 HINDS PL   
View7312 W Green Lake DR W Green Lake Park West Concession 
View2026 15th AVE   
View625 4TH AVE Naomi Apartments 
View321 W Highland DR W Abrams-Peasley House 
View4110 14th AVE   
View1305 1st AVE St. Anne's ConventSt. Anne's Convent
View2309 N 40th ST N   
View220 Olympic WAY Olympus Manor 
View161 Lee ST Cowlyn-McKenna House 
View2333 16th AVE   
View616 4TH AVE Chelan Apartments 
View1903 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View4159 14th AVE   
View3116 16th AVE   
View6245 FLORA AVE A. Victor and Thyra Tornquist House 
View2011 30th AVE   
View400 W MERCER ST W Franconia 
View6616 FLORA AVE Budnick House #2 
View2500 Lake Washington BLVD Washington Park Playfield Shelter House 
View808 S Thistle ST S Unknown 
ViewPark Home CIR Beck, William W. and Louise C., EstateCandy Cane Lane Group
View4510 22nd AVE Sigma Kappa SororitySigma Kappa Sorority
View1433 34th AVE Olsen-Nicholson Signal StationMadrona Auto Inc.
View1000-1014 Madison ST noneBean Collection
View2018-2022 E Union ST E Jones' DairyUnion Place
View3601-3609 McClellan ST Mount Baker Centersame
View1900 N 45th ST N Home GroceryMari-Don Healthway Foods
View2000 14th AVE Myers' Art Gallery & Frame ShopBeacon Hill Realty
View3318-3320 Beacon AVE noneDay Moon Press
View1900 E Aloha ST E Lou Herron & Co. CleanersH2O
View2351-2359 10th AVE SafewayCassis
View1420-1428 Queen Anne AVE Galer Crest ApartmentsGaler Crest Apartments
View610-612 W McGraw ST W Kildall InsuranceP. W. Kerr's
View3860-3864 Delridge WAY Mrachke & SonYoshi's Teriyaki
View9309 Aurora AVE Klose Inn MotelKlose Inn Motel
View400 DEXTER AVE 400 Dexter Avenue North/ E. J. Towle CompanyMetal Arts Group
View1000 NE 135th ST NE Jackson Park Golf Course Clubhouse 
View320 W Prospect ST W Guy, Albert & Dorothy, House 
View1818 S Weller ST S Unknown 
View3430 15th AVE   
View4504 18TH AVE Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority 
View856 S Sullivan ST S Unknown 
View2121 30th AVE   
View5500 Phinney AVE Woodland Park Zoo Commissary & DispensaryKeeper Central/Old Animal Health
View Dexter Ave N, John St,9th Ave N, Denny Way Seattle Park/ Denny ParkDenny Park
View3263 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View814 NE 75th ST NE North Distribution Substation/North Substation Machine ShopNorth Substation Building B
View4546 CALIFORNIA AVE S. & H. Kress & Co.Matador/Jak's
View1701 N 48th ST N Bungalow Court 
View2303 16th AVE   
View3904 24th PL   
View3017 10th AVE McBride, John & Anne, House 
View8914 Aurora AVE UnknownProski Service
View416 Occidental AVE Graybar Electric Company/ Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Company BuildingGraybar Building/ Greybar Building
View1015 REPUBLICAN ST Warehouse for the J. M. Colman Company/ F. B. Connelly Lake Union BuildingConnelly Building/ Seattle Lithographics Building
View429 20th AVE Unknown 
View2646 Shoreland DR   
View1830 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View1107 7th AVE Harp, Franklin, House 
View824 S Thistle ST S Unknown 
View2113 30th AVE   
View509 Dexter AVE McCauley-Cutting Company509 Dexter Avenue North
View2111 30th AVE   
View124 WARREN AVE Queen's CourtQueen's Court
View4000 Whitman AVE  Hope Bible Fellowship
View715 W Halladay ST W Brooks, Orren & Mary, House 
View1832 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View115 S Jackson ST S Simonds Building and Brawley Building/ Rautman Plumbing and Heating CompanyFisher Building
View1902 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View4348 13th AVE   
View3938 Corliss AVE   
View1427 3rd AVE   
View1826 S Dearborn ST S Unknown 
View4328 13th AVE   
View3300 CASCADIA AVE   
View3804 S HANFORD ST S   
View839 S Elmgrove ST S Unknown 
View1108 9th AVE Franca Villa ApartmentsFranca Villa Apartments
View3034 10th AVE Van Hollebeke, George and Helen, House 
View827 S Southern ST S Unknown 
View1120 Howell ST Chas Moore Second Hand Goods; Paine's Restaurant (1972) Re-bar Tavern
View1807 7 AVE Textile TowerTower Building
View1001 Lenora ST Store Building for the Puget Sound Notion CompanyAlpha Cine
View1531 7th AVE Roosevelt Hotel 
View427 Bellevue AVE Martha Lee ApartmentsMartha Lee Apartments
View233 14th AVE Bering, TheBering, The
View1017 Minor ST GainsboroughGainsborough
View125 Harvard AVE Harvard CrestHarvard Crest
View92 E Lynn ST E Linda Vista ApartmentsLinda Vista Apartments
View505 Boylston AVE Viceroy ApartmentsViceroy Apartments
View608 E Lynn ST E El CerritoEl Cerrito
ViewBuilding 673 Officers' Row Garage 
ViewBuilding 901 Double NCO Quarters 
ViewBuilding 641 Officers' Row Garage 
ViewBuilding 677 Officers' Row Garage 
ViewBuilding 671 Officers' Row Garage 
ViewBuilding 645 Officers' Row Garage 
ViewBuilding 902 Double NCO Quarters 
View2234 1st AVE White & Hitchcock BuildingFlying Fish
View100 Wall ST General Radio Inc.Vine Building (AT 31)
View3417 20TH AVE   
View3927 47TH AVE   
View5911 39TH AVE   
View4524 17TH AVE  
View4533 19TH AVE  
View4741 18TH AVE  
View1954 1ST AVE R. Hoe & Company, SawsKolbeh Restaurant
View1910 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Hyse Residence34 Derschang Residence
View2034 26TH AVE 41 Johnson Residence
View2038 26TH AVE 41 Heller Residence
View2011 E EATON PL E 42 Pierson Residence
View1903 21ST AVE 42 Carey Residence
View2001 BOYER AVE Morgan Residence42 Georgakopoulos Residence
View2150 E HAMLIN ST E Edington Residence 
View2220 E LOUISA ST E Vaux Residence 
View2603 E ROANOKE ST E Base Residence 
View2401 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Wakefield Residence 
View2309 BOYER AVE Lee Residence 
View2007 E EATON PL E Levinski Residence 42 Robinson-Braman Residence
View2009 BOYER AVE Becker Residence42 Flanders Residence
View1802 E LYNN ST E Long Residence 
View1814 25TH AVE Christian Residence46 Zimmerman Residence
View1735 26TH AVE Thorp Residence46 Russo Residence
View1737 26TH AVE Tucker Residence46 Orton Residence
View2519 20TH AVE Holmes-Anches Residence 
View2510 W MONTLAKE PL W Richards Residence 
View2520 W MONTLAKE PL W Reynolds Residence 
View1925 E MILLER ST E 05 Wetter Residence
View2515 20TH AVE 05 McLain Residence
View2433 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Bow Residence 
View1814 E LYNN ST E Jasper Residence 
View2018 19TH AVE 42 Luke Residence
View1908 22ND AVE Voegtlin Residence42 Johnson Residence
View1957 25TH AVE 45 Dreis Residence
View1961 25TH AVE McKnight Residence45 Baker Residence
View2026 E MILLER ST E Pregent Residence10 Pregent Residence
View2451 26TH AVE Williamson Residence17 Johnson Residence
View1920 E CALHOUN ST E Burdick Residence13 Coldwell Residence
View1922 E CALHOUN ST E Shelton Residence 13 Stevenson Residence
View1934 E MILLER ST E Scott Residence 05 Ishiguro Residence
View1806 E LYNN ST E Spicer Residence 
View2451 26TH AVE Williamson Residence 
View2312 19TH AVE Becker Residence 
View2043 23RD AVE Allen Residence37 Jackson Residence
View8001 25TH AVE  
View7042 18TH AVE  
View7019 19TH AVE  
View8020 25TH AVE  
View1909 E MCGRAW ST E 29 Boyes Residence
View505 1ST AVE Wedgewood Courty ApartmentsInn at Queen Anne
View522 QUEEN ANNE AVE Eba's Mutual GroceriesMud Bay
View503 1ST AVE The GrexThe Grex
View715 1ST AVE Leonard Apartments Leonard Apartments
View7323 17TH AVE  
View7734 JONES AVE  
View633 W MERCER PL W  
View1110 6TH AVE  
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