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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1734 1ST AVE Buckner-Weatherby Co.Guardina Securtiy
View504 12TH AVE Chong Hing & Company StoreCanton Noodle House
View1721 1ST AVE  Hooverville Bar
View519 12TH AVE  Macpherson Leather Company
View4729 53RD AVE   
View4201 BRANDON ST   
View4215 FINDLAY ST   
View6220 WILSON AVE   
View4211 S HENDERSON ST S   
View4626 51ST AVE   
View4866 28TH AVE   
View4443 S EDDY ST S   
View8112 48TH AVE   
View4408 S KENYON ST S   
View302 N 48TH ST N Max P.H. Mielke House 
View2568 S GRAHAM ST S   
View2407 S ORCAS ST S   
View3709 S DAWSON ST S   
View6701 51ST AVE  Vietnames Presbyterian Brighton Church
View3952 S HUDSON ST S   
View8315 48TH AVE   
View1936 1ST AVE Standard Fence Co.Seattle Radiator Works & Home Basics/ Urbanadd Architecture/ Ryan Rhodes Designs
View2909 1ST AVE John Mulhern & Co and Sales Offices for Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation (& others)Acme Tool/ Ajax Electric
View118 S BRANDON ST S 118 Brandon St118 S Brandon St
View4740 AIRPORT WAY Polyanna Cafe, Dinty Moore'sDinty Moore's
View705 E PINE ST E unknownLinda's Tavern
View1213 E PINE E  Pine Building
View5201 1ST AVE A. B. Corliss Inc.Pope Machinery Co.
View309 N 46TH ST N   
View325 WESTLAKE AVE Nash Motors Co. ShowroomMad Art
View1210 S BAILEY ST S Porcella & Company Building and GarageGriffin Fuel Company
View1310 33rd AVE   
View964 Denny WAY Pantorium Dye Works/ Utility Cartage CompanyPrice Asher Garden and Home Store/ Futon
View6726 Greenwood AVE UnknownKort Haus
View2021 S ALASKA ST S   
View1110 E PINE ST E  Richmark Label/WSLCB
View2224 34th AVE   
View3246 10th AVE Constantine, Lefteros & Bertha, House 
View1701 S STEVENS ST S  Victor Apartments
View4034 1st AVE   
View4018 Corliss AVE   
View5900 Lake Washington BLVD Seward Park BathhouseSeward Park Art Studio
View901 Harrison ST Pioneer Sand and Gravel Company?/ Pacific Telephone and Telegraph CompanyKaufer's Christian Books and Gifts and Real Tine PR
View5900 Lake Washington BLVD Seward Park InnSeward Park Cultural Arts Office/Annex
View707 W Prospect ST W Ulrich, Russell and Amy, House 
View311 Smith PL Hansen, Harry & Natalie, House 
View3709 CASCADIA AVE   
View6705 ELLIS AVE L.H. Graham House 
View2455 Nob Hill AVE Davis, Elmer and Ella, House 
View307 Fairview AVE Troy Laundry BuildingFormer Troy Laundry
View102 Galer ST The Marcanna 
View3224 4th AVE Fire Station No. 14 
View4517 CALIFORNIA AVE Peterson Investment CorporationJan's Beauty Supply
View5226 17TH AVE Unknown 
View3320 CASCADIA AVE   
View202 W HIGHLAND DR W Parkview ApartmentsParkview Apartments
View6701 ELLIS AVE Wallace R. and Mary Carney House 
View3003 17th AVE   
View1501 31st AVE   
View100 W Olympic PL W The Ireland 
View1505 31st AVE   
View205 W Lee ST W Montrose Court ApartmentsMontrose Court Apartments
View3825 Wallingford AVE   
View701 E PINE ST E UnknownPine Food Market
View4002 Corliss AVE   
View2723 33rd AVE   
View906 1st AVE Seville CourtSeville Court
View3508 Densmore AVE   
View902 1st AVE Alaskan Copper Works902 1st Ave S
View1134 Broadway UnknownVacant
View915 W Barrett ST W Bryan, Robert & Jo Ann, House 
View3042 10th AVE Grandey, Joseph & Ruth, House 
View4301 15th AVE   
View4600 22nd AVE Chi Psi FraternityChi Psi Fraternity
View4703 21st AVE Zeta Psi FraternityZeta Psi Fraternity
View1616 NE 50TH ST NE Alpha Chi Omega SororityAlpha Xi Delta Sorority
View4538 University WAY Robbins Building 
View4534-4536 University WAY Gelb Building 
View4560 University WAY College Center Building 
View4728-4734 University WAY Lewis Building 
View1530 Queen Anne AVE Queen Anne ClubProrobics/Pasta Bella
View2200-2218 NW Market ST NW Ballard Eagles BuildingBallard Block
View1924 N 45th ST N Ernst HardwareNickola's Restaurant
View3201-3207 Beacon AVE Hanford Street Grocery and BakeryKusina Filipina
View401-405 15th AVE Piggly Wiggly Marketnone
View7200 E Green Lake DR E Green Lake GrillGreenlake Bar & Grill
View8410-8414 Greenwood AVE Becker BuildingGreenwood Antique Mall
View6100-6110 Roosevelt WAY Pearl MarketSalvatore's
View2215-2219 N 45th ST N Associated GasWalt's Radiator
View1622 1st AVE Knott, James & Ruth, House 
View422 W Highland DR W Ferguson, Murray & Betty, House 
View2462 Nob Hill AVE Berryhill-Henrickson, House 
View1707 Taylor AVE Donaphilita Apartments 
View1910 N 41st ST N   
View1421 S HANFORD ST S   
View2610 19th AVE   
View4115 S COURT ST S   
View 39th AVE SW Charleston Street Standpipe 
View4855 Rainier AVE Calvert BakeryLa Medusa - Little City Hall
View3402 HUNTER BLVD   
View1320 Queen Anne AVE Anhalt Apartments 
View3521 Ashworth AVE   
View1130 BROADWAY UnknownGarage
View3824 CHEASTY BLVD   
View 38th AVE SW Barton Street Standpipe 
View2502 30th AVE   
View2232 34th AVE   
View1461 Magnolia BLVD Magnolia Park Comfort Station 
View3219 10th AVE Galeno, Fred & Amelia, House 
View1710 14th AVE   
View8408 Greenwood AVE UnknownDiscount Antiques
View6733 ELLIS AVE James M. Purkapile House 
View117 Yale AVE Rodgers Tile Company (117-121 Yale Ave. N)911 Contemporary Arts Center
View2631 3rd AVE   
View2316 11th AVE Creighton, Gordon, Residence 
View6202 Phinney AVE Hardanger Apts.Seattle Dental Arts
View2311 5th AVE Stewart, Kenneth & Mary, House 
View3364 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View2005 5TH AVE Wilson Modern Business CollegeOld Griffin Business College
View1511 3rd AVE Republic BuildingMelborne Tower
View405 Olive WAY Bergonian HotelMayflower Park Hotel
View1626 Federal AVE Carlson, Maxwell & Willadee, House 
View1710 E Denny WAY E La QuintaLa Quinta
View1820 16th AVE Laurelton ApartmentsLaurelton Apartments
View1220 Boren AVE Marlborough HouseMarlborough House
View113-115 Bell ST Ice Delivery CompanyDriscoll Architects
View2934 Western AVE Milani's BakeryBavarian Meat Products
View2137 2nd AVE Supreme LaundryZoe's
View6344 57TH AVE   
View2015 E MCGRAW ST E Foster Residence
View2610 GLENWILDE PL 04 Hawkins Residence
View4903 LINDEN AVE J.B. Hardcastle Apartment BuildingChelsea Station South
View4915 LINDEN AVE J.B. Hardcastle Apartment BuildingChelsea Station
View3626 WOODLAND PARK AVE Peter Clausen House 
View2124 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Howe Residence50 Monks-Lavin Residence
View1604 NE 50TH ST NE University Lutheran Church
View5210 16TH AVE  
View914 E FIR ST E   
View2007 19TH AVE Thorne Residence 34 Parke Residence
View2000 19TH AVE 42 Williams Residence
View1908 21ST AVE Merritt Residence42 Fogdall Residence
View1912 21ST AVE Goldman Residence42 Pagano-Mehdi Residence
View1905 22ND AVE Prescott Residence42 Ailion Residence
View2025 BOYER AVE Sleigh Residence42 Hart Residence
View2029 BOYER AVE Kronfield Residence42 Shields Residence
View1907 E BLAINE ST E 43 Lamb Residence
View1919 E BLAINE ST E 43 Hobbs Residence
View2268 E HOWE ST E 44 Goebel Residence
View2272 E HOWE ST E 44 Gehrke Residence
View2121 E HAMLIN ST E Fleetwood Residence 
View2225 E NEWTON ST E 44 Flying Fish LLC residence
View5232 17TH AVE  
View1909 22ND AVE Diamond Residence 42 Canady
View2415 E ROANOKE ST E Pugh Residence08 Kahan Residence
View2010 E EATON PL E Hull Residence42 Majid Residence
View1901 22ND AVE Prigmore Residence42 Smith Residence
View2240 E BLAINE ST E 44 Trupin-Pollock Residence
View1855 E SHELBY ST E 01 Stoll Residence
View2231 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Graf Residence 
View2441 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Lawrence Residence  
View2445 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Bowles Residence 
View2525 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD 09 Smith Residence
View2523 ROYAL CT 09 Haley Residence
View2524 ROYAL CT 09 Gorman Residence
View2527 ROYAL CT 09 Reyhner Residence
View2531 ROYAL CT 09 Macleod Residence
View1612 26TH AVE Meagher Residence50 Senauer-Horsman Residence
View1950 20TH AVE 42 Traver Residence
View1913 E BLAINE ST E 43 Debique Residence
View2532 ROYAL CT 09 Davidson Residence
View2536 ROYAL CT 09 Seely Residence
View2528 ROYAL CT 09 Hinrichs Residence
View2515 22ND AVE Sparr Residence10 Grant-Kaufman Residence
View2012 19TH AVE 42 Thompson Residence
View1963 21ST AVE Udhus Residence42 Branson-Raab Residence
View2025 E HOWE ST E 36 Hohlbein residence
View2029 E HOWE ST E 36 Gardner Residence
View2018 E NEWTON ST E 37 Glass Residence
View1817 23RD AVE 44 Gray Residence
View1821 23RD AVE 44 Frey Residence
View1812 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Thomas Residence
View2036 23RD AVE 38 Mondzac residence
View1908 E CALHOUN ST E Lee Residence13 Ballbach Residence
View1612 E MCGRAW ST E Buchan Residence19 Todd Bruce Residence
View1616 E MCGRAW ST E Laney Residence19 Connor-Forbes Residence
View2465 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Reed residence 
View2026 E CALHOUN ST E Freeman Residence 14 McLean Residence
View2033 E MILLER ST E Harris Residence14 Dorros Residence
View2216 E CALHOUN ST E McQuiston Residence 15 Morrow Residence
View5305 BALLARD AVE Peterson Hardware Co.Bastille
View2459 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Lake Residence 
View2456 19TH AVE Ornberg Residence 
View2002 E CALHOUN ST E Lindblom Residence 14 Goodman Residence
View7003 34TH AVE  
View7042 27TH AVE  
View1964 26TH AVE Berglund Residence 47 Holloway Residence
View2020 E HOWE ST E 36 Richey Residence
View2026 23RD AVE Grossman Residence38 De Vesci residence
View7000 15TH AVE  
View2517 E MILLER ST E Residence 17 Blanchfield Residence
View5336 BALLARD AVE Morrison Building 
View605 5TH AVE Auditorium Apartments 
View7757 23RD AVE  
View2007 NW 61ST ST NW  
View5330 BALLARD AVE Lyman Building 
View6827 34TH AVE  
View4319 SW OREGON ST SW Walton ApartmentsOregonian Apartments
View4315 SW OREGON ST SW Oregonian ApartmentsOregonian Apartments
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