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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View800 MAYNARD AVE Crescent Manufacturing CompanyRDA Building
View5035 45TH AVE   
View5953 RAINIER AVE   
View4921 28TH AVE   
View4420 S GRAHAM ST S   
View5951 44TH AVE   
View9680 51ST AVE   
View5229 S MYRTLE ST S   
View5233 S MYRTLE ST S   
View4423 S KENYON ST S   
View8751 HAMLET AVE   
View2203 1ST AVE Eyres Transfer and Warehouse CompanyOutdoor Research
View2710 1ST AVE Northwest Envelopes Mfg. Co.Nelson & Michael (div. of Music-Vend Distribution Co
View2724 1ST AVE Electric Steel Foundry Co./ Yates American Machine CompanyColumbia Printing
View327 N 46TH ST N   
View1964 4TH AVE Washington Furniture Manufacturing Co.Pacific Coast Feather Co.
View2210 32nd AVE   
View1919 N 41st ST N   
View5020 Rainier AVE   
View8404 Greenwood AVE UnknownCobblestone Used Furniture
View1618-1622 N 45th ST N UnknownVoodoo Barber & 3 Others
View3909 Interlake AVE   
View5520 Ravenna AVE Ravenna Park Comfort Station 
View2555 8th AVE 7th Church of Christ Scientist7th Church of Christ Scientist
View802 ROY ST Puget Sound Power & Light Company ShopsParks Department Roy Street Maintenance Shops
View2315 N 54th ST N   
View2612 19th AVE   
View1905 33rd AVE   
View3722 S Hudson ST S Columbia PrecinctSoutheast Youth and Family Services
View1223 W Nickerson W Canal Apartments 
View153 Prospect ST Wakefield-Kuppler House 
View1405 S BAYVIEW ST S   
View4910 Rainier AVE Rainier Valley Barber ShopBig John's Barber Shop
View6045-6049 California AVE UnknownStuffed Shirt Catering & 2 Other
View4039 2nd AVE   
View350 Elliot AVE UnknownShanty Café
View1305 NE 43rd ST NE Washington Manor ApartmentsUniversity Manor Apartments
View4522 18TH AVE Theta Xi FraternityTheta Xi Fraternity
View901-905 NE 43rd ST NE Eloraine ApartmentsCarter Hall Apartments
View4505 18TH AVE Sigma Chi FraternitySigma Chi Fraternity
View10331-10333 Aurora AVE North Park Furniture & Variety StoreClassy Nails & Tanning
View1836 NW Market ST NW SafewayBallard Camera
View1417-1425 31st AVE Mount Baker PharmacyThat's Amore
View4116-4118 E Madison ST E noneNubia's
View8537-8539 Greenwood AVE Davis BuildingDavis Building
View615-625 W McGraw ST W Banks & Mock's BakeryMacrina/Fountainhead
View4417-4419 Rainier AVE Genesee Grocerynone
View511 QUEEN ANNE AVE Uptown TheaterSIFF Uptown Cinema
View513-519 QUEEN ANNE AVE noneThai House
View4302 SW ALASKA ST SW Hamm BuildingHamm Building
View4520 CALIFORNIA AVE J. C. Penney/Russell Building Lyons Antiques/Windermere
View9251-9259 45th AVE Trolley Stop CaféThe Original Bakery
View234 Fairview AVE 234 FairviewFairview Bar & Grill
View4718 18TH AVE Unknown 
View3146 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View1101 E Pine ST E S-E Co.2nd Base & 1 other
View3229 25th AVE   
View421 Eastlake AVE Garage for A. A. Bain and A. D. Shafer/ Pontius GarageForeign Auto Rebuild
View2641 Cascadia AVE   
View415 W Comstock ST W Siderius, Raymond & Rosemary, House 
View2615 Mount Saint Helens PL   
View6411-6423 Latona AVE UnknownKrittika's Thai Cuisine/Café Lulu/Mana's/Latona by Green Lake
View1312 N 39th ST N   
View1603 N 46th ST N Woodlawn Crest ApartmentsWoodlawn Crest Apartments
View5015 Rainier AVE Columbia Lumber Company 
View603 Pontius AVE The CarltonThe Carlton
View4402 Densmore AVE   
View1809 N 42nd ST N   
View1609 N 46th ST N Wallingford Arms ApartmentsWallingford Arms Apartments
View2865 Mount Rainier DR   
View4026 Latona AVE   
View800 S MAYNARD ST S Crescent Manufacturing Co./Knickerbocker CompanyRDA Building
View221 W MERCER WAY W Betty May 
View2350 Shoreland DR   
View5640 20TH AVE Unknown 
View1001 WARREN AVE Mengedoht, Carl, House 
View1333 Stewart AVE Firestone Auto Supply and Service Stores/Triangle Tire Company (30s) / Hill & Olswang (Paints, Wallpaper in 1950s)-121-131Eastlake AvenueFirst Choice Business Machines
View3603 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View25 W Highland DR W Narada ApartmentsNarada Apartments
View2311 N 54th ST N   
View322 W Highland DR W Kinnear, Ritchey and Brownie, House 
View620 Stewart ST Vance HotelHotel Max, formerly Vance Hotel (until recently)
View601 Stewart ST Lloyd BuildingLloyd Building
View1915 2nd AVE Northwest Building Co GarageSecond Avenue Parking Garage
View512 E PIKE ST E  Sun Liquor Distillery
View1825 Federal AVE Schmechel House #2 
View2010 E Galer ST E Boettiger/Corbett House 
View1512 E Olin PL E unknown 
View1722 Belmont AVE Sterling CourtSterling Court
View1514 Bellevue AVE McDermott ApartmentsNew McDermott Apartments
View2101 3rd AVE Goodwin TexacoSig's Barbershop
View2118 2nd AVE Henry's GarageVelocity/Saito's
View401-409 Cedar ST Cedar Street BakeryTaco del Mar
View1530 11TH AVE Sunset Electricvacant
View2226 E LOUISA ST E Fleischmann Residence
View4547 19TH AVE  
View2225 E NORTH ST E 04 Pahlow Residence
View2616 24TH AVE 04 Roach Residence
View2611 ROYAL CT 04 Shigaki Residence
View1324 E PIKE ST E A. Buono PlumbingDave's Appliance Repair
View1953 BOYER AVE Koch Residence42 Kragianis-Nozipho Residence
View2001 26TH AVE 40 Cummings Residence
View1961 BOYER AVE Ash Residence42 Gillett-Macks Residence
View2212 E ROANOKE ST E Gail Residence
View1000 FAIRVIEW AVE Piggly-Wiggly WarehouseFairview Building FHCRC
View1929 E BLAINE ST E 43 Matter Residence
View2524 25TH AVE 09 Scoccia Residence
View2015 E LOUISA ST E Andrews Residence10 Kaplan Residence
View2552 25TH AVE 09 Thayer Residence
View2531 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Havens Residence 09 Albert Residence
View2562 25TH AVE 09 Howitson Residence
View1717 26TH AVE Davies Residence 46 Klube Residence
View1920 E BLAINE ST E 36 Garden Residence
View1954 E BLAINE ST E 36 Batthish Residence
View2111 22ND AVE 36 Krause residence
View2024 E HOWE ST E 36 Sadow-Hasenberg residence
View1038 ELLIOTT AVE Wilson Machine Works Wilson Machine Works
View2128 NE PARK RD NE  
View2400 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Newhouse-Milagros Residence
View2404 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Beeharry Residence
View2408 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Marshall Residence
View5033 17TH AVE  
View4726 17TH AVE  
View1603 BOYER AVE Harmer Residence50 Morrison Residence
View2428 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Clark Residence
View2122 E HAMLIN ST E Graves Residence 
View2117 E SHELBY ST E Lutz Residence 
View1941 E BLAINE ST E 43 Trotter Residence
View1949 E BLAINE ST E 43 Albus Residence
View1953 E BLAINE ST E 43 Seidenverg Residence
View1937 E BLAINE ST E 43 Kanive Residence
View2136 HAMLIN Berliner Residence 
View1818 E SHELBY ST E Erwin Residence 01 1818 East Shelby LLC Residence
View1812 E SHELBY ST E 01 Arai Residence
View2147 E SHELBY ST E Houlahan Residence 
View2814 W PARK DR W 01 Battuello Residence
View2118 E SHELBY ST E 02 Balick Residence
View2610 E MONTLAKE PL E Umoff Residence 
View2233 E MILLER ST E  
View2409 E ROANOKE ST E 08 O'Rourke Residence
View1936 25TH AVE Bell Residence46 Ashman Residence
View1958 25TH AVE Airheart Residence 46 Brice Residence
View1902 26TH AVE Weidman Residence 47 Forbush Residence
View1942 BOYER AVE Tait Residence 48 Benoit Residence
View2269 E HOWE ST E Turner Residence48 Stukel Residence
View1908 E BLAINE ST E Cowan Residence 36 Nelson Residence
View1932 E BLAINE ST E 36 Griffin residence
View1938 E BLAINE ST E 36 Armstrong Residence
View1942 E BLAINE ST E 36 Costello Residence
View1946 E BLAINE ST E Williams Residence 36 Dimitrijevic Residence
View2220 22ND AVE 37 Turbak residence
View1958 E BLAINE ST E 36 Wall Residence
View1924 E BLAINE ST E 36 Mann Residence
View2020 23RD AVE Ericson Residence38 Abrahamsen Residence
View2229 22ND AVE Dupar Residence37 Fitzgerald Residence
View2019 23RD AVE 37 Schroth Residence
View2041 23RD AVE 37 Malarkey Residence
View2304 E LYNN ST E Oostenbrug Residence31 Ben-Shmuel Residence
View2423 E MCGRAW ST E Huff Residence 32 Griffith Residence
View2467 26TH AVE Peterson Residence17 Cordy Residence
View1620 E MCGRAW ST E Olsen Residence 19 O'Neil Residence
View2208 E MILLER ST E Watkins Residence11 Douglas Residence
View2008 E CALHOUN ST E Poitras Residence 14 Hogan Residence
View2221 E MILLER ST E Shuey Residence 15 Hennes Residence
View5425 BALLARD AVE Vik Apartments 
View3311 NW 71ST ST NW  
View1411 NW 70TH ST NW  
View4549 18TH AVE Chi Omega Sorority 
View1450 E Republican ST E Astor CourtAstor Court
View2505 3rd ST Trianon BallroomTrianon Building
View5222 S BRIGHTON ST S   
View2422 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Ringenburg Residence
View2436 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Randall Residence
View2219 E NORTH ST E Mattson Residence
View1925 E BLAINE ST E 43 Goldsmith Residence
View5209 19TH AVE  
View1826 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Leed Residence
View2556 25TH AVE 09 Hsieh + Chang Residence
View2023 E LOUISA ST E Hinton Residence10 Shaw Residence
View1897 E SHELBY ST E Red Cedar Lumber Manuf. Model Home 
View2226 E LOUISA ST E  
View1945 BOYER AVE Blangy Residence42 Bailey Residence
View1912 E BLAINE ST E Eldrich Residence36 Retman Residence
View2454 19TH AVE Bunch Residence 
View1950 E BLAINE ST E 36 R.M. Land Company
View7749 32ND AVE  
View2509 E MILLER ST E Gard Residence 17 Kremers Residence
View2611 25TH AVE MacLean Residence04 Freiburger Residence
View1237 S JACKSON ST S  Saigon Center
View3958 S ANGELINE ST S   
View315 N 46TH ST N   
View115 3rd AVE Frye Car ParkFrye Garage
View3859 RAINIER AVE   
View2358 30th AVE   
View818 S ORCAS ST S Val B. and Marie M. Morgan House 
View6611 FLORA AVE James M. and Josephine Reeves House 
View3059-3067 Beacon AVE Cora M. Graham Store BuildingBeacon Pub
View8417-8421 Greenwood AVE Antika AntiquesPelayo Antiques
View221-223 1st AVE Taylor Court ApartmentsDonna's Barbershop
View2711 S FERDINAND ST S   
View2412 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Crakes Residence
View2107 5th AVE Morris Apartments 
View310 9th AVE 310 9th Ave North/ Gardner Brothers Oils and Jack E Way ManufacturersUnited Electric Motor Service?
View3215 15th AVE   
View6244 CORSON AVE George W. Bissell House #2 
View3819 Interlake AVE   
View7007 Woodlawn AVE Vance BuildingGregg's Greenlake Cycle
View7223 Aurora AVE Green Lake Tire CompanyR & H Garage Ltd.
View1038 Elliot AVE Wilson Machine WorksWilson Machine Works
View1210 4th AVE Farnsworth, George and Marjorie, House 
View1818 NE 45TH ST NE UnknownThe Lighthouse
View3003 S WALKER ST S   
View4427-4431 Wallingford AVE Wallingford ApartmentsSeattle's Best Coffee & 2 Others
View1515 E Olin PL E unknown 
View2121 1rst AVE Colsky Building2121 1st Avenue
View1418 E Ward ST E Hamback, Albert & Hermina, House 
View1812 10th AVE Carroll, Charles O., Residence 
View3024 1st AVE Artcraft CleanersCaffé Minnie's
View2216 E ROANOKE ST E Lowe Residence
View99 S SPOKANE ST S The Simmons Co./ Buffalo Sanitary Wipers Co.Buffalo Industries
View5627 PARK RD  
View2106 NE PARK RD NE  
View2432 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Kaufman Residence
View1941 BOYER AVE Kahler Residence42 Karkeck Residence
View2604 E MONTLAKE PL E Brennan Residence 
View2036 BOYER AVE 43 Abramson Residence
View1921 E BLAINE ST E 43 Marcuss Residence
View2271 E HOWE ST E Ames Residence 48 Adams Residence
View2040 23RD AVE 38 Westward Breeze
View2461 20TH AVE Perry Residence13 McQueen Residence
View2535 ROYAL CT Port Residence09 Skanderson Residence
View2200 E NEWTON ST E 37 Vinnedge Residence
View817 E HAMLIN ST E Jacobs-Silver HouseHongladarom, Thawom and Gail, House
View571 VALLEY ST Zadra ApartmentsParker Place
View315 Seneca ST Continental Hotel / Earl HotelHotel Seattle
View1741 Belmont AVE Dunlap ApartmentsEmerald Arms
View1743 Boylston AVE Mission InnMission Inn
View720 Seneca ST Exeter, TheExeter House
View2313 3rd AVE Standard Auto RebuildTraugott Terrace
View3632 WOODLAND PARK AVE Wm. J Steinert Apartment HouseThe Steinert
View4541 19TH AVE  
View2715 6TH AVE Panama Machinery & Equipment Company/ Riverside Junk Company Inc.Nolan NW
View1933 E BLAINE ST E 43 Warren Residence
View2505 E ROANOKE ST E 09 Evans Residence
View1945 E BLAINE ST E 43 Peiper Residence
View1950 25TH AVE Harmon Residence 46 Reichl Residence
View2219 E HOWE ST E 44 Russell Residence
View2600 E MONTLAKE PL E Northwest Brick & Tile Model Home 
View2411 E ROANOKE ST E 08 Mullally Residence
View2607 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Cochrane Residence 
View1957 BOYER AVE Dewsnap Residence42 Cooke Residence
View1948 BOYER AVE Nutt Residence48 McIver Residence
View1938 BOYER AVE Davies Residence 48 Shintaffer Residence
View1925 E LYNN ST E 36 Breyman residence
View2455 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Gibson Residence 
View2467 26TH AVE Peterson Residence 
View1916 E BLAINE ST E 36 Engel residence
View1928 E BLAINE ST E 36 Graham Residence
View2214 E MCGRAW ST E Bent Residence 23 Mannino Residence
View4911 28TH AVE   
View85 S LANDER ST S Safeway StoresPhiloxenia Restaurant/ Surplus Too
View1520 10TH AVE  Gary Manuel Aveda Institute & garage
View2220 E ROANOKE ST E McIntyre Residence
View Prefontaine PL Prefontaine PlacePrefontaine Place
View2724 NE 55th NE Clare RealtyBeyond the Garden Gate
View2240-2242 NW Market ST NW Nelson's FoodlandBest Regards
View4500 Roosevelt WAY Eldridge Buick Company/University Chevrolet 
View8420 Greenwood AVE Greenwood BlockUpper Crust Catering
View425 NW Market ST NW I.G.A.StoreLe Gourmand
View4401-4405 Rainier AVE Renton Cash GroceryCalifornia Nails
View9439 16th AVE Rozella BuildingRozella Building
View1949 8th AVE Toby, Thomas & Lizze, House 
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