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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View804 6TH AVE NePage McKenney Co.Pacific Fish Co. Bldg /Wan Hua Foods
View206 5TH AVE  Manila Bay / Tenoch Mexican Grill Restaurants
View9325 LIMA TER   
View3215 S PORTLAND ST S   
View7700 74TH ST & SAND POINT WAY NAS Seattle Round-the-World-Flight Monument 
View1312 13TH AVE   
View2335 RAINIER AVE  Mutual Fish Co.
View4032 50TH AVE   
View5531 33RD AVE   
View503 N 42ND ST N Celdon F. Martin House 
View200-204 BROADWAY Flemington, TheThe Capitol Building
View1555 4TH AVE Henry Disston & Sons, Inc.Filson
View500 E PIKE ST E Mills Motor Company/Greenus BuildingBrocklind Inc.
View415 E PIKE ST E  Pagliacci Pizza Commissary
View2528 E LYNN ST E Johnson-Chetlimer Residence
View2001 E MCGRAW ST E Carriker Residence
View2511 25TH AVE Kehl Residence
View2408 E MILLER ST E Ryden Residence
View2210 E LOUISA ST E Rizk-Smith Residence
View401- 5 YALE AVE Hugh Sweeney Grocer(y)/ Coffee Hut and ApartmentsCoffee Hut & Apartments
View5901 W Green Lake WAY W Lower Woodland Park Comfort Station #1 (1924) 
View4603 2nd AVE   
View429 15th AVE UnknownCoastal Kitchen
View2502 18th AVE   
View4208 Meridian AVE   
View2000-2006 NW Market ST NW Ballard Masonic TempleAll the Kings Flags
View5021 Rainer AVE   
View4233 Woodlawn AVE   
View1331 Stewart ST Edwards Auto Repair - 113 Eastlake Ave. E.Greg's Japanese Auto
View1533 30th AVE   
View4558 4th AVE   
View1611 S FOREST ST S   
View3220 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View204-206 Belmont AVE UnknownB & O Espresso
View1805 N 42nd ST N   
View3807 Densmore AVE   
View250 NE 50th ST NE   
View3613 4th AVE South Substation Warehouse and ShopsSouth Service Center
View4742 19TH AVE Unknown 
View5263 17TH AVE H. W. McCormack Residence 
View103 NE 53rd ST NE   
View2115 N 46th ST N   
View1603 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View5412 Kensington PL   
View2314 N 56th ST N   
View4209 1st AVE   
View3609 Burke AVE   
View4211 Meridian AVE   
View916 Warren AVE Walsh, Edward & Ruth, House 
View170-172 20th AVE Herzl Synagogue 
View3707 38th AVE   
View1615 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View2711 31st AVE   
View423 Fairview AVE Granville Company/ Warehouse for A. C. GoerigWold Building
View401-407 NE 45th ST NE UnknownPizza Eleni, Rvolution Tatto, Express Market, Apts.
View3237 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View1306 33rd AVE   
View2538 33rd AVE   
View5269 16TH AVE Carson, Sadie M., House 
View1818 NE 47TH ST NE Psi Upsilon Fraternity 
View5243 12th AVE   
View4546-4550 University WAY Lambert Building 
View1304 NE 42nd ST NE Smart ApartmentsStanford Apartments
View4737 Brooklyn AVE Frederick ApartmentsFrederick Apartments
View3200-3012 Harvard AVE Harwood ApartmentsA. W. Larson Building
View6500 Roosevelt WAY Big Bear StoresEast West Books
View6053-6055 California AVE Westhome BakeryAgult's King Fu
View307 NE Maple Leaf PL NE Masonic Lodge #149same
View1400 34th AVE Benjamin Franklin Thrift MarketCafé Soleil
View1550-1560 E Olive WAY E Olive Way Improvement Co. BuildingSupercuts
View1510-1524 E Olive WAY E Olive Crest ApartmentsOlive Crest Apartments
View2301-2305 Eastlake AVE Hines Public Market14 Carrot Café
View7910 Greenwood AVE Greenwood Masonic Lodge #253Greenwood Masonic Lodge #253
View2307 Eastlake AVE Quinn's TavernPazzo's
View3644 Meridian AVE   
View214 NE 50th ST NE   
View Bikur Cholum Tabernacle 
View3211 CASCADIA AVE   
View452 N 36th ST N UnknownCaffe Ladro
View2214-2224 S Jackson S Grinspan'sIglesia de Dios Penecostes & 3 others
View4114 Wallingford AVE   
View2811 18th AVE   
View3231 35th AVE   
View2908 16th AVE   
View3300 HUNTER BLVD   
View303 W Highland DR W Brygger, Albert & Leila, House 
View4136 Eastern AVE   
View1400 Bigelow AVE Hart-Monteith House 
View3827 Bagley AVE   
View4512 Stone WAY UnknownBlue Star Cafey & Pub
View4128 Ashworth AVE   
View4302 Woodlawn AVE   
View4064 1st AVE   
View3834 Meridian AVE   
View302 NE 44th ST NE   
View1707 N 49th ST N St. Benedict SchoolSt. Benedict School
View2306 Lake Park DR   
View3201 HUNTER BLVD   
View2619 Mount Saint Helens PL   
View5531 AIRPORT WAY Georgetown Garage (Wilkes & McKilrath Garage)Revolver Vintage Interiors
View3630 Wallingford AVE   
View814 NE 75th ST NE North Substation/North Receiving SubstationNorth Substation Building A
View4523 University WAY Brehm's GroceryRezhen Mongolian Grill
View920 22nd AVE Salmonetti, Fred, Residence 
View3220 HUNTER BLVD   
View4541 Thackeray PL   
View1836 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View3806 S EDMUNDS ST S  Fasica Building
View304 W Highland DR W Hamel, Emil and Agnes, House 
View2101 9 AVE Garage Building for George L. SeibertThe Lenora Building
View1821 Boren ST Avalon Dance Hall/ Welders’ Local # 541/ Boilermakers Local 104Boilermakers Local 104 Union Hall & The Washington Dance Club
View2015 8 AVE Transport Motor Company Used Car Department2015 8th Avenue
View1510 1st AVE Holmes, S.J. BuildingDéjà Vu Showgirls
View1419 3rd AVE Kress Store Building 
View215 Columbia ST Seattle Chamber of Commerce BuildingPacific NW Title
View1625 Federal AVE Leonard, A. W., Residence 
View231 Summit AVE Nelson Apartments 
View937 17th AVE unknown 
View925-931 11th AVE HighlandHighland
View418 E Loretta PL E Biltmore ApartmentsBiltmore Apartments
View1400 Boren AVE Oxford Crest ApartmentsOxford Crest Apartments
View615 Bellevue AVE Royvue GardenRoyvue Garden
View1019 Terry AVE John Alden ApartmentsJohn Alden Apartments
View3100 Franklin AVE Wembley CourtWembley Court
View4800 Fremont AVE Hawthorne SquareHawthorne Square
View406 Summit AVE 406 Summit406 Summit
View2933 2nd AVE Windermere ApartmentsWindermere Apartments
View2213-19 4th AVE Tasty LunchSpitfire
View2200 2nd AVE Gervasi's GroceryCrocodile
View2230-34 2nd AVE Bell Street Auto RepairMama's Mexican Kitchen
View2905 1st AVE Bremer ApartmentsBremer Apartments
View2212 4th AVE Shields, Harper & Co.Kaye-Smith Enterprises
View2218 4th AVE Automotive Service Co.parking garage
View3000 Western AVE Ruth Ashbrook Bakeryunknown
View2127 5th AVE Kerry Foster, Auto Repairvacant
View2133 3rd AVE Super Brake ServiceMarkham Building
View2208 4th AVE Northern Radio CompanyKaye-Smith Productions
View2517 E MCGRAW ST E Weaver Residence
View2005 E MCGRAW ST E Williamson Residence
View2009 E MCGRAW ST E OMalley Residence
View5227 17TH AVE  
View9275 ITHACA PL   
View4521 17TH AVE  
View2414 E BOSTON ST E Dye Residence 39 Bundesmann Residence
View2425 E LYNN ST E Stusser Residence39 Lecocq Residence
View5039 19TH AVE  
View2414 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Rorabaugh Residence 50 Startup Residence
View2110 NE PARK RD NE  
View2206 E LOUISA ST E Lampkin Residence
View1808 24TH AVE 49 Carney residence
View2049 26TH AVE 40 Robinson Residence
View2030 26TH AVE 41 Wessells Residence
View2610 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Residence50 Pasckvale Residence
View2026 26TH AVE 41 Siebert Resident
View2201 E NEWTON ST E 44 Warren Residence
View2127 E HAMLIN ST E Crane Residence 
View1939 25TH AVE 45 Man residence
View5012 17TH AVE  
View5235 19TH AVE  
View2407 E BOSTON ST E Morse Residence39 Turner Residence
View2410 E BOSTON ST E Pincus Residence39 Counts Residence
View2421 E LYNN ST E Carey Residence39 Akers Residence
View2418 E LOUISA ST E Miller Residence08 Murdock Residence
View2428 E LOUISA ST E Kerchen Residence08 Brinker-Ngoc-Huye
View1716 58TH  
View2006 E MILLER ST E McGalliard Residence10 Thiel Residence
View2002 E MILLER ST E 10 Balaski Residence
View2012 E MILLER ST E Beach Residence10 Weiskopf Residence
View1908 25TH AVE Stapleton Residence46 Cook Residence
View1932 25TH AVE 46 Kinnear Residence
View1938 25TH AVE 46 Li Residence
View1957 26TH AVE Scherz Residence46 Dick-Forry Residence
View2415 19TH AVE Wilfrey Residence 
View1903 E CALHOUN ST E Lamson Residence 
View5039 18TH AVE  
View5256 19TH AVE  
View2022 25TH AVE 40 Wesol Residence
View2206 25TH AVE 40 Hurlbut Residence
View2046 26TH AVE 41 Davis Residence
View2110 E HAMLIN ST E Gustav Residence 
View2147 E HAMLIN ST E Steigert Residence 
View1954 25TH AVE 46 Johsson Haeran Residence
View1902 E LYNN ST E Powers Residence 
View1954 BOYER AVE Holton Residence48 Comstock-Tamura
View2049 E NEWTON ST E 36 Newton LLC Residence
View2222 22ND AVE Carmody Residence 37 Beaudry Residence
View2219 24TH AVE 38 Thirkield Residence
View2422 E LOUISA ST E Mortrude Residence08 Houtz Residence
View2557 25TH AVE Koehler Residence08 Jones residence
View2219 E MCGRAW ST E 31 Kaufman Residence
View2414 E LYNN ST E Scully Residence 32 Anderson Residence
View2522 E CALHOUN ST E Einzig Residence 17 Tuttle Residence
View1915 E MILLER ST E Ohlson Residence13 Sullivan Residence
View2225 E CALHOUN ST E Lemcke Residence 23 Jacquet Residence
View2414 E CALHOUN ST E Mershon Residence16 Carlsen Residence
View2417 E MILLER ST E Nelson Residence 16 Geyman residence
View2433 E MILLER ST E Rudd Residence 16 Soli Residence
View2211 E LOUISA ST E Dibble Residence11 Lund Residence
View2224 E MILLER ST E Snow Residence11 Davidson Residence
View2210 E CALHOUN ST E Morrow Residence 15 Fuller Residence
View4508 CALIFORNIA AVE West Seattle Flower ShopWest Seattle Cyclery/Lee's/Kamei
View2400 E LOUISA ST E Darland Residence 08 Ayala Residence
View2518 E CALHOUN ST E Norbom Residence17 Fox Residence
View8323 15TH AVE  
View1930 BOYER AVE Walker Residence 48 Friedman Residence
View2514 E CALHOUN ST E Estep Residence 17 Seurer Residence
View2211 E MILLER ST E West Residence 15 Hunt Residence
View1919 E MCGRAW ST E 29 Summers Residence
View1935 E MCGRAW ST E 29 Deburle Residence
View1914 E LYNN ST E 29 Shapiro Residence
View2415 24TH AVE Hawkins Residence 23 Dwyer residence
View1915 E MCGRAW ST E 29 Saganic Residence
View1918 E LYNN ST E 29 Schropp Residence
View5344 BALLARD AVE A. W. Anderson Building 
View119 W ROY ST W Chandler Hall 
View1923 E CALHOUN ST E Bedle Residence 21 Landin residence
View2213 E LOUISA ST E Baxter Residence11 Lindahl Residence
View4535 CALIFORNIA AVE Jack Jones FurnitureLeisure Books/West 5/Discovery Shop
View4721 CALIFORNIA AVE A & P MarketNW Art & Frame/Husky Deli/Puerto Vallarta
View4529 CALIFORNIA AVE Sherwin-Williams Paint/West Seattle BakeryWild Rose's/Capers/Azuma/Zamboanga
View8029 25TH AVE  
View2611 BROADWAY AVE Storm, Jerome R. and Dorothy, HouseStorm, David, Hous
View2612 10TH AVE Gifford, Charles and Elizabeth F., HouseO'Connor, Erin P., House
View2802 10TH AVE Mayer, Marcus and Mildred K., HouseSpangler, Mark Francis and Renfro, LuAnn, House
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