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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1741 1ST AVE Star Machinery CompanyStar Building
View1043 S JACKSON ST S  Jackson Shopping Center
View4918 WILLOW ST   
View7914 45TH AVE   
View4655 S WILLOW ST S   
View6200 44TH AVE   
View4227 S KENNY ST S   
View3929 S FERDINAND ST S   
View1547 32ND AVE   
View1543 32ND AVE   
View2456 1ST AVE D. A. Johnson Hardwood Company/ Sherman SupplySherman Supply
View2521 E MCGRAW ST E Hoppe Residence
View3711 39th AVE   
View3340 CASCADIA AVE   
View5203 17TH AVE Unknown 
View4729 2nd AVE   
View2502 32nd AVE   
View5200 Latona AVE   
View3409 CHEASTY BLVD   
View2403 N 44th ST N   
View2014 32nd AVE   
View2819 S HOLGATE ST S   
View5733 17TH AVE Unknown 
View2811 34th AVE   
View4519 18TH AVE Unknown 
View3300 24th AVE   
View2346 32nd AVE   
View4524 2nd AVE   
View6511 15th AVE UnknownNeva's Barber Shop
View3129 35th AVE   
View5000 Rainier AVE City Sash and Door CompanyThe Royal Esquire Club
View2108-2112 NE 65th ST NE Schumacher BuildingSchumacher Building
View4136 Meridian AVE Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company Melrose ExchangeArtists' Apartments & Studio Space
View2412 N 43rd ST N   
View3906 Burke AVE   
View3724 38th AVE   
View4537 4th AVE   
View1314 Denny WAY Jorgensen's Furniture and Upholstery StoreAdatto Construction
View1421 ORANGE PL Sivesind, C. W. & Lena, House 
View4542 4th AVE   
View4233 Burke AVE   
View4528 2nd AVE   
View4740 17TH AVE Third Church of Christ Scientist 
View2106 31st AVE   
View5256 17TH AVE Unknown 
View2206 Nob Hill AVE Martin, Harry & Zoulou, House 
View317 NE 47th ST NE   
View2501 Cascadia AVE   
View726 S ORCAS ST S A. A. Mauer House 
View2537 34th AVE   
View6239 CARLETON AVE C. W. Reames House 
View618-624 Broadway Bartell DrugsPrincess Market & 3 others
View4203 Burke AVE   
View5002 19TH AVE Johnson, George, House 
View5263 18TH AVE   
View5601-5607 University WAY Maxwell Building 
View1303 NE 45th ST NE Neptune BuildingNeptune Theatre
View4329 University WAY Meister BuildingVarsity Theatre
View7220 Woodlawn AVE Green Lake Congregational ChurchVeterans of Foreign Wars Post 4137
View316 Florentia ST Bleitz Funeral HomeBleitz Funeral Home
View2618 Eastlake AVE nonePatricia Brennan, Architects
View9-13 Boston ST Northfield BuildingBostonian Barber Shop
View3815 S COURT ST S   
View4118 Sunnyside AVE   
View315 NE 53rd ST NE   
View103 Garfield ST Sumbardo, Allessandro & Helen, House 
View2349 33rd AVE   
View311 NE 53rd ST NE   
View3806 S Ferdinand ST S Columbia Motor Company 
View1615 N 41st ST N   
View2509 34th AVE   
View4034 Whitman AVE   
View3515 S Alaska ST S Fifth Church of Christ ScientistRainier Valley Cultural Center
View1914 N 40th ST N   
View5264 16TH AVE Unknown 
View3301 YORK RD   
View4541 4th AVE   
View730 S ORCAS ST S Louise Krause House 
View5260 17TH AVE Unknown 
View5252 17TH AVE Unknown 
View4812 Rainier AVE Ark Lodge #126 F&AMColumbia Cinema
View5248 17TH AVE Unknown 
View3718 38th AVE   
View3305 S Lander ST S   
View3707 39th AVE   
View2518 33rd AVE   
View100-120 W Highland DR W Victoria ApartmentsThe Victoria
View4016 Sunnyside AVE   
View2534 33rd AVE   
View6731 ELLIS AVE M. M. West House 
View2311 Broadway Corley, George & Margaret, Residence 
View3501 Burke AVE   
View4223 Thackeray PL   
View2306 N 56th ST N   
View4110 Woodland Park AVE   
View2847 33rd AVE   
View720 2nd AVE Seattle National BankUnited Way Building
View810 DEXTER AVE Seattle School District Warehouse/Shops 
View2506 LYNN ST  
View9628 51ST AVE   
View4718 16TH AVE Oberkotter Residence 
View2103 BOYER AVE Auernheimer Residence34 Metzger Residence
View4527 18TH AVE  
View4721 17TH AVE  
View2024 E LYNN ST E Fry + Demers Residence
View2109 BOYER AVE O'Connor Residence34 Dahl Residence
View2119 BOYER AVE Van Frank Residence 34 Vennemann Residence
View5624 20TH AVE  
View5610 20TH AVE  
View2515 E MCGRAW ST E Lessler Residence
View2209 E ROANOKE ST E Kerl Residence
View4722 16TH AVE  
View4729 16TH AVE  
View1851 24TH AVE 49 Frydenlund residence
View2019 25TH AVE Cook Residence39 Schuchart Residence
View1222 S JACKSON ST S  Hoa's Hair Salon
View1826 23RD AVE 49 Stanley Residence
View1871 23RD AVE 44 Risse Residence
View2112 E SHELBY ST E Sullivan Residence 
View2146 E SHELBY ST E Hardman Residence 
View4716 19TH AVE  
View4726 19TH AVE  
View2002 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Stewart Residence 
View2123 BOYER AVE Larsen Residence34 Perin Residence
View1833 E SHELBY ST E 01 Park and Hong Residence
View2502 24TH AVE Callahan Residence 
View1836 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Hayden Residence
View5231 16TH AVE  
View2209 E ROANOKE ST E Mortrude Residence 
View2904 MONTLAKE BLVD Nelson Residence 
View2908 MONTLAKE BLVD Thompson Residence 
View4508 18TH AVE  
View1902 E MCGRAW ST E Gifford Residence 
View1960 26TH AVE Faris Residence 47 Wehman Residence
View1968 26TH AVE Clawson Residence47 Young Residence
View5814 17TH AVE  
View5802 17TH AVE  
View1820 24TH AVE 45 McGeough Residence
View1873 E SHELBY ST E 01 Dobrowolski Residence
View1882 E SHELBY ST E 01 Ringenburg Residence
View2207 24TH AVE 38 Glein Residence
View2206 E LYNN ST E Brotherton Residence31 Payseno Residence
View2210 E LYNN ST E Hare-Allen Residence31 Allen Residence
View1827 23RD AVE 44 Polissar Residence
View1883 E SHELBY ST E 01 Huie Residence
View1956 26TH AVE Watkins Residence 47 Rooney residence
View2023 24TH AVE Waller Residence38 Lawson Residence
View2025 24TH AVE 38 Gopalkrishnan Residence
View2031 24TH AVE Conyers Residence 38 Manzin Residence
View2033 24TH AVE 38 Emerton Residence
View1910 E MCGRAW ST E Gloyer Residence 21 Soper Residence
View2202 E MCGRAW ST E Salmon Residence 23 Figg-Johnson residence
View2423 E MILLER ST E Halliwell Residence 16 Goodman Residence
View1912 E MCGRAW ST E Swigart Residence 21 Simonds residence
View2041 24TH AVE 38 Stroud Residence
View2047 24TH AVE 38 Kashuk Residence
View2053 24TH AVE 38 Gillum Residence
View2005 23RD AVE Falknor Residence 37 Laurrari Residence
View2015 23RD AVE 37 Shinbo Residence
View2027 23RD AVE 37 Baker residence
View2005 24TH AVE 38 Johnson Residence
View2207 E MCGRAW ST E Lacy Residence31 Nossal Residence
View1920 E MCGRAW ST E Harris Residence 21 Lucia Residence
View2412 E MCGRAW ST E Leon Residence 24 Arnold Residence
View8341 12TH AVE   
View2706 BROADWAY AVE Nelson, Israel, and Esther M., HouseLogan, Donald W., House
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