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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1101 AIRPORT WAY Washington Iron Works Pattern ShopRomaine Electric Company
View612 6TH AVE  TCC Printing
View8732 HAMLET AVE   
View6059 S REDWING ST S   
View4126 50TH AVE   
View10038 63RD AVE   
View10214 62ND AVE   
View4808 S CHICAGO ST S   
View922 N 49TH ST N Michael J. & Rose Campbell HouseTom Veith House
View722 E PIKE ST E  War Room/Pho Le
View1117 Pike ST  La Panzanella
View1318 E PINE ST E  La Pamzanella
View1318 E Pine ST E  vacant
View1405 11TH AVE  Madison Park Group
View1521 10TH AVE Nickols Manufacturing CompanyElliott Bay Book Company
View1520 13TH AVE  Auto Accessories, Inc.
View1520 13TH AVE  Auto Accessories Inc.
View1405 DEXTER AVE  Winemakers Studio/Urban Cross Fit
View1255 WESTLAKE AVE Ira Hinckley Paper Box Factory BuildingNational Sign Co.
View500 AURORA AVE J.T. Hardeman Hat Co. FactorySchool of Visual Concepts
View2512 24TH AVE Eck Residence
View1417 12TH AVE  Pacific Supply
View8007 8th AVE Unknown 
View5020 Meridian AVE  Meridian Apartments
View5419 Kensington PL   
View857 S Donovan ST S Unknown 
View5221 17TH AVE Unknown 
View4554 19TH AVE Alpha Sigma Phi 
View820 1st AVE 820 1st Ave S820 1st Ave S
View2601 Cascadia AVE   
View3248 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View1134 33rd AVE Fire Station No. 12Madrona-Sally Goldmark Branch, Seattle Public Library
View2225 33rd AVE   
View2406 E Spruce ST E St. Johannes Lutheran Church 
View843 S Cloverdale ST S Unknown 
View132 NE 56th ST NE   
View2004 32nd AVE   
View1401 11TH AVE Engler Car RepairMadison Park Group
View5918 Phinney AVE UnknownPhinney Ridge Video
View Washington Street and Alaskan Way Harbor Entrance PergolaWashington Street Boat Landing Harbor Pergola
View1703 36th AVE   
View310 N 85th ST N UnknownFred's Canopys
View3834 S Edmunds ST S Lincoln-Rotermund House 
View5268 19TH AVE Unknown 
View4119 Bagley AVE   
View2-12 W ROY ST W UnknownCounter Balance Bicycle, Shiki Japanese Restaurant, School of Oom Yung Doe & Reactor +
View5001 Rainier AVE Columbia Auto Service Garage 
View4549 Latona AVE   
View198 26th AVE Unknown 
View3419 CASCADIA AVE   
View5265 19TH AVE Unknown 
View3438 CASCADIA AVE   
View3855 38th AVE   
View5103 Latona AVE   
View309 NE 52nd ST NE   
View5046 16TH AVE Hemingway, Ernest E., House 
View5211 17TH AVE Buie, J. Clarence and Irene, House 
View1620 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Bruggerhoffer Residence 
View1217 E PIKE ST E S. L. SavidgeElysian Brewery
View1205 E PIKE ST E Standard Brands1205 East Pike Building
View402 15th AVE Fire Station #7Fire Station #7
View2115-2219 N 45th ST N Guild 45th TheaterGuild 45th Theater
View721 E PINE ST E Safety Service CompanyBill's Off Broadway
View6508 Ravenna AVE Van's GarageJim's Body Shop
View2344-2352 California AVE Perry's 10 Cent StoreZatz Bagles
View5520 17TH AVE Unknown 
View2540 32nd AVE   
View1023 S Thistle ST S Unknown 
View2226 32nd AVE   
View1212 Bigelow AVE Pomeroy, Frank & Josie, House 
View1010 S Thistle ST S Unknown 
View5914 Phinney AVE UnknownSanta Fe Café
View1902 S Main ST S Continental Baking Company Garage and ShopPratt Fine Arts Center
View900 Thomas ST "Garage Building for M. J. Wist"/McPherson Furniture and Equipment CompanyHeet OFC Building
View837 S Kenyon ST S Unkown 
View1911-1913 N 45th ST N UnknownWally's Scoop & Teahouse Kuan Yin
View6248 CORSON AVE George W. Bissell House #1 
View1003 S Sullivan ST S Unknown 
View475 N 36th ST N UnknownRudy's Barber Shop
View4324 Bagley AVE   
View1329 N 45th ST N UnknownNaturopathic Clinic Inc.
View1202 S Donovan ST S Unknown 
View1617 Warren AVE Robinson, Stella, House 
View5217 Latona AVE   
View300 29th AVE Unknown 
View4316 Bagley AVE   
View2648 Cascadia AVE   
View923 17th AVE unknown 
View2320 33rd AVE   
View808 S Sullivan ST S Unknown 
View2211 33rd AVE   
View4916 Rainier AVE Columbia Theater 
View1158 BROADWAY  vacant
View8400-8402 Greenwood AVE UnknownRosewood Guitar
View1013 Stewart ST Unknown (1013 Stewart St)Manifesto Glass Blowing Studio
View1832 Yale AVE Havlick's Auto Rebuildvacant/ Orion Youth Center
View1417 4th AVE Holland BuildingMiken Building
View2030 5th AVE Jordan BuildingPalace Kitchen
View1513 3rd AVE Winter Garden TheaterAaron Brothers Store
View1058 E Lynn ST E Gould, Carl and Dorothy, House 
View933 21st AVE Quinn, Albert S., House 
View2005 E Galer ST E Borash, Milton D., House 
View914 22nd AVE Friedman, Harry, House 
View941 11th AVE FairmontFairmont
View106 Lenora ST Trading Post - garageDKA Planning & Design
View2100 1st AVE Trading PostPatagonia
View2218-20 1st AVE Mattson's Music HouseTia Lou's
View2115 Westlake AVE Blaustein Tire RepairIlly
View5933 32ND AVE   
View423 E PIKE ST E  Pagliacci Pizza Headquarters
View2021 25TH AVE Nowell Residence39 Lindblad Residence
View4730 17TH AVE  
View5028 18TH AVE  
View5511 16TH AVE  
View1816 NE 55TH ST NE  
View2426 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Mason Residence 50 Rosenberg Residence
View2426 E MILLER ST E Engen Residence
View2434 E MILLER ST E Laughman Residence
View5613 16TH AVE  
View4721 16TH AVE  
View425 WESTLAKE AVE Farwest Lithograph & Printing Co.Tesla Motors Showroom
View2015 25TH AVE Lueben Residence 39 Villeneuve Residence
View1124 PIKE ST Packard SeattleUtrecht Art Supplies
View2160 E HAMLIN ST E Beuschlein Residence 
View1888 24TH AVE 45 Robinson residence
View1827 25TH AVE 45 Gellings residence
View2127 E SHELBY ST E McGill Residence 
View1863 E SHELBY ST E 01 Buckland Residence
View5018 18TH AVE  
View5220 19TH AVE Unknown 
View1815 NE 55TH ST NE  
View2402 24TH AVE Murdock Residence 
View5261 16TH AVE  
View2466 24TH AVE Andrews Residence 
View2409 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Merrick Residence 
View2818 MONTLAKE BLVD Wells Residence 
View2514 20TH AVE Rogers Residence10 Turnbull Residence
View5268 18TH AVE  
View2157 BOYER AVE Nestor Residence 34 Affolter Residence
View2415 E BOSTON ST E Holland Residence39 Spurzem Residence
View2146 E HAMLIN ST E Swank Residence 
View1830 24TH AVE 45 Wischik residence
View1844 24TH AVE 45 Frijlink residence
View2315 BOYER AVE Hays Residence 
View2009 E LOUISA ST E Coles Residence10 Riggers Residence
View2133 E SHELBY ST E Gray Residence 
View2235 22ND AVE 37 Chang residence
View2506 24TH AVE Anderson-Ballard Residence 
View2317 24TH AVE Lustig Drug Company 31 Pay Northwest
View2304 22ND AVE 31 Knight residence
View2502 22ND AVE Holtz Residence11 Kay Residence
View1924 E MCGRAW ST E Elliott Residence 21 Roe Residence
View2461 22ND AVE Lackore Residence 14 Bennett Residence
View2011 E MILLER ST E Gray Residence 14 Yoder Residence
View5449 BALLARD AVE Halverson's Department Store 
View4707 CALIFORNIA AVE Save-Mor DrugsPharmaca/Great Harvest
View2560 24TH AVE Draper Residence08 Clark-Quinn Residence
View8303 13TH AVE  
View2057 24TH AVE Columbro Residence 38 Thirkield Residence
View710-712 TAYLOR AVE  Werner's Crash Shop
View1931 E CALHOUN ST E Sprinkle Residence 21 Turner residence
View1935 E CALHOUN ST E Esdae Residence 21 Iyer residence
View4415 CALIFORNIA AVE PT&T Telephone Exchange Centurylink
View1712 NW 63RD ST NW  
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