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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1033 S JACKSON ST S  Acme Poultry Warehouses
View4426 48TH AVE   
View3907 S WARSAW S   
View4215 S HOLLY ST S   
View3236 S EDMUNDS ST S   
View9732 61ST AVE   
View5958 44TH AVE   
View8327 WOLCOTT AVE   
View10015 68TH AVE   
View7608 RAINIER AVE   
View1515 MELROSE AVE  Melrose Market
View1620 14TH AVE Blewett ApartmentsDel Marco Apartments
View1001 WESTLAKE AVE Frederick Boyd Co. Factory & WarehouseAmerican Meter & Appliance
View503 WESTLAKE AVE A. J. Eberharter Garage Antique Liquidators
View2550 22ND AVE Cuevas Residence
View125 NE 54th ST NE   
View1900 43rd AVE Madison Park Bathhouse 
View3217 S HANFORD ST S   
View145 N 85th ST N UnknownGorditos
View5808 17TH AVE Unknown 
View4123 Woodlawn AVE   
View2324 Shoreland DR   
View6915 ELLIS AVE Frank W. Fisher House 
View1608 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View370 Wheeler ST   
View6909 ELLIS AVE Stephen J. and Evelyn Eubank House 
View3707 S RIDGEWAY PL S   
View4746 2nd AVE   
View3816 COURTLAND PL   
View3254 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View2307 32nd AVE   
View5245 18TH AVE Unknown 
View6942 FLORA AVE Rudolf and Frieda Dreger House 
View4753 2nd AVE   
View5005 Meridian AVE   
View4545 5th AVE   
View339 NE 55th ST NE   
View5262 18TH AVE Unknown 
View 35th AVE SW Myrtle Street Tank No. 1 
View2816 31st AVE   
View4035 Burke AVE  Hardy Residence
View5319 Latona AVE   
View218 Hayes ST   
View547 1st AVE West Transfer Company Building/ Duncan & Sons BuildingDuncan/ Franglors
View5244 18TH AVE Anderson, Charles P. and Ida, House 
View4557 University WAY Adelaide Apartments 
View1408 12TH AVE Bekins Moving & StorageTrace Lofts
View6803 Greenwood AVE Anderson Motor CompanyC & S Auto Rebuild
View5315 Latona AVE   
View3346 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View5804 17TH AVE Unknown 
View5238 19TH AVE Bazzett Residence 
View403 W Prospect ST W McElwaine, Myron & Irene, House 
View6906 CARLETON AVE Benjamin W. Ehring House 
View4529 Eastern AVE   
View4541 5th AVE   
View4736 CALIFORNIA AVE Pentecostal Church/Beulah TempleThunder Road Guitars
View344 NE 53rd ST NE   
View141 NE 53rd ST NE   
View6643 SW ELLIS AVE SW Clarence W. Sibley House 
View8210 10th AVE Fire Station #12South Park Community Service Center
View2807 14th AVE   
View2218 32nd AVE   
View2312 33rd AVE   
View3757 S RIDGEWAY PL S   
View3217 36th AVE   
View4236 Latona AVE   
View3629 Woodlawn AVE   
View1239 E Newton ST E McIntyre Residence 
View1618 Lakeview BLVD Buschman, Peter, Residence 
View1932 Federal AVE St. Barnabas Mission 
View4726 18TH AVE Unknown 
View6721 ELLIS AVE White-Dromey Company House 
View6924 CARLETON AVE Pacific American Corporation House 
View4553 Thackeray PL   
View1816 8 AVE Martin's Home Furnishings (1940s), Seattle ArtOlive 08 (real estate)
View914 Virginia ST Candy Manufacturing Building for H. H. GulstineSpruce Street School
View719 4th AVE Grand Central Garage 
View1014 E Galer ST E Bullitt, Dorothy Stimson, House 
View1065 E Prospect ST E Washington ArmsWashington Arms
View2211 5th AVE Lewis Casing CompanyKaye-Smith Enterprises
View2214 2nd AVE Mechanics Automotive ServiceTula's
View2132 3rd AVE Brewer & Cone Sheet MetalMexican Consulate
View2106 2nd AVE Golden West GarageBelltown Service Center
View2235 5th AVE Toledo ScalesZum
View3839 S LUCILE ST S   
View2150 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Chamberlain Residence50 Ahmann Residence
View417 E PINE ST E Rowland MotorsPortofino
View1235 WESTLAKE AVE Walter R. Hinkley Machine Shop Building 
View4754 19TH AVE  
View4717 18TH AVE  
View4707 18TH AVE  
View5019 17TH AVE  
View5033 16TH AVE  
View5040 16TH AVE Estes Residence 
View1818 NE 55TH ST NE  
View1806 NE 55TH ST NE  
View5502 16TH AVE  
View5236 16TH AVE  
View2510 E MCGRAW ST E Mitchell Residence25 Anderson, Eric, Residence
View1807 E HAMLIN ST E Seattle Yacht ClubSeattle Yacht Club
View1525 BOYLSTON AVE  Phil Smart garage
View5820 16TH AVE  
View1863 23RD AVE 44 Ruddy Residence
View2133 E HAMLIN ST E Graham Residence 
View2221 E NEWTON ST E 44 Cady Residence
View1817 E SHELBY ST E 01 Davis Residence
View1822 E SHELBY ST E 01 Rosen Residence
View1823 E SHELBY ST E 01 Lam Residence
View5025 17TH AVE  
View5021 17TH AVE  
View1837 E SHELBY ST E 01 Wilkinson Residence
View1838 E SHELBY ST E Williams-Pepper Residence01 Leonard Residence
View1877 E SHELBY ST E 01 Wissmar Residence
View1886 E SHELBY ST E 01 Wilder Residence
View1840 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Jacobson Soma Residence
View1853 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Matsen Residence
View1879 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Bova Residence
View1891 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Krutch Residence
View5201 16TH AVE Unknown 
View5229 16TH AVE  
View2734 MONTLAKE BLVD Price Residence 
View2011 26TH AVE 40 Tianen Workinesh Residence
View2201 E HOWE ST E 44 Hein Residence
View1840 24TH AVE 45 Ruiz+ Murphy Residence
View1847 E SHELBY ST E 01 Stoner Residence
View2511 22ND AVE Crane Residence10 Farley Residence
View1718 26TH AVE Jacobs Residence 47 Gibson Residence
View1722 26TH AVE Curkendall Residence47 Gibson Residence
View2019 E NEWTON ST E 36 Weir Residence
View2408 E LOUISA ST E Peterson Residence08 Covington Residence
View1914 E CALHOUN ST E Jarvis Residence13 Remley Residence
View1934 E MCGRAW ST E Burnell Reidence 21 Buckley Residence
View2412 24TH AVE Alexander Residence 24 Zavala Residence
View2420 E CALHOUN ST E Gleason Residence 16 Hill Residence
View1941 26TH AVE Greenhill Residence46 Lund Residence
View1945 26TH AVE Halverson Residence 46 Ulmschneider Residence
View1928 E MCGRAW ST E Wie Residence 21 Berard Residence
View2203 E MILLER ST E Erb Residence 15 Shaul Residence
View2201 E CALHOUN ST E Riley Residence 23 Orton Residence
View2416 24TH AVE Benjamin Residence 24 Lee Residence
View508 DENNY WAY  
View7353 15TH AVE  
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