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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View830 4TH AVE Sylvester Brothers FurnitureOld Squire Shop Bldg/ Turner
View614 MAYNARD AVE  Bush Garden Restaurant
View4421 S FERDINAND ST S   
View5014 45TH AVE   
View3511 S HUDSON ST S   
View3029 19TH AVE   
View4508 46TH AVE   
View3220 19TH AVE   
View10003 65TH AVE   
View4223 S KENNY ST S   
View3831 S EDDY ST S   
View115 NW 50TH ST NW Joseph Kehrmann House 
View1016 E PIKE ST E Seattle Automobile CompanyTen Sixteen Pike
View1416 10TH AVE  Union Garage
View2012 E LYNN ST E Heller Residence
View3332 HUNTER BLVD   
View721 S Rose ST S Unknown 
View6431 FLORA AVE Armido P. and Victoria Fontana House 
View4600 Sunnyside AVE Swede Baptist Church (?)Elim Baptist Church
View411 W Lee ST W   
View3338 HUNTER BLVD   
View1702 30th AVE   
View2025 33rd AVE   
View4015 Wallingford AVE   
View3241 HUNTER BLVD   
View6504 4th AVE Unknown 
View4219 Corliss AVE   
View5250 18TH AVE Unknown 
View5251 19TH AVE Unknown 
View1605 E Madison ST E Olympian ApartmentsOlympian Apartments
View3601 38th AVE   
View4302 Burke AVE   
View2623 Mount Saint Helens PL   
View2855 Mount Rainier DR   
View3308 HUNTER BLVD   
View1220 7th AVE Donworth, George, House 
View2903 S Estelle ST S   
View3319 HUNTER BLVD   
View8616 14th AVE Unknown 
View5018 Latona AVE   
View3308 37th AVE   
View6925 CARLETON AVE George Meister House 
View444 Smith ST Folts, Arthur & Faye, House 
View4714 19TH AVE Unknown 
View3333 HUNTER BLVD   
View702 W Halladay ST W Welch, Michael, House 
View2306 34th AVE   
View3223 HUNTER BLVD   
View2716 21st AVE   
View3332 37th AVE   
View3822 Densmore AVE   
View723 S Concord ST S Concord School 
View2350 34th AVE   
View1341 13TH AVE   
View3337 HUNTER BLVD   
View5254 18TH AVE Unknown 
View5501 17TH AVE Thomson House 
View4200 University WAY La Paz Building 
View722 E Union ST E Knights of Columbus Hallsame
View824 E Pike ST E Broadway State BankTully's
View2608 Eastlake AVE noneAnne's Hair Shop
View1955-1959 6th AVE Home Supply GroceryColorwheel Studio
View3540 Wallingford AVE Edgewater Grocerynone
View4009 Eastern AVE   
View1632 4th AVE Collins, Cyril & Mary, House 
View3303 S PLUM ST S   
View4647 Eastern AVE   
View222 NE 50th ST NE   
View2636 Cascadia AVE   
View4211 Bagley AVE   
View402 W Crockett ST W Taulbee, Charles & Eldean, House 
View1302 YAKIMA AVE   
View2507 10th AVE Christensen, Walter & Hilma, House 
View4132 Corliss AVE   
View4612 Corliss AVE   
View2017 31st AVE   
View1621 Warren AVE Newell, John & Ida, House 
View4871-4875 Rainier AVE Rainier Valley Investment CompanyLion's Club Building
View2102 31st AVE   
View1401 12TH AVE UnknownFerrari of Seattle
View2733 33rd AVE   
View4614 Sunnyside AVE   
View2112 5th AVE Adams, Fred & Marion, House 
View104 17th AVE Congregation Bikur CholemLangston Hughes Center
View819 S ORCAS ST S Charles and Elizabeth Fickeisen House 
View3323 HUNTER BLVD   
View3303 HUNTER BLVD   
View4020 1st AVE   
View3315 HUNTER BLVD   
View4229 Corliss AVE   
View1911 N 44th ST N   
View2647 Cascadia AVE   
View2737 34th AVE   
View3237 HUNTER BLVD   
View2107 12th AVE Manheimer, Sanford & Ella, Residence 
View2505 18th AVE   
View2609 Mount Saint Helens PL   
View611 Post AVE Elgin Hotel/ Traveler's HotelTraveler's/ Post Mews
View3236 37th AVE   
View2567 Shoreland DR   
View1709 N 47th ST N   
View2853 33rd AVE   
View5018 19TH AVE T.C. Kinney Residence 
View419 1st AVE Hambach BuildingHambach Building/ Hambach-Seller Building (grouped with Seller Building)
View2212 Federal AVE Porter, Charles, House 
View1118 Federal AVE Bogle, Lawrence, Residence 
View1205 22nd AVE Jordan, Frank & Ada, House 
View2240 Everett AVE Seaborn, Henry and Charlotte, House 
View2700 4th AVE Hermosa Apartments2700 Fourth Avenue
View4005 RAINIER AVE   
View602 N 48TH ST N Ira T. Wolfe House 
View4755 19TH AVE  
View5035 19TH AVE  
View1802 NE 55TH ST NE  
View4714 16TH AVE  
View1024 E PIKE ST E Smyth Van & StorageMonique Lofts
View1831 23RD AVE 44 Purpus Residence
View1953 25TH AVE 45 Emerson residence
View5226-28 19TH AVE  
View5233 19TH AVE  
View5215 18TH AVE  
View5207 16TH AVE Unknown 
View5014 19TH AVE H.L. Seamans Residence 
View4514 18TH AVE  
View1918 26TH AVE Shaw Residence 47 Opheim Residence
View5043 18TH AVE  
View5038 18TH AVE  
View5042 18TH AVE Wager Residence 
View2222 25TH AVE 40 Brown Residence
View1874 24TH AVE 45 Ryn residence
View2045 E NEWTON ST E 36 Lindhorst Residene
View2211 22ND AVE 37 Goldenberg residence
View2227 22ND AVE 37 Motzer residence
View2020 E NEWTON ST E 37 Staub residence
View2048 23RD AVE 38 Daniels residence
View7307 23RD AVE  
View1918 BOYER AVE Shimmin Residence48 Harper Residence
View2215 22ND AVE 37 Neudorfer residence
View2202 E CALHOUN ST E Delfel Residence 15 Sawyer Residence
View2319 25TH AVE Gray Residence32 Marek Residence
View2823 BROADWAY AVE Guthman, Otto and Hilda L., HouseSimpkins, James F. and Eileen L., House
View5421 BALLARD AVE Frank Pyle Building 
View3233 NW 65TH ST NW  
View7311 26TH AVE  
View804 E HAMLIN ST E Stephens, Dr. Lorenzo L. and Maude B., HouseGibbs, Bruce C., House
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