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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View208 29TH AVE   
View739 35TH AVE   
View2722 HARVARD AVE Stokes, Harry C. and Emma J., HouseEspling, Erik S. and Emilie M., House
View2909 E CHERRY ST E   
View2808 BROADWAY AVE Pettitt, Elbert and Jennie, HouseTaylor, Ed and Sue, House
View1426 S JACKSON ST S Old Yankee Syrup Company 
View914 13TH AVE   
View815 13TH AVE   
View828 13TH AVE   
View925 15TH AVE   
View2915 E CHERRY ST E   
View2913 E CHERRY ST E   
View1515 E MARION ST E   
View152 15TH AVE   
View624 35TH AVE   
View2023 S MAIN ST S   
View137 31ST AVE   
View2512 E YESLER WAY E   
View2516 E YESLER WAY E   
View2366 BOYER AVE   
View3212 E SPRUCE ST E   
View4859 S MORGAN ST S   
View6027 S ROXBURY ST S   
View3912 S LUCILE ST S   
View933 15TH AVE   
View6036 S REDWING ST S   
View3552 S HUDSON ST S   
View3545 S HUDSON ST S   
View927 15TH AVE   
View1843 S LANE ST S   
View4847 S GRAHAM ST S   
View608 24TH AVE   
View3906 E PINE ST E   
View1622 39TH AVE   
View1210 38TH AVE   
View1420 GRAND AVE   
View769 32ND AVE   
View619 32ND AVE   
View615 32ND AVE   
View613 32ND AVE   
View524 30TH AVE   
View806 30TH AVE   
View810 30TH AVE   
View830 30TH AVE   
View1729 39TH AVE   
View1514 35TH AVE   
View4837 S ORCAS ST S   
View1101 36TH AVE   
View2610 E ALOHA ST E   
View815 33RD AVE   
View1616 37TH AVE   
View1103 26TH AVE   
View982 21ST AVE   
View1910 E JEFFERSON ST E   
View317 16TH AVE   
View448 14TH AVE   
View1621 GRAND AVE   
View302 18TH AVE   
View1506 29TH AVE   
View1829 27TH AVE   
View123 25TH AVE   
View3120 E UNION ST E   
View1407 31ST AVE   
View3008 E SPRING ST E   
View512 BROADWAY unknownOur Lady Of Mount Carmel Center
View1534 BROADWAY Booth BuildingSouth Annex, Seattle Central CC
View762 30TH AVE   
View224 24TH AVE   
View1137 36TH AVE   
View933 30TH AVE   
View4800 AIRPORT WAY Scanlon Machine Shop/ Fluckinger Machine Works4800 Airport Way S
View1831 24TH AVE   
View129 NW 41ST ST NW   
View1516 MELROSE AVE nonenone
View1524 MELROSE AVE SFRapartment
View8545 Densmore ALY Unknown 
View6734 27th AVE Unknown 
View3222 45th AVE Unknown 
View6905 Seward Park AVE Unknown 
View2341 15th AVE   
View1703 31st AVE   
View1749 13th AVE   
View 14th AVE Volunteer Park Standpipe (Water Tower) 
View301 S Jackson ST S King Street Station/ Union Passenger Depot (not current Union Station)King Street Station
View7508 Ravenna AVE Unknown 
View5111 S Orcas ST S Unknown 
View307 3rd AVE Mottman Building/ Norris Safe Building/ NorrisMottman Building
View3636 Densmore AVE   
View4511 Woodland Park AVE   
View4604 Eastern AVE   
View4210 Burke AVE   
View1514 Palm AVE Unknown 
View8003 1st AVE Unknown 
View3920 Linden AVE Unknown 
View7923 46th AVE Unknown 
View9731 62nd AVE Unknown 
View2409 10th AVE Bauer, Gustave & Hester, House 
View4107 39th AVE Unknown 
View1639 S KING ST S Unknown 
View4200 Woodland Park AVE Unknown 
View1734 13th AVE   
View4536 2nd AVE   
View1406 S Bennett ST S Unknown 
View941 N 80th ST N Unknown 
View805-807-809 N Allen PL N Unknown 
View307 NW 86th ST NW Unknown 
View7013 22nd AVE Unknown 
View3302 S GENESEE ST S   
View3625 RENTON AVE   
View107 Cherry ST Lowman BuildingLowman Building
View4469-4471 Woodland Park AVE Unknown 
View4217 Corliss AVE   
View5801 AIRPORT WAY The State House/Cleveland Hotel 
View3214 33rd AVE Unknown 
View3903 Eastern AVE   
View7351 23rd AVE Unknown 
View4015 Cascadia AVE Keel HouseKeel House
View4624 Eastern AVE   
View1607 N 48th ST N   
View4029 39th AVE Unknown 
View843 NE 66th ST NE Unknown 
View646 NW 52nd ST NW Unknown 
View2019 24th AVE   
View4063 SW Prince ST SW Unknown 
View5643 20TH AVE Unknown 
View6728 26th AVE Unknown 
View1937 4th AVE Unknown 
View1202 N 49th ST N   
View3244 Walnut AVE Unknown 
View3927 Burke AVE Unknown 
View6710 CORSON AVE C.A. Chambers House 
View552-554 Ward ST Fourplex 
View1742 13th AVE   
View3636 Wallingford AVE   
View1637 42nd AVE Unknown 
View1120 NW 63rd ST NW Unknown 
View7606 E Green Lake DR E Unknown 
View3610 24th AVE   
View905 12th AVE Greenstreet, Rose, House 
View4226 2nd AVE   
View3833 Burke AVE Unknown 
View4107 34th AVE Unknown 
View220 W Howe ST W Unknown 
View510 W Crockett ST W Hopkinson, Fred & Ella, House 
View4228 Burke AVE   
View419 Occidental AVE Manufacturers Building/ Manufacturers Exchange Building/ Stewart and Holmes/ McKesson & Robbins BuildingF. X. McRory Building/ McKesson and Robbins Building
View5217 12th AVE   
View4567 Rainier AVE Columbia Funeral HomeColumbia Funeral Home
View4258-4262 Fremont AVE Redwood GroceryBrown's Collector Town
View2-10 Boston ST Standard BakeryBanjara/Chinoise
View8749 Dayton AVE Seely HouseSeely House
View947 N 79th ST N Unknown 
View2305 N 39th ST N Unknown 
View4416 40th AVE Unknown 
View4533 Eastern AVE   
View7422 Orin CT Unknown 
View4430 Letitia AVE Unknown 
View5631 20TH AVE Unknown 
View6653 CARLETON AVE Chris Wenger House 
View4004 59th AVE Maurer HouseMaurer House
View5619 16TH AVE Unknown 
View9565 Rainier AVE Unknown 
View4814 42nd AVE Unknown 
View6625 CARLETON AVE Anton and Antonia Modenese House 
View2441 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View6817 Greenwood AVE Unknown 
View3123 14th AVE   
View114 NE 55th ST NE   
View5622 41st AVE Unknown 
View353 NW 74th ST NW Unknown 
View6512 25th AVE Unknown 
View1521 Valentine PL Unknown 
View4534 35th AVE   
View817 S ORCAS ST S Minnie Butterworth House 
View4215 47th AVE Unknown 
View3643 Densmore AVE   
View524 BROADWAY UnknownYasuko's
View6547 Dibble AVE Unknown 
View2600 45th AVE Unknown 
View4123 42nd AVE Unknown 
View1741 12th AVE   
View4054 20th AVE Unknown 
View1208 N 46th ST N   
View6756 Sycamore AVE Unknown 
View6280 STANLEY AVE Louis and Delia Banchero House 
View1835 NE 58TH ST NE Unknown 
View3603 Burke AVE   
View411 1st AVE Seller BuildingSeller Building/ Hambach-Seller Building (grouped with Hambach Building)
View606 Lee ST Moore-Hartshorne House 
View914 N 35th ST N Unknown 
View1536 12th AVE   
View6553 4th AVE Unknown 
View3708 42nd AVE   
View3823 Densmore AVE   
View1920 4th AVE Bakenhus/Bowen HouseBakenhus/Bowen House
View802 W Crockett ST W Tomlinson, Harvey & Myrtle, House 
View8712 28th AVE Unknown 
View132 NE 55th ST NE   
View4030 Delridge AVE Unknown 
View1822 N 55th ST N   
View3716 Densmore AVE   
View312 Lee ST Butterworth, Frederick & Anna, House 
View4801 50th AVE Unknown 
View737 16th AVE unknown 
View946 12th AVE unknown 
View927 17th AVE unknown 
View4317 S Dawson ST S Unknown 
View652 W Galer ST W Whalley, John and Clara, House 
View2801 S Hanford ST S   
View941 N 80th ST N Unknown 
View1643 S KING ST S Unknown 
View318 W Galer ST W Brett/Petersen HouseBrett/Petersen House
View224 1/2 Minor AVE 224 1/2 Minor Avenue N.Cascade Shelter Project-Rear Bldg on S. side
View2708 44th AVE Unknown 
View9849 62nd AVE Unknown 
View1200 Stewart ST Stewart Grocery, Toro Whirlwind Power Mowers (1950s)Lazerquick, Click, Emerald City Smoothie (3 stores)
View1215 2nd AVE Stone, Fisher & Lane Department StoreGalland Building
View815 Western AVE Carstens BuildingCommuter Building
View809 Western AVE Mutual Creamery809 Western Avenue (part of Commuter Center Building)
View2113 First AVE 2113 First Avenue/ The Shamrock Hotel/ "Store Building for Mrs. O'Leary"Continental Furniture
View1817 E Howell ST E Ruddies, Jennie, Residence 
View1158 17th AVE Calvert, William, Jr., House 
View1414 E Roy ST E McCormick-Anderson House 
View919 17th AVE unknown 
View1812 16th AVE Martel ApartmentsMartel Apartments
View1426 E Roy ST E Padden, Catherine, Residence 
View939 16th AVE unknown 
View734 16th AVE unknown 
View1108 17th AVE Murphy, George, House 
View955 16th AVE McCoy, Patrick, House 
View317 Harvard AVE Roycroft ApartmentsRoycroft Apartments
View203 Bellevue AVE Bellevue ApartmentsChardonnay Apartments
View923 27TH AVE   
View3802 E JOHN ST E   
View107 DORFFEL DR   
View119 39TH AVE   
View703 20TH AVE   
View1026 32ND AVE   
View1707 MADRONA DR   
View2023 24TH AVE   
View1711 MADRONA DR   
View1510 12TH AVE  Seattle Trading Post
View2601 E GALER ST E   
View8620 S WABASH ST S   
View4208 S ORCAS ST S   
View452 27TH AVE   
View1028 32ND AVE   
View1024 31ST AVE   
View767 32ND AVE   
View755 32ND AVE   
View4122 2ND AVE Thos. & Amelia S. Elliott House 
View1715 MADRONA DR   
View1723 MADRONA DR   
View1719 MADRONA DR   
View1410 35TH AVE   
View3900 E PINE ST E   
View952 24TH AVE   
View403 NW 42ND ST NW   
View411 NW 42ND ST NW Pontius B. & Inga M. Nelson House 
View917 N 47TH ST N William & Mary Denner House 
View1316 E PIKE ST E  Old School Custard
View5505 16TH AVE  
View1827 NE 58TH ST NE Unknown 
View4025 7TH AVE Seattle Brass CompanyDavis Sign Company
View1716 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Lev/Conn Residence 
View5711 18TH AVE Onsum Residence 
View5814 16TH AVE Unknown 
View5716 17TH AVE  
View3017 NW 61ST ST NW  
View913 NW 64TH ST NW  
View3008 NW 58TH ST NW  
View3203 NW 60TH ST NW  
View2701 NW 65TH ST NW  
View5424 BALLARD AVE Enquist Block / Anderson Furniture Co. 
View2333 BROADWAY AVE Cummings HouseBillodue House
View3031 NW 59TH ST NW  
View6512 25TH AVE  
View1023 6TH AVE   
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