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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View3535 E SPRUCE ST E   
View1505 36TH   
View1104 41ST AVE   
View1406 37TH AVE   
View2511 S DEARBORN ST S   
View3851 S Angeline ST S Hutchison, Oscar and Carrie P., House 
View417 2nd Avenue Extension 417 Second Avenue Extension417 Second Avenue Extension
View300 Occidental WAY State BuildingState Building/ (part of ) Burke-State Buiding
View201 Yesler WAY Tyee SaloonCampbell Fuller Building
View108 S Washington ST S Terry and Kittinger BuildingDelmar Building and State Hotel
View95 Yesler WAY Bank of Commerce BuildingYesler Building
View3815 S Ferdinand ST S Peirson, Van R. and Agnes, House 
View310 1st AVE Marshall-Walker BuildingGlobe Building
View5403 MAYNARD AVE Mrs. N.C. Hoffeditz ResidenceMaertens Residence
View1545 12th AVE   
View4106 12th AVE Jolliffe, Noble T. and Elizabeth, House 
View109 1st AVE Terry Denny Building/ Northern HotelTerry Denny Building/ Northern Hotel
View916 N 36th ST N Goddard HouseDr. Patterson House
View107 Occidental WAY Walker Block or Walker BuildingAl & Bob's Saveway
View1603 45th AVE Herran HouseHerren House
View4023 2nd AVE Caselton HouseCaselton House
View404 NW 60TH ST NW Rasmus Peter Jensen Residence 
View1613 4TH AVE Kensley HouseKensley House
View6706 22nd AVE Bonkowski HouseBonkowski House
View912 2nd AVE Ankeny HouseGowey House
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