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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View3417 E SPRUCE ST E   
View808 E SHELBY ST E Brady-Alexander HouseO'Donnell, Mathew and Catherine, House
View733 25TH AVE   
View1432 25TH AVE   
View724 21ST AVE   
View901-905 15th AVE Unknown 
View612 1st AVE Howard BuildingHoward Building
View8429 Dallas AVE Unknown 
View1238 S King ST S UnknownVictorian Row Apartments
View1206 REPUBLICAN ST 1206 Republican St.1206 Republican St.
View301 1st AVE Matilda Winehill BlockBread of Life Mission
View171 S Washington ST S McCowan Block (western structure)McCoy's Tavern
View314 1st AVE Nord Hotel/Thompson HotelNord Hotel/Nord Apartment and Retail Building
View1428 25th AVE Unknown 
View116 & 118 S Washington ST S Scandinavian Hotel and Clancy Building116 & 118 S Washington St
View304 Alaskan WAY Oregon and Washington Railroad and Navigation Company/ Otto Sturham & SonsC & H Company
View3607 Densmore AVE Densmore Residence 
View111 Yesler WAY Padden Block/ Mary McDonald Building/ Bohemian Café/ Eagle CaféThe Bohemian
View318 2nd AVE Fulton Hotel/ Fulton Inn/ Totem Distributing CompanyOld Fulton Hotel
View319 2nd AVE Wittler Block. Shanks & Mills Block, Derig Hotel, Elliott House, Star LodgeCadillac Hotel
View109 Yesler WAY Merchant's Café/ Sanderson BlockMerchant's Café/ Hotel
View311-1/2 Occidental WAY Waltham BlockWaltham Block/ Occidental Building
View400 2nd Avenue Extension Chin Gee Hee Building400 2nd Avenue Extension South/ Kon Yick Building
View828 23rd AVE Unknown 
View311 1st AVE Maud BuildingMaud Building
View816 23rd AVE Unknown 
View1716 NW 60th ST NW Unknown 
View4033 2nd AVE   
View519 3rd AVE Drexel HotelDrexel Hotel
View122 S Jackson ST S Ingels Block/ Crescent Manufacturing CompanyHerman Blumenthal Building/ Herman and Blumenthal Building
View601 2nd AVE Butler Block/ Butler Hotel/ Butler BuildingButler Garage/ Butler Building
View911 N 36th ST N Nelson, V. HouseNelson House
View822 23rd AVE Unknown 
View1524 5th AVE Unknown 
View304 26th AVE Unknown 
View1210 Republican ST 1210 Republican St1210 Republican St.
View520 W Kinnear PL W Marble HouseMarble/Lindsley House
View110 Cherry ST Scheuerman Block/ Scheurman Block110 Cherry Street/ 700 1st Avenue
View89 S Washington ST S J & M Annex/ Walter Collins BuildingJ & M Annex (part of J & M Hotel Building)
View68 S Washington ST S Lowman and Hanford Printing and Binding BuildingWashington Park Building
View1924 46th AVE Young HouseYoung House
View1414 S Washington ST S UnknownVictorian Landmark
View1019 S Sullivan ST S Unknown 
View164 S Washington ST S Nugent Block and Considine BlockBarney's Loans
View1633 S King ST S Unknown 
View216 1st AVE Squire Latimer BuildingGrand Central/ Grand Central on the Park
View221 S Washington ST S (building owned by Lou Graham) Graham Block (part of)Washington Court Building (Union Gospel Office)
View818 23rd AVE Unknown 
View1810 E Fir ST E Unknown 
View2204 E John ST E Anderson, Dorothy, House #2 
View1711 E Spruce ST E Unknown 
View1315 1st AVE Hotel Vendome -Post Edwards Building/ New Hotel Vendome Sultan Hotel -The Lusty Lady/ Tolias Building
View2202 E John ST E Anderson, Dorothy, House 
View2224-28 2nd AVE Wayne ApartmentsNoodle Ranch/Lava Lounge
View1810 E FIR ST E   
View1215 S MAIN ST S  Charlie Dong Tax
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