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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View2514 S LANE ST S   
View208 29TH AVE   
View1136 31ST AVE   
View633 35TH AVE   
View739 35TH AVE   
View109 15TH AVE   
View217 24TH AVE   
View2311 E ALDER ST E   
View220 23RD AVE   
View123 24TH AVE   
View2722 HARVARD AVE Stokes, Harry C. and Emma J., HouseEspling, Erik S. and Emilie M., House
View1511 38TH AVE   
View526 31ST AVE   
View315 30TH AVE   
View528 29TH AVE   
View532 29TH AVE   
View805 15TH   
View2909 E CHERRY ST E   
View1415 E FIR ST E   
View119 24TH AVE   
View2706 HARVARD AVE Duhamel-Parsons HouseFoley, Robert M. and Linda A., House
View1505 38TH AVE   
View914 24TH AVE   
View413 11TH AVE   
View216 10TH AVE   
View1310 E SPRING ST E   
View1102 13TH AVE   
View1122 13TH AVE   
View1114 13TH AVE   
View919 13TH AVE   
View914 13TH AVE   
View906 14TH AVE   
View817 17TH AVE   
View726 14TH AVE   
View732 14TH AVE   
View632 33RD AVE   
View2915 E CHERRY ST E   
View2913 E CHERRY ST E   
View736 32ND AVE   
View801 34TH AVE   
View1106 13TH AVE   
View924 13TH AVE   
View809 18TH AVE   
View719 19TH AVE   
View1814 E CHERRY ST E   
View702 18TH AVE   
View152 15TH AVE   
View1711 E SPRUCE ST E   
View142 30TH AVE   
View3535 E SPRUCE ST E   
View2512 E YESLER WAY E   
View2516 E YESLER WAY E   
View808 E SHELBY ST E Brady-Alexander HouseO'Donnell, Mathew and Catherine, House
View809 15TH AVE   
View810 17TH AVE   
View4126 BAKER AVE Phillip A. Olson House 
View4327 S MORGAN ST S   
View6036 S REDWING ST S   
View907 14TH AVE   
View927 15TH AVE   
View4847 S GRAHAM ST S   
View9570 S ROXBURY ST S   
View2629 E VALLEY ST E   
View2400 E VALLEY ST E   
View2419 E VALLEY ST E   
View809 24TH AVE   
View719 24TH AVE   
View311 29TH AVE   
View933 26TH AVE   
View1120 38TH AVE   
View1227 38TH AVE   
View3714 E UNION ST E   
View1406 37TH AVE   
View769 32ND AVE   
View528 30TH AVE   
View1709 39TH AVE   
View1510 E COLUMBIA ST E   
View4837 S ORCAS ST S   
View1727 MADRONA DR   
View3104 S IRVING ST S   
View3119 S DAY ST S   
View1416 31ST AVE   
View916 20TH AVE   
View2023 S DEARBORN ST S   
View1106 HIAWATHA PL   
View917 HIAWATHA PL   
View3936 S FERDINAND ST S   
View2600 E VALLEY ST E   
View2822 E HARRISON ST E   
View1415 37TH AVE   
View1128 25TH AVE   
View1108 25TH AVE   
View928 22ND AVE   
View1444 21ST AVE   
View1432 21ST AVE   
View935 21ST AVE   
View1639 21ST AVE   
View1649 21ST AVE   
View1512 19TH AVE   
View919 N 36TH ST N Greene-Stone House 
View1019 N 36TH ST N Oscar A. & Hulda Olson House 
View1023 N 36TH ST N August Lundgren Double House 
View1025 N 36TH ST N Nels A. Nelson/Elenora Barr House 
View1108 19TH AVE   
View907 16TH AVE   
View2519 E YESLER WAY E   
View731 28TH AVE   
View1425 32ND AVE   
View971 20TH AVE   
View917B 17TH AVE   
View352 17TH AVE   
View313 18TH AVE   
View3001 E DENNY WAY E   
View1829 27TH AVE   
View2514 E HOWELL ST E   
View2518 E HOWELL ST E   
View1611 E SPRING ST E   
View316 17TH AVE   
View1815 E JEFFERSON ST E   
View724 21ST AVE   
View224 24TH AVE   
View1407 31ST AVE   
View1127 36TH AVE   
View1137 36TH AVE   
View1130 36TH AVE   
View1108 24TH AVE   
View933 25TH AVE   
View1617 23RD AVE   
View931 21ST AVE   
View920 20TH AVE   
View930 20TH AVE   
View1438 20TH AVE   
View1475 20TH AVE   
View1473 20TH AVE   
View1413 20TH AVE   
View909 16TH AVE   
View1128 16TH AVE   
View1121 16TH AVE   
View933 30TH AVE   
View905 20TH AVE   
View1831 24TH AVE   
View302 NW 42ND ST NW   
View1516 MELROSE AVE nonenone
View1411 BELLEVUE AVE Lansdale ApartmentsNorthwest School
View1515 BELMONT AVE Winslow ApartmentsWinslow Apartments
View1633 14TH AVE  Capitol Apartments
View1512 SUMMIT AVE Beaumont ApartmentsSummit Arms Apartments
View414 NE 42nd ST NE Wedeen, N. A. HouseWedeen House
View3919 Burke AVE   
View917 18th AVE Unknown 
View1116-1118 5th AVE Unknown 
View1825 Queen Anne AVE UnknownVacant
View612 1st AVE Howard BuildingHoward Building
View1632 3rd AVE Unknown 
View828 S Thistle ST S Unknown 
View824 23rd AVE Unknown 
View1440 21st AVE Unknown 
View2123 13th AVE   
View2020 14th AVE   
View1106 Hiawatha PL Unknown 
View1323 3rd AVE Plumer, Frank & Eleanor, House 
View1617 Taylor AVE Reaper, A. M. HouseReaper/Benson House
View5719 18TH AVE Unknown 
View4514 Thackeray PL   
View2502 4th AVE   
View4208 Meridian AVE   
View3815 Densmore AVE   
View4006 Latona AVE   
View2712 SW 13TH AVE SW   
View6201 CARLETON AVE John and Bertha Mueller House 
View3851 S Angeline ST S Hutchison, Oscar and Carrie P., House 
View621 21st AVE Unknown 
View4604 Eastern AVE   
View4310 Bagley AVE   
View6207 CARLETON AVE Unknown 
View1763 NW 57th ST NW UnknownLiving Traditions Dance
View123 24th AVE Unknown 
View108 W Prospect ST W Miller, Mayor John Franklin, House 
View308 Prospect ST Mohundro, James, House 
View3519 Wallingford AVE North HouseNorth House
View1346 13th AVE   
View1906 N 44th ST N   
View1528 18th AVE Unknown 
View1703 31st AVE   
View319 W Dravus ST W Unknown 
View1639 S KING ST S Unknown 
View1414 W Dravus W   
View521 21st AVE Unknown 
View703 22nd AVE Unknown 
View2218 N 41st ST N Wheeler House 
View828 23rd AVE Unknown 
View4039 Whitman AVE   
View305 19th AVE Unknown 
View3664 Interlake AVE   
View2011 E Alder ST E Uknown 
View7467 Woodlawn AVE Minniemyer HouseMinniemyer House
View3428 Woodlawn AVE   
View4127 Eastern AVE   
View4715 Latona AVE   
View612 S FINDLAY ST S Reinsdorff House 
View1424 6th AVE Ladas House 
View1716 NW 60th ST NW Unknown 
View4324 Corliss AVE   
View4535 4th AVE   
View2019 24th AVE   
View814 S Thistle ST S Unknown 
View3219 S Byron ST S   
View1831 BROADWAY Avon ApartmentsCapitol Crest Apartments
View410 W Highland DR W Sayre, Willis, House 
View8116 8th AVE Unknown 
View5828 Woodlawn AVE Unknown 
View4406 Woodlawn AVE   
View2326 14th AVE Smith, E. House 
View4202 Wallingford AVE   
View4117 Whitman AVE Dailey/Kerr HouseDailey/Kerr House
View1545 12th AVE   
View5714 16TH AVE Ide Residence 
View1523 E Madison ST E UnknownUnknown
View3111 S DOSE TER S   
View1930 6th AVE   
View724 21st AVE Unknown 
View3815 S Ferdinand ST S Peirson, Van R. and Agnes, House 
View1621 N 39th ST N   
View3855 S Brandon ST S Sandquist HouseSandquist House
View404 W Highland W   
View4550 Latona AVE   
View4714 2nd AVE   
View4032 Burke AVE   
View1901 E Jefferson ST E Camdon ApartmentsCamdon Apartments
View1910 N 44th ST N   
View802 21st AVE Unknown 
View5514 Brooklyn AVE   
View5604 16TH AVE Case, Austin and Eva, House 
View2336 15th AVE Turner-Koepf HouseWash. State Fed. of Garden Clubs
View1412 34th AVE noneHi Spot Café
View904 17th AVE Unknown 
View6620 CARLETON AVE J. M. Hart House 
View517 21st AVE Unknown 
View7549 Sunnyside AVE Unknown 
View932 16th AVE Unknown 
View1509 E Mercer ST E FredoniaCanterbury's & 1 other
View4233 Thackeray PL   
View4757 36th AVE Rodia-Elliott House 
View916 N 36th ST N Goddard HouseDr. Patterson House
View14 W Lee W Unknown 
View3710 Wallingford AVE   
View2319 N 55th ST N   
View1554 NW 50th ST NW Dean HouseDean House
View4223 Woodland Park AVE Unknown 
View5619 16TH AVE Unknown 
View1056 S Sullivan ST S Unknown 
View520 W Kinnear PL W Marble HouseMarble/Lindsley House
View4229 3rd AVE Anderson, W.H. HouseAnderson House
View103 Highland DR Polson, Perry, HousePolson House
View739 S HOMER ST S  Spears-Piksa Residence
View1603 45th AVE Herran HouseHerren House
View6219 CARLETON AVE Dora Horton Ball Carle House 
View619 21st AVE Unknown 
View4012 Bagley AVE   
View4300 4th AVE   
View2153 4th AVE   
View4327 S Morgan ST S Wharton/Little HouseWharton/Little House
View4229 Bagley AVE   
View3934 Eastern AVE   
View4208 1st AVE   
View4320 Sunnyside AVE   
View1924 46th AVE Young HouseYoung House
View4023 2nd AVE Caselton HouseCaselton House
View1027 S Thistle ST S Unknown 
View6247 FLORA AVE August Faust House 
View109 23rd AVE Unknown 
View425 Eastlake AVE 425 Eastlake AvenueSommerfeld & Co.
View171 S Washington ST S McCowan Block (western structure)McCoy's Tavern
View4323 Meridian AVE   
View4625 Eastern AVE Bittman Residence 
View910 20TH AVE Unknown 
View1907 5th AVE Unknown 
View714 1st AVE Gross, Emma, House 
View4847 S GRAHAM ST S Phillips HousePhillips House
View2721 2nd AVE   
View906 20th AVE Unknown 
View2133 7th AVE Munson, Mark HouseMunson House
View1613 4TH AVE Kensley HouseKensley House
View1922 9th AVE   
View4000 Whitman AVE  Hope Bible Fellowship
View4020 1st AVE   
View103 23rd AVE Unknown 
View1033 S Thistle ST S Unknown 
View1607 10th AVE Unknown 
View919 17th AVE Unknown 
View536 18th AVE Unknown 
View1958 8th AVE   
View1017 S Cloverdale ST S Unknown 
View201 Yesler WAY Tyee SaloonCampbell Fuller Building
View107 23rd AVE Unknown 
View914 24th AVE Unknown 
View1822 N 55th ST N   
View6706 22nd AVE Bonkowski HouseBonkowski House
View1004 Boren AVE Stacy HouseUniversity Club
View619 W Blaine ST W Domogalla, Guy & Gertrude, House 
View1708 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View1109 17th AVE unknown 
View1728 E Madison ST E Morgan, N. E., House1728 Professional Building
View2204 E John ST E Anderson, Dorothy, House #2 
View1116 16th AVE unknown 
View119 24th AVE Unknown 
View6420 CARLETON AVE Peter Gessner/Dr. Corson HouseGeorgetown Castle
View1711 E Spruce ST E Unknown 
View1643 S KING ST S Unknown 
View4302 6TH AVE Unknown 
View1901 5th AVE   
View4117 Whitman AVE   
View1549 13th AVE   
View720 22nd AVE unknown 
View2202 E John ST E Anderson, Dorothy, House 
View1063 E Howe ST E unknown 
View1326 Lakeview BLVD Minzel, Marvin, House 
View411 E Thomas ST E Thomas ApartmentsThomas Park View Apartments
View504 E Denny WAY E St. Florence ApartmentsSt. Florence Apartments
View203 Bellevue AVE Bellevue ApartmentsChardonnay Apartments
View1733 Boylston AVE Naoma ApartmentsNaoma Apartments
View312 E Olive PL E El Dora ApartmentsLauren Renee Apartments
View2224-28 2nd AVE Wayne ApartmentsNoodle Ranch/Lava Lounge
View419 Denny WAY Rodeo CaféZeek's Pizza
View1416 ROY Schack, James H., House 
View304 26TH AVE   
View948 27TH AVE   
View923 27TH AVE   
View2716 E UNION ST E   
View823 24TH AVE   
View203 30TH AVE   
View2819 FRANKLIN AVE   
View2622 FRANKLIN AVE  Steinbrueck Residence
View1810 E FIR ST E   
View1814 E FIR ST E   
View106 MADRONA PL   
View119 39TH AVE   
View231 40TH AVE   
View1100 E FIR ST E   
View1108 E FIR ST E   
View903 14TH AVE   
View727 19TH AVE   
View1026 32ND AVE   
View1722 MADRONA DR   
View2540 34TH AVE   
View1438 22ND AVE   
View1421 20TH AVE   
View170 11TH AVE Star ApartmentsStar Apartments
View1527 BELMONT AVE SFRApartments
View1410 BELMONT AVE Hambach Rental HouseBelBoy Condominium
View2601 E GALER ST E   
View2314 E WARD ST E   
View9570 ROXBURY ST   
View4208 S ORCAS ST S   
View2617 E ALOHA ST E   
View1028 32ND AVE   
View4302 6TH AVE William & Margaret Sanders House 
View811 N 36TH ST N Mary L. Downie House 
View917 N 36TH ST N Sewell P. & Mary Stone House 
View356 29TH AVE   
View1426 21ST AVE   
View2524 E WARD ST E   
View930 24TH AVE   
View755 32ND AVE   
View3257 S EDMUNDS ST S   
View988 21ST AVE   
View921 22ND AVE   
View1447 20TH AVE   
View1437 20TH AVE   
View1412 19TH AVE   
View1120 16TH AVE   
View1124 16TH AVE   
View1129 16TH AVE   
View910 18TH AVE   
View934 18TH AVE   
View1811 E SPRING ST E   
View1415 E OLIVE ST E  Haines Apartments
View916 E PIKE ST E  Hayden Apartments
View1200 E PIKE ST E  1200 Pike Apartments
View1521 15TH AVE  Paramount Apartments
View1615 15TH AVE Bancroft ApartmentsBancroft Apartments
View5719 16TH AVE Unknown 
View2046 NW 62ND ST NW  
View913 NW 64TH ST NW  
View7530 13TH AVE  
View3008 NW 58TH ST NW  
View1527 NW 64TH ST NW  
View919 TAYLOR AVE  
View1531 NW 62ND ST NW  
View923 TAYLOR AVE  
View520 VALLEY ST   
View2002 NW 60TH ST NW  
View2044 NW 62ND ST NW  
View3002 NW 58TH ST NW  
View6512 25TH AVE  
View3208 NW 59TH ST NW  
View516 VALLEY ST  
View522 VALLEY ST  
View567 VALLEY ST  
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