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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1024 S KING ST S  Acme Poultry Warehouse
View605 8TH AVE   
View72 S ATLANTIC ST S Fortune TransferFortune Transfer
View1034 S KING ST S  Acme Poultry Warehouse
View1003 6TH AVE Armour Company WarehousePFI Warehouse
View2900 1ST AVE Glaser Beverages IncorporatedWestern Foil Corporation
View4786 1ST AVE Sears & Roebuck WarehouseSears & Others
View5047 COLORADO AVE 5047 Colorado Ave S5047 Colorado Ave S/ Northcoast Refrigeration
View135 S BRANDON ST S Harnischfleger CorporationLa Baguette Partners
View44 S NEVADA ST S Seattle Warehouse CompanyTerminal 106, Warehouses 1 & 2
View4130 1ST AVE 4132 1st Ave SUrban Enoteca/ Impex
View3414 4TH AVE LePac CorporationCommercial Plastics
View555 S LANDER ST S National Transfer/ The General Tire and Rubber Co.Hilti/ Praxair
View3300 4TH AVE Unknown (3300 4th Ave S)Pittman Automotive Service
View2200 6TH AVE Colorado Fuel & Iron CorporationTotal Reclaim Inc.
View3300 6TH AVE United TerminalsAlaskan Copper Works
View2401 AIRPORT WAY Tricoach Superior-buses/ Newell BrothersDuke's Truck Rental
View2505 AIRPORT AVE The Fuller Brush CompanyJohnstone Supply
View2100 AIRPORT WAY Motor Parts MachineDeWalt Factory Service
View2548 AIRPORT WAY Bearing (?) Engineering & Supply CompanySanderson Safety Supply Co.
View4100 4TH AVE The Commission Company, (wholesale grocery)Merlino Foods
View4450 4TH AVE Zidell's of SeattleLeDuc Packaging/ City MVG Systems-United Van Lines
View3614 4TH AVE Commercial Steel Treaters, Inc.Trader Marx-Dwinell's/ K T Building Supplt Inc.
View3707 AIRPORT WAY 3707 Airport WayPeterbilt
View818 S DAKOTA ST S G & H Investment CorporationTrade-Marx Sign & Displat Corporation
View21 S NEVADA ST S Sunshine BiscuitsHabitat for Humanity, Seattle, King County/ Home Improvement Outlet
View20 S IDAHO ST S E. H. Edwards Company/ Fraser Import CompanyFiberlay Company/
View16 S IDAHO ST S Behr-Manning CorporationSTC Industries
View12 S IDAHO ST S Keystone Steel & Wire CompanyGeorge S/ Schuster Company
View3801 E MARGINAL WAY E  Ash Grove Cement Company
View5053 E MARGINAL WAY E Jordan Terminal- Interstate Transit CompanySno-Pac Products
View2901 UTAH AVE Alaska Junk Company -officeWashington Chain & Supply Company, (testing facilities)
View2901 UTAH AVE Unknown Washington Chain & Supply Company
View2915 UTAH AVE Alaska Junk CompanyWashington Chain & Supply Company -(Order/Wii call)
View1900 OCCIDENTAL AVE Associated Grocers Co-opEdward International-Kasala Outlet
View2228 OCCIDENTAL AVE Ocoma Brands/ McCauley's Incorporated2228 Occidental Ave S
View2737 4TH AVE All Bearing Service IncorporatedMarshall Walton Design Group
View2743 4TH AVE North Coast Seed Co. -Cutler HammerHD Holiday Decor
View1964 4TH AVE Washington Furniture Manufacturing Co.Pacific Coast Feather Co.
View1915 4TH AVE Do All Nella Knives
View2227 4TH AVE Veterinary HospitalAnimal Hospital
View3901 AIRPORT WAY 3901 Airport Way C S Company/ Goodyear
View270 S HANFORD ST S Hullen Transfer CompanyHullin Building
View2418 AIRPORT WAY Lee & EastesLee & Eastes/Tube Art
View1124 EASTLAKE AVE Felder Shoe Co. FactoryBuffalo Building
View1165 EASTLAKE AVE Washington Laundry Co.The Lab
View300 8TH AVE United Parcel Service Garage/Warehouse 
View1220 Republican ST 1220 Republican Street1220 Republican Street
View1175 Harrison ST Mastercraft Metal FinishingMastercraft Metal Inc.
View3815 5th AVE Freeway Hall 
View3800 Latona AVE  Dunn Lumber Company
View202 1st AVE Brunswick Balke Collender Company/ Buttnick BuildingButtnick Building
View420 YALE AVE Northwest Electric CompanySeattle Wholesale Floral
View815 HARRISON ST 815 Harrison St815 Harrison St
View3815 4th AVE  Stone Press Editions, Layne Kleinary Studio
View312 9th AVE "Light Manufacturing Building for Coolidge and Andrews"Krekow Jennings Inc, General Contractors
View3511 Interlake AVE  A & B Auto Parts
View123 S Jackson ST S Seattle Transfer Company/ Scientific SuppliesJackson Square Building
View113 Dexter AVE 113 Dexter Avenue NorthKEXP Radio
View316 Alaskan WAY Terminal GarageOld Seattle Parking Garage
View633 Post AVE New Post Station, Seattle Steam CompanyNew Post Station, Seattle Steam Company
View509 Northlake WAY   
View3801 Latona AVE  Dunn Lumber
View1250 DENNY WAY Northcoast Transportation CompanyGreyhound Bus Garage
View1015 REPUBLICAN ST Warehouse for the J. M. Colman Company/ F. B. Connelly Lake Union BuildingConnelly Building/ Seattle Lithographics Building
View303 NE Northlake WAY NE Ward's Cove Packing CompanyAlyeska Seafoods
View619 Post AVE Old Post Station, Seattle Steam CompanyOld Post Station, Steam Plant
View1260 Harrison ST Warehouse for Howard S. Wright ConstructionNew Discovery School
View Washington Street and Alaskan Way Harbor Entrance PergolaWashington Street Boat Landing Harbor Pergola
View1810 Boren ST unknown (1810 Boren Street)parking garage
View1828 Yale AVE Industrial Electric CompanyHerman's Auto Repair
View1907 7th AVE "Parking Lot for Vance Lumber Company," Hotel Vance parking garageHotel Max parking garage
View1832 Yale AVE Havlick's Auto Rebuildvacant/ Orion Youth Center
View1918 Minor AVE Haloid XeroxKroesen's
View719 4th AVE Grand Central Garage 
View2110 Western AVE Medill Auto RepairEwing and Clark Incorporated
View1003 Alaskan WAY Pier 3Pier 54
View1301 Alaskan WAY Pier 6/ John B. Agen Dock/ The Milwaukee PierPier 57
View1201 Alaskan WAY Pier 4Pier 55
ViewBuilding 619 Bus Shelter 
View3131 Western AVE Northwest Industries BuildingNorthwest Work Lofts
View617 S DEARBORN ST S Pomerelle Company WarehousePacific Fish Company Warehouse
View520 12TH AVE  Wan Le Auto Service
View14 S IDAHO ST S Palmer G. Lewis BuildingR2R Investments LLC/ J. C. Wright Sales
View1900 AIRPORT AVE Charter ConstructionSODO Building LLC
View2701 4TH AVE 2701 4th Ave SBig O Tires
View1235 WESTLAKE AVE Walter R. Hinkley Machine Shop Building 
View1563 6TH AVE 1565 6th Ave South, (warehouse owned by C. H. Frye)RE. PC
View4400 4TH AVE Totem Distribution Co./ Totem Wholesale Hardware Co.Carpet Liquidators/ Lennox/ Trane Parts Center
View5409 OHIO AVE Utilities Warehouse Inc.Western Utilities/Terminal (Marine/Comm Fish)
View2935 UTAH AVE Ederer Engineering CompanyEderer Incorporated
View2749 4TH AVE Lakeridge Supply CompanyFuzzy Wuzzy/ Diamond Cleaning Services
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