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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View4131 51ST AVE   
View819 BOYLSTON AVE Marion ClinicBoylston Building, Swedish Medical Center
View900 BOYLSTON AVE unknownSt. Joseph's Baby Center
View1251 1ST AVE UnknownCarpet Exchange
View2265 1ST AVE National Bank of Commerce (branch bank)Evergreen Home Loan
View2764 1ST AVE Seattle First National Bank (branch bank)Bank of America (branch bank)
View3434 1ST AVE Viking Automatic Sprinkler CompanyViking Automatic Sprinkler Company
View135 S BRANDON ST S Harnischfleger CorporationLa Baguette Partners
View1924 4TH AVE Lincoln Moving & Storage, Alaska Orient Van LinesStoneway Electric Supply
View1919 6TH AVE Graybar Electric CompanyGraybar Electric Company
View2233 6TH AVE Westinghouse Electric Corporation/WescoWesco
View2901 6TH AVE Langendorf United BakeriesFranz Family Bakeries
View3223 6TH AVE Alaska Copper & Brass Co.Alaska Copper & Brass Co.
View1930 6TH AVE Taylor Edwards Warehouse Transfer CompanyTaylor Edwards
View600 S SPOKANE ST S Scientific Supplies CompanyConsolidated Press
View625 S LANDER ST S Mill & MIne Supply Co./ Polson Implement Co.Contract Fixtures, Supermarket Services
View2535 AIRPORT WAY Equipment Engineers/ "826 Lander St"American Trailer Repair
View220 S DAWSON ST S Truck and Coach Division, General MotorsGeneral Electric / Hudson Bay Insulation
View655 S ANDOVER ST S Sinclair & ValentineModelwerks
View710 S LUCILE ST S Colombo Supply CompanyStone-Drew Ashe and Jones Building
View5300 DENVER AVE Kraft Foods/ Aronson Industrial SupplyAronson-Campbell Supply
View3667 1ST AVE Johnson Wax ProductsFantagraphics Books
View3404 4TH AVE Union Carbide and Carbon CompanyGull Industries - Washington Policy Center
View2940 6TH AVE M J B (coffee?)Sherwin-Williams Paints
View3300 6TH AVE United TerminalsAlaskan Copper Works
View2415 AIRPORT WAY Chain Belt Co.Nordstrom Catering
View2100 AIRPORT WAY Motor Parts MachineDeWalt Factory Service
View2548 AIRPORT WAY Bearing (?) Engineering & Supply CompanySanderson Safety Supply Co.
View5055 4TH AVE 5055 4th Ave SHertz Equipment Rental
View8 S IDAHO PKY S The Automatic Sprinkler CompanySpud!
View2401 UTAH AVE Sears & Roebuck & Co., (Seattle store)Starbucks SODO Center
View241 S LANDER ST S Star MachineryPacific Galleries Antique Mall
View2743 4TH AVE North Coast Seed Co. -Cutler HammerHD Holiday Decor
View2323 AIRPORT WAY S & W Fine FoodsPacific Food Importers
View2520 AIRPORT WAY Cummins Diesel Sales CorporationPhelps Tire Company
View2326 AIRPORT WAY Lee & Eastes (office & freight terminal)Honolulu Freight Service
View3663 1ST AVE Midtown Inventory CompanyQFC Maintenance Center
View205 S BRANDON ST S Williams Machine WorksWilliam Machine Fab. Inc.
View211 NW 49TH ST NW   
View18 Highland DR Strom, Roy E., House 
View318 Fairview AVE Bricklayers' Building International Union #2Bricklayers' Building
View410 Elliot AVE UnknownNeo Rx Corporation
View3616 S Genesee ST S UnknownGenesee Fuel Co.
View3211 W McGraw ST W United States Post OfficeUnited States Post Office
View2215 34th AVE   
View221 Minor 219-223 Minor Ave. N / Drotning Dental LaboratoryRetail Lock Box
View4636-4640 22nd AVE Unknown 
View424 MINOR AVE Nebar Supply Co.Nebar Supply Co.
View210 BOREN AVE Boren Building Boren Building
View327-333 2nd AVE UnknownThe J. Wm. C. Building
View100 W MERCER ST W National Bank of Commerce, Queen Anne BranchBank Of America
View309 9TH AVE 309 9th Avenue NorthSoilsoup/
View2809 26th AVE   
View2910 Rainier AVE UnknownUS Bank
View702 2nd AVE Hamrick Apartments 
View300 Dexter AVE Wilderman RefrigerationLost Luggage/ Wilderman Refrigeration
View5706 17th AVE UnknownUnited States Post Office
View3100 Rainier AVE UnknownWells Fargo Bank
View5908 Roosevelt WAY Unknown 
View215 8th AVE Office Building for J. Lister HolmesHolly Press
View300 3rd AVE Norway CenterThe Mountaineers
View230 Fairview AVE Machenheimer Bldg for Social Security AdministrationCascade Natural Gas (office building)
View217 9th AVE V. Savinoff Furniture Studio/ Owen HampsonBanya
View321 15th AVE UnknownKey Bank
View3701 Woodlawn AVE   
View115-117 W Mercer ST W UnknownRadio Shack
View125-127 W Mercer ST W UnknownSpic'n Span Cleaners
View2300-2308 NE 54th ST NE   
View815 4th AVE Seattle Public Schools Administrative Buildingsame
View5223 22nd AVE Unknown 
View601 Broadway UnknownSwedish Medical Center Annex
View5015 Ravenna AVE Unknown 
View305 9TH AVE 305 9th Avenue NSoilsoup
View1255 Harrison ST Central Supply Center for Seattle School District #1Evergreen Wholesale Florist
View4600 Sunnyside AVE Swede Baptist Church (?)Elim Baptist Church
View4414 Woodland Park AVE Western Washington Corporation of Seventh Day AdventistsAmerican Heart Association
View5431 32nd AVE Jerry Dean Court ApartmentsNorthwest Senior Center
View215 W Harrison ST W UnknownPemco Technology Services Inc.
View223 8th AVE West Coast Conditioned Air/ West Coast Heating and Plumbing CompanyBernard Imports Bodyworks
View8535 Phinney AVE UnknownShamrock Group
View118 Dexter AVE Parks Department HeadquartersSeattle Parks Department Headquarters
View1167 Mercer ST Messenger SignsMessenger Signs
View5500 Phinney AVE Woodland Park Zoo Administration BuildingARC
View2714 12th AVE   
View3634 Burke AVE   
View216 9th AVE A-One Ornamental Iron WorksA-One Ornamental Iron Works
View4333 Densmore AVE   
View430-26 YALE AVE O. E. Turnquist Construction CompanyPilchuk Glass Admin. Office & Caresource
View3705 Woodlawn AVE   
View309 8TH AVE 309 8th Ave N/ West Coast Quilt Neet Inc.309 8th Ave N/Woodworking Building
View1401 Madison UnknownSwedish Family Medicine
View430 E Howell ST E UnknownOlive Terrace & 3 others
View410 Elliot AVE UnknownNeo Rx Coporation
View2633 Eastlake AVE UnknownEastlake Professional Center
View705 2nd AVE Halmark Apartments 
View101 Broadway U. S. Post OfficeU. S. Post Office
View1600 E Boston TER E Nichols Jr., Percival & Loyal, House 
View1264 Eastlake AVE Steinhart, Theriault & Anderson (1956)Unknown
View127 MERCER ST Thurmond BuildingPacific Desserts & Family Custom Tailoring
View405 Fairview AVE Addressograph Multigraph AgencyScanner
View321-323 1st AVE UnknownHecker & Felberg Legal Escrow & Kenneth Selanger Jr. Attorney
View1932 9th AVE Unknown (1932 9th)Print Time
View1918 Minor AVE Haloid XeroxKroesen's
View1914 Minor AVE M. J. Glerup CompanyAdvance Marking Systems
View1100 Olive WAY Smith Gandy Ford Building1100 Olive Building, Targeted Genetics
View1915 Terry AVE The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph CompanyQwest Communications
View301 Union ST United States Post OfficeDowntown Post Office
View1400 5th AVE Logan Building 
View801 2nd AVE Norton Building 
View910 5th AVE Washington Education Association 
View2333 Western AVE Marine Firemen's Union BuildingTabella
View55 Bell ST International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots, Seattle, Washington (Union Hall)Art Institute of Seattle, Industrial Design Technology
View2701 2nd AVE Keuffel & Esservacant
View325 Denny WAY Fidelity Savings & LoanWells Fargo Bank
View2217 3rd AVE Northwest Acceptance Corporationvacant
View2306-10 4th AVE Nu Blue Cleaner/Western GrocerySeattle Micro
View3000 1st AVE Friedman Lodge & BlockMaxwell Chiropractic
View2620 3rd AVE Musicians' Club of SeattleMusicians' Association
View301 Broad ST Pacific Mutual Life InsuranceCar-Toys
View2221 5th AVE Royal TypewriterMarvin Stein & Associates
View2401 3rd AVE National Bank of CommerceUS Bank
View2450 6TH AVE Industrial Transfer & StorageIndustrial Transfer Warehouse
View4150 1ST AVE Pacific Metal Company Daniel Smith Fine Art Supplies
View14 S IDAHO ST S Palmer G. Lewis BuildingR2R Investments LLC/ J. C. Wright Sales
View2724 4TH AVE Newell Brothers/ Overall LaundryCabinets and Granite
View2922 6TH AVE NW Motor Parts Corp.Zeppelin Studio/ Brake & Clutch Supply
View2015 AIRPORT WAY "Office & warehouse for Carl Belmont,"/ Burke Concrete AccessoriesPhil Smart Auto Repair
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