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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View1212 S KING ST S Hokubei Butokukai Seattle ShibuNissei Veterans Hall (NVC Hall)
View612 7TH AVE   
View2905 4TH AVE Schuck's Auto SupplyLighting Design Lab
View2010 AIRPORT WAY Coast Equipment CompanyIsland Dog Sign Company
View5319 1ST AVE Loyal Fuel & LumberBellan Construction
View520 WESTLAKE AVE Jafco Co. StoreGuitar Center
View1821 6th AVE The Kai Lee 
View707 W Bertona W Unknown 
View3401 21st AVE   
View4200 Latona AVE   
View1208 W Bertona W Unknown 
View4232 Midvale AVE   
View915 1st AVE Unknown 
View2428 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View1245 Bigelow AVE   
View1215 W Ruffner ST W Unknown 
View862 W Etruria ST W   
View301 Galer ST Unknown 
View3706 S RIDGEWAY PL S   
View524 Highland DR Clifwood Apartments 
View2526 8th AVE Unknown 
View3229 7th AVE Unknown 
View3303 8th Unknown 
View1000 Queen Anne AVE Fairview Apartments 
View1919 5th AVE   
View1103 Bigelow AVE   
View21 W Armour W   
View3301 8th AVE   
View901 3rd AVE   
View700 W Raye ST W Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Office 
View1001 1st AVE   
View2514 11th AVE Unknown 
View2920 11th AVE   
View2406 10th AVE Unknown 
View316-320 Aloha Unknown 
View3254 11th AVE Unknown 
View4520 Sunnyside AVE   
View814 W Armour ST W Unknown 
View3407 21st AVE   
View2561-2563 4th AVE Unknown 
View2917 9th AVE Unknown 
View2403-2405 1st AVE   
View4227 4th AVE   
View3341 9th Unknown 
View2229 12th AVE Unknown 
View3028 10th AVE   
View327 Eastlake AVE Washington Teachers’ Credit UnionPemco Annex
View2268 14th AVE   
View3335 8th Unknown 
View1212 N Midvale PL N  Wallingford Chiropractic
View3214 8th Unknown 
View4407 POWELL PL   
View3647-3649 13th Unknown 
View2821 10th AVE Unknown 
View3433 10th Unknown 
View307 Newell   
View360 - 360 1/2 Queen Anne DR Unknown 
View815 W Cremona W Unknown 
View1017 W Ruffner ST W Unknown 
View3047 13th Unknown 
View3333 9th AVE Unknown 
View3257 12th Unknown 
View223 Kinnear PL   
View3317 9th AVE Unknown 
View3326 9th   
View510 W Highland W Unknown 
View709 W Dravus W Unknown 
View1133 Bigelow AVE   
View3411 21st AVE   
View829 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View3050 11th Unknown 
View3206 11th AVE Unknown 
View3655 13th Dixie Jo 
View200 Aloha ST   
View4245 11th AVE   
View1909 32nd AVE   
View730 W Etruria W Unknown 
View319 W Olympic W   
View2126 11th AVE Unknown 
View2101 7th AVE Olympic View 
View2571 Westview DR Unknown 
View1946-1948 8th AVE   
View702 W Etruria W Unknown 
View471 W Prospect W   
View3429 10th Unknown 
View800 W Fulton W Unknown 
View1515-1517 6th AVE   
View2716 Mayfair AVE   
View2268 14th AVE   
View426 Wheeler ST Unknown 
View2708 Nob Hill AVE   
View114 W Kinnear W Unknown 
View1927 7th AVE Unknown 
View811 W Bertona W Unknown 
View3222 10th AVE Unknown 
View1501 1st AVE Unknown 
View2608 10th AVE Unknown 
View716 W Etruria W Unknown 
View827 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View3312 8th   
View115 Raye ST Unknown 
View526 Prospect   
View3306 9th AVE   
View206 Highland DR   
View3457 13th AVE   
View3239 Conkling PL   
View500 FAIRVIEW AVE 500-508 Fairview Ave. N.Youth Resource Center (Div. of Juvenile Rehabilitation)
View2140 9th AVE   
View3003 8th AVE Unknown 
View2527 7th AVE Unknown 
View1403 W Dravus W Unknown 
View703 W Bertona W Unknown 
View1215 Warren AVE Unknown 
View3240 12th AVE   
View201 NE 40th ST NE University ArmsUniversity Arms Apartments
View1925 7th AVE Unknown 
View2217 Nob Hill AVE   
View1200 5th AVE Unknown 
View1212 5th AVE Lakecrest Apartments 
View3347 9th Unknown 
View801 McGraw Unknown 
View1425 Willard AVE Unknown 
View3011 10th Unknown 
View512 Galer ST Unknown 
View900 W Barrett W   
View911 1st AVE The Muse 
View715 W Etruria W Unknown 
View3100 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View3227 CASCADIA AVE   
View3311 9th AVE Unknown 
View1017 W Newell ST W   
View302 Halladay Unknown 
View3205 8th Unknown 
View2200 1st AVE   
View717 W Cremona ST W   
View2135 6th AVE   
View1937 W Gilman DR W Unknown 
View2656 10th AVE Unknown 
View1937 10th AVE Unknown 
View3223 7th AVE Unknown 
View2103 4th AVE Unknown 
View3227 Conkling PL   
View2610 10th AVE Unknown 
View3448 11th AVE Unknown 
View2272 Gilman DR Unknown 
View1243 5th AVE Unknown 
View729 W Dravus ST W   
View2401 S WALKER ST S   
View3301 9th AVE   
View802 W Etruria W Unknown 
View1218 W Dravus ST W Unknown 
View701 W Dravus W Unknown 
View4017 Latona AVE   
View1905-1907 7th AVE   
View703 W Etruria W Unknown 
View2249 13th AVE Unknown 
View717 W Dravus ST W Unknown 
View2704 Mayfair AVE   
View100 W Kinnear W Stone Cliff Court 
View2710 Warren AVE Unknown 
View309 W Kinnear PL W Unknown 
View 15th AVE University of Washington Alumni House 
View835 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View213 Kinnear PL   
View412 Smith Unknown 
View709 W Cremona ST W   
View842 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View505 W Kinnear PL W   
View929 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View225 Ward ST Unknown 
View33 Galer ST UnknownTop O' the Stairs
View3017 13th Unknown 
View739 W Etruria W Unknown 
View702 W Dravus W Unknown 
View814 W Armour ST W Unknown 
View735 W Florentia PL W Unknown 
View711 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View1818 6th AVE Unknown 
View3233 Conkling PL   
View2106-2108 8th AVE   
View2142 6th AVE   
View3202 11th AVE Unknown 
View839 W Etruria ST W   
View3530 Wallingford AVE   
View900 Queen Anne AVE   
View1310 Bigelow AVE Unknown 
View510 Lee ST Unknown 
View360 Newell AVE Unknown 
View1924 6th AVE Unknown 
View301-307 Lee ST Unknown 
View733 W Dravus ST W Unknown 
View3246 11th AVE Unknown 
View850 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View2602 4th AVE Unknown 
View3007 10th   
View119-125 W Kinnear W Unknown 
View2237-2239 14th AVE Unknown 
View14 W Armour W Unknown 
View4303 11th AVE   
View2585-2587 Nob Hill AVE   
View1100 5th AVE Unknown 
View650 W Cremona W Unknown 
View330 W Roy W  330 Roy Condominium
View3008 10th Unknown 
View1223 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View1950-1952 9th AVE   
View2400 8th AVE   
View2222 Gilman DR   
View3447 13th AVE   
View414 PONTIUS AVE Office Building for Howard WrightFrontier Geosciences
View3811 13th Unknown 
View1000 Denny WAY Peck and Hills Furniture Company & Baxley Dress Manufacturing Company"Mart Bldg/ Seattle Times/ Telecoms/ 13 Coins"
View424 W Wheeler ST W Unknown 
View2705 Warren AVE Unknown 
View719 W Lee ST W Magnuson, Warren & Jermaine, House 
View468-469 Galer ST Unknown 
View3447 12th AVE Unknown 
View3228 8th Unknown 
View1402 N 46th ST N   
View3118 8th AVE Unknown 
View310 W Blaine ST W   
View833 W Etruria ST W   
View2220 5th AVE Unknown 
View4436 11th AVE   
View1121 Bigelow AVE   
View806 W Bothwell W Unknown 
View723 W Dravus W Unknown 
View2655 8th AVE Unknown 
View110-112 W Kinnear W Unknown 
View512 W Barrett ST W Seattle Pacific College House 
View3310 9th AVE Unknown 
View312 Blaine ST Unknown 
View3327 9th Unknown 
View607 W Garfield W Unknown 
View2811 S MCCLELLAN ST S   
View4338 12th AVE   
View405 Lynn ST   
View2916 5th AVE Unknown 
View814 W Cremona W   
View210 NE 40th ST NE   
View805 W Cremona W Unknown 
View168 Ward ST   
View856 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View2100 25th AVE   
View900 Nob Hill AVE 900 Nob Hill 
View823 W Cremona W Unknown 
View323 Ward Unknown 
View373 Highland DR   
View1021 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View3017 13th Unknown 
View818 W Crockett W Sky View 
View711 W Bertona ST W Unknown 
View3442 14th AVE   
View743 W Etruria ST W Unknown 
View3044 11th AVE Unknown 
View118 W Kinnear W Unknown 
View3247 12th Unknown 
View372 Aloha ST Unknown 
View3295 Conkling PL   
View417 Highland DR Unknown 
View1100 Olive WAY Smith Gandy Ford Building1100 Olive Building, Targeted Genetics
View1816 8 AVE Martin's Home Furnishings (1940s), Seattle ArtOlive 08 (real estate)
View2113 First AVE 2113 First Avenue/ The Shamrock Hotel/ "Store Building for Mrs. O'Leary"Continental Furniture
View114-132 12th AVE Heather CourtHeather Court
View1555 Lakeview BLVD C& K ApartmentsLake View Apartments
View2800 1st AVE Seattle Labor TempleSeattle Labor Temple
View312 BOREN AVE  Tru Line Fram & Wheel
View2530 E MILLER ST E Haldane Residence09 Ephram Residence
View1910 E LOUISA ST E 05 Woerman Residence
View2021 E NEWTON ST E 36 Weir Residence
View1956 26TH AVE Watkins Residence 47 Rooney residence
View1515 E CALHOUN ST E Residence18 Mulhair-Lee Residence
View5420 BALLARD AVE Glenn J. Twigg BuildingEidem Upholstery
View4200 SW EDMUNDS ST SW BankU.S. Bank
View2101 22ND AVE Spier Residence36 Nichols Residence
View2001 E MILLER ST E Abernathy Residence14 Varriale Residence
View205 2ND AVE Rectory, Sacred Hearth Catholic Church 
View199 THOMAS ST Sacred Heart Catholic ChurchSacred Heart Catholic Church
View2600 HARVARD AVE Thomas, Cheryl K. and Lane, Theodore, House 
View2730 10TH AVE Watson, Fred B. and Martha S., HouseRamsy, Karen S. and Shearer, Jane M., House
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