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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View300 14TH AVE  Operation Nightwatch Apartments
View105 14TH AVE St. George HotelSeattle Urban Leage
View1309 DEXTER AVE The DexterDexter Apartments
View900 E Pine ST E Boone & Company PontiacBlick's Art Supplies
View223 Yesler WAY Frye HotelFrye Hotel
View410 Stewart ST Tyee BuildingCentennial Building
View4136 Meridian AVE Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company Melrose ExchangeArtists' Apartments & Studio Space
View618 2nd AVE Alaska BuildingAlaska Building
View Pioneer PL Pergola/ Comfort StationPergola
View603 Pontius AVE The CarltonThe Carlton
View110 S Prefontaine PL S Prefontaine BuildingPrefontaine Building
View400 Yesler WAY City Hall/ Public Safety BuildingYesler Building
View305 2nd AVE Fire Station # 10Fire Station # 2
View512 2nd AVE Florence Theater/ Paris Theater512 2nd Avenue
View3610 Wallingford AVE Don Roberts Apartments 
View1118 5th AVE YWCA Building 
View601 Stewart ST Lloyd BuildingLloyd Building
View922 Virginia ST Garage Building for William Fransenparking garage
View2120 Westlake AVE Unknown (2120 Westake)Denni Deli
View2030 8 AVE Store and Loft Building for George L. SeibertCosmopolitan Motors
View1800 8th AVE Bonair Apartments (1808-12 8th Avenue)Ray and Bonair Apartments (1800 8th Avenue)
View619 3rd AVE Rector Hotel / Governor HotelSt. Charles Hotel
View1200 3rd AVE Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. Building 
View2011 5th AVE Sheridan Apartments 
View2000 2nd AVE Calhoun HotelPalladian Apartments
View1519 3rd AVE Fischer Studio Building 
View1904 3rd AVE Securities Building 
View410 4th AVE Crouley Building / Reynolds Hotel 
View1124 PIKE ST Packard SeattleUtrecht Art Supplies
View22 JOHN ST Avalon ApartmentsAvalon Cooperative
View119 W ROY ST W Chandler Hall 
View25 ROY Del RoyDel Roy
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