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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View2317 E ALDER ST E   
View812 E GWINN PL E   
View2316 FRANKLIN AVE   
View2909 E CHERRY ST E   
View211 20TH AVE   
View716 39TH AVE   
View1315 E MARION ST E   
View737 33RD AVE   
View810 19TH AVE   
View1619 E COLUMBIA ST E   
View2411 E HELEN ST E   
View2366 BOYER AVE   
View830 17TH AVE   
View3212 E SPRUCE ST E   
View5014 45TH AVE   
View4125 49TH AVE   
View4613 48TH AVE   
View9022 S VALDEZ ST S   
View8316 BEACON AVE   
View4508 46TH AVE   
View9839 62ND AVE   
View1247 S KING ST S   
View4407 2ND AVE   
View4003 1ST AVE   
View4428 46TH AVE   
View2400 E VALLEY ST E   
View2419 E VALLEY ST E   
View330 24TH AVE   
View927 25TH AVE   
View1420 GRAND AVE   
View769 32ND AVE   
View619 32ND AVE   
View615 32ND AVE   
View613 32ND AVE   
View524 30TH AVE   
View830 30TH AVE   
View1633 39TH AVE   
View4511 LINDEN AVE John E. & Lottie M. Gabriel House 
View1109 N 47TH ST N Mary Haggerty House  
View1514 35TH AVE   
View162 14TH AVE   
View3206 E TERRACE ST E   
View1727 MADRONA DR   
View1733 MADRONA DR   
View3617 E UNION ST E   
View1101 36TH AVE   
View4126 50TH AVE   
View112 N BOWDOIN PL N Arthur W. & Goldie Sprague House 
View815 33RD AVE   
View4007 DAYTON AVE Pacific Finance Co. House 
View4221 DAYTON AVE Charles I. Anderson House 
View4337 EVANSTON AVE Jorgen H. & Lulu Clausen House 
View982 21ST AVE   
View5533 20TH AVE   
View5529 18TH AVE   
View1402 S BENNETT ST S   
View4231 GREENWOOD AVE Albert W. Tallman House 
View922 N 49TH ST N Michael J. & Rose Campbell HouseTom Veith House
View1101 23RD AVE   
View3917 S HUDSON ST S   
View1621 GRAND AVE   
View925 25TH AVE   
View518 19TH AVE   
View123 25TH AVE   
View3120 E UNION ST E   
View1407 31ST AVE   
View3008 E SPRING ST E   
View762 30TH AVE   
View722 N 49TH ST N Robert A. Elllis House  
View342 NW 49TH ST NW Oscar T. Scheller House 
View111 N 50TH ST N Herbert A. & Eleanor Ward House 
View807 N 50TH ST N Charles M & Viola Neth House 
View115 NW 50TH ST NW Joseph Kehrmann House 
View118 S BRANDON ST S 118 Brandon St118 S Brandon St
View1127 35TH AVE   
View1108 24TH AVE   
View933 25TH AVE   
View503 31ST AVE   
View500 N 43RD ST N   
View109 N 50TH ST N   
View127 N 50TH ST N   
View4010 WHITMAN AVE   
View800 E DENNY WAY E unknownunknown
View423 N 47TH ST N   
View611 N 48TH ST N   
View719 HIGHLAND DR J. N. Reuter House  
View2502 LYNN ST  Muktarian Residence
View2510 E LYNN ST E Anderson Residence
View2514 E LYNN ST E Jacques Residence
View2532 E LYNN ST E Looney Residence
View2507 E MCGRAW ST E Kimball Residence
View2521 E MCGRAW ST E Hoppe Residence
View2001 E MCGRAW ST E Carriker Residence
View2317 22ND AVE Viola-Billey Residence
View2512 24TH AVE Eck Residence
View2421 E LOUISA ST E Hubbell Residence
View2428 E MILLER ST E Delay Residence
View2201 E ROANOKE ST E Nickles Residence
View2216 E LOUISA ST E Rhee Residence
View330 NE 54th ST NE   
View4740 4th AVE   
View2111 8th AVE Unknown 
View1420 S Cloverdale ST S Unknown 
View2531 1st AVE Unknown 
View5054 7th AVE Unknown 
View2905 2nd AVE   
View441 Smith ST   
View1614 3rd AVE Unknown 
View2215 Bigelow AVE   
View2429 3rd Unknown 
View5331 8th AVE Unknown 
View5108 Meridian AVE   
View1618 29th AVE Unknown 
View3102 35th AVE   
View3409 13th AVE Unknown 
View2624 Eastlake AVE UnknownWashington Legal Escrow, LLC
View4233 Corliss AVE   
View8007 8th AVE Unknown 
View5217 18TH AVE Unknown 
View2915 Warren AVE Unknown 
View5224 19TH AVE Unknown 
View3828 CHEASTY BLVD   
View2404 Nob Hill AVE   
View209 NE 47th ST NE   
View503 W McGraw ST W   
View4747 4th AVE   
View1613-1615 10th AVE Unknown 
View3332 HUNTER BLVD   
View1951 3rd AVE Mise House 
View6905 Seward Park AVE Unknown 
View4335 Burke AVE   
View202 NE 47th ST NE   
View3327 HUNTER BLVD   
View6417 FLORA AVE Charles A. and Marie Sprinkle House 
View901 NE 60th ST NE Unknown 
View6443 FLORA AVE Bernard Giancoli House 
View700 N 50th ST N Woodland Park Zoo Maintenance Shops 
View6637 ELLIS AVE Unknown 
View2606 9th AVE   
View422 McGraw ST   
View6901 CARLETON AVE Joseph R. Huber Double House 
View1019 W Galer ST W   
View5901 W Green Lake WAY W Lower Woodland Park Comfort Station #1 (1924) 
View1929 6th AVE Unknown 
View419 Wheeler ST   
View4729 2nd AVE   
View9145 7th AVE Ferrucci Farm 
View3919 Burke AVE   
View721 S Rose ST S Unknown 
View125 NE 54th ST NE   
View2530 10th AVE   
View6431 FLORA AVE Armido P. and Victoria Fontana House 
View2917 10th PL   
View836 NE 56th ST NE Unknown 
View4332 Burke AVE   
View5517 11th AVE Unknown 
View319 McGraw ST Unknown 
View1112 W Blaine W Unknown 
View3219 13th Unknown 
View355 W Kinnear PL W Chinn, Raleigh & Nora, House 
View5034 9th AVE Unknown 
View17 W Garfield ST W   
View6427 FLORA AVE Mike Yario House 
View5200 Latona AVE   
View1728 NE 55TH PL NE Unknown 
View1220 N 44th ST N   
View117 Galer Unknown 
View5016 9th AVE Unknown 
View2915 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View2722 5th Unknown 
View356 Boston ST   
View3409 CHEASTY BLVD   
View2505 16th AVE   
View5267 12th AVE Unknown 
View2319 N 55th ST N   
View4723 21st AVE Unknown 
View2434 4th AVE   
View2419 Nob Hill AVE   
View6711 Greenwood AVE UnknownStalk Exchange
View411 W Lee ST W   
View2415 Nob Hill AVE   
View109 NE 54th ST NE   
View1007 S Thistle ST S Unknown 
View5419 Kensington PL   
View3305 6th AVE   
View2527 32nd AVE   
View2912 Warren AVE Unknown 
View2744 2nd AVE   
View3222 45th AVE Unknown 
View1823 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Farwell Residence 
View5111 S Orcas ST S Unknown 
View4711 Thackeray PL   
View1606 3rd AVE   
View3338 HUNTER BLVD   
View5625 12th AVE Unknown 
View2113 6th AVE Unknown 
View844 NE 59th ST NE Unknown 
View102 W Boston ST W   
View1702 30th AVE   
View2501 8th AVE   
View202 W McGraw ST W   
View159 Fulton Unknown 
View2114 E Pine ST E The CourtPine Street Cottages
View5012 7th AVE Unknown 
View305 Blaine ST   
View857 S Donovan ST S Unknown 
View4232 Eastern AVE   
View5241 Lake Washington BLVD Unknown 
View3636 Densmore AVE   
View5015 8th AVE Unknown 
View4018 Bagley AVE   
View2533 8th AVE   
View501 W Comstock ST W Stocking, Donald & Fern, House 
View2408 Nob Hill AVE   
View4015 Wallingford AVE   
View3241 HUNTER BLVD   
View5055 8th AVE Unknown 
View11 Smith ST Unknown 
View737 N 71st ST N Unknown 
View3228 34th AVE   
View2565 4th AVE Unknown 
View2302 N 54th ST N   
View521 W Raye ST W   
View1217 W Howe W Unknown 
View5058 7th AVE Unknown 
View840 NE 56th ST NE Unknown 
View5312 Roosevelt WAY Unknown 
View2113 3rd Unknown 
View1841 N 51st ST N   
View714 W Howe ST W Unknown 
View2120 7th AVE   
View2514 8th AVE   
View360 Wheeler   
View4257 9th AVE Unknown 
View2533 9th AVE Unknown 
View1948 10th AVE Unknown 
View4219 Corliss AVE   
View202 W Prospect ST W Sparger, Robert, House 
View5414 Latona AVE   
View5602 12th AVE Unknown 
View3623 13th Unknown 
View1532 5th AVE   
View1911 5th AVE Unknown 
View5250 18TH AVE Unknown 
View5338 9th AVE Unknown 
View115 3rd AVE Frye Car ParkFrye Garage
View914-916 E Miller ST E UnknownClassical Acupuncture Clinic
View4034 1st AVE   
View2307 4th AVE   
View19 W McGraw ST W Unknown 
View4422 Thackeray PL   
View1529 10th AVE Unknown 
View4216 36th AVE Unknown 
View2409 11th AVE Unknown 
View921 NE 60th ST NE Unknown 
View4715 Latona AVE   
View3450 15th Unknown 
View5312 Keystone PL   
View2708 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View4309 4th AVE   
View415 W Howe W Unknown 
View1210 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View3114 NE 65th ST NE UnknownFamily Dentistry
View2221 2nd AVE Unknown 
View2001 1st AVE Unknown 
View2912 2nd AVE   
View6701 Greenwood AVE UnknownFrancine Seders Gallery
View5218 17TH AVE Unknown 
View2414 1st AVE   
View3601 38th AVE   
View2900 1st AVE   
View4519 18TH AVE Unknown 
View1625 11th AVE Unknown 
View1624 3rd AVE Unknown 
View829 S Donovan ST S Unknown 
View2528 11th AVE   
View1817 7th AVE Unknown 
View5306 9th AVE Unknown 
View4550 Latona AVE   
View700 W Lee ST W Waechter, O. A., House 
View2512 9th   
View5026 8th AVE Unknown 
View363 Lynn ST   
View6433 FLORA AVE Anton Fischer House 
View2722 5th AVE   
View5011 8th AVE Uknonwn 
View415 Wheeler ST Egerman, Stephen & Anna, House 
View4214 2nd AVE   
View1522 N 40th ST N   
View5031 11th AVE Unknown 
View724 S Rose ST S Unknown 
View3413 10th Unknown 
View4425 4th AVE   
View320 Wheeler ST   
View1611 S FOREST ST S   
View1409 N 47th ST N   
View2225 1st AVE Dolan, Terris, House 
View311 McGraw ST   
View218 W Comstock W Unknown 
View1923 5th AVE   
View4007 Latona AVE   
View121 NE 56th ST NE   
View2855 Mount Rainier DR   
View3717 Wallingford AVE   
View2118 7th AVE   
View3909 Interlake AVE   
View1845 N 52nd ST N   
View1802 4th AVE Ryan, John E., House 
View2108 NE 54th ST NE Unknown 
View3212 HUNTER BLVD   
View5230 11th AVE Unknown 
View5015 9th AVE Unknown 
View815 NE 57th ST NE Unknown 
View411 Galer ST Unknown 
View2570 5th AVE   
View3817 Densmore AVE F. G Reynolds House 
View5524 11th AVE Unknown 
View2602 10th AVE   
View2112 S Spokane ST S   
View2417 1st AVE Unknown 
View3105 CASCADIA AVE   
View2409 10th AVE Bauer, Gustave & Hester, House 
View1922 Nob Hill   
View1003 N 47th ST N   
View2209 N 43rd ST N   
View6915 ELLIS AVE Frank W. Fisher House 
View718 W Howe ST W   
View2912 1st AVE   
View1920 Nob Hill AVE MacMillan, Maude, House 
View466 Smith ST Unknown 
View1523 4th AVE   
View2107 9th AVE Stutz, Charles & Marie, House 
View1608 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View4012 Bagley AVE   
View407 W Prospect ST W Smith, Herbert & Ruth, House 
View843 S Cloverdale ST S Unknown 
View5325 7th AVE Unknown 
View821 20th AVE Unknown 
View6618 SW CARLETON AVE SW Unknown 
View3807 Densmore AVE   
View2415 4th Unknown 
View3308 HUNTER BLVD   
View132 NE 56th ST NE   
View9218 18th AVE Unknown 
View4333 Densmore AVE   
View1905 5th AVE   
View4524 2nd AVE   
View6622 FLORA AVE Lucas and Kate Budnick Residence 
View817 W Bothwell W   
View1525 31st AVE   
View4514 Thackeray PL   
View700 N 50th ST N Woodland Park Zoo Foreman's Residence 
View 14th AVE Volunteer Park Standpipe (Water Tower) 
View2913 10th PL Unknown 
View2426 8th AVE   
View2411 Bigelow AVE   
View3319 HUNTER BLVD   
View106 Newell Unknown 
View6909 ELLIS AVE Stephen J. and Evelyn Eubank House 
View6238 FLORA AVE Paul Plambeck House 
View5315 8th AVE Unknown 
View5665 11th AVE Unknown 
View1908 N 36th ST N   
View3031 1/2 14th Unknown 
View614 W Crockett ST W   
View208 Garfield ST   
View411 W McGraw ST W   
View1524 7th AVE Nilles, John & Marilu, House 
View5654 11th AVE Unknown 
View1957 10th AVE Unknown 
View216 W ROY ST W   
View1420 N 40th ST N   
View5018 Latona AVE   
View511 NE 71st ST NE Unknown 
View320 Wheeler ST Unknown 
View4746 2nd AVE   
View4540 20th AVE Unknown 
View2147 7th AVE   
View5022 9th AVE Unknown 
View5312 8th AVE Unknown 
View2802 19th AVE   
View5521 12th AVE Unknown 
View708 3RD AVE C.G. Swanson House 
View1134 33rd AVE Fire Station No. 12Madrona-Sally Goldmark Branch, Seattle Public Library
View5212 18TH AVE Unknown 
View1225 N 47th ST N   
View2511 7th AVE Unknown 
View1702 1st AVE   
View10246 40th AVE Unknown 
View1249 S Donovan ST S Unkown 
View7013 22nd AVE Unknown 
View2107 N 54th ST N   
View1516 Taylor AVE Unknown 
View103 NE 53rd ST NE   
View2224 1st AVE   
View4014 1st AVE   
View6701 ELLIS AVE Wallace R. and Mary Carney House 
View7342 Alonzo AVE Unknown 
View730-734 17th AVE Unknown 
View219 W McGraw ST W   
View1031 S Donovan ST S Unknown 
View2052 14th AVE Unknown 
View4202 Bagley AVE   
View23 Prospect ST   
View118 24th AVE Unkown 
View406 Galer ST Ballinger House 
View2612 19th AVE   
View5643 California AVE UnknownBetter Roofing Company
View411 Smith ST Unknown 
View5003 9th AVE Unknown 
View206 Hayes   
View2516 10th AVE Unknown 
View1908 6th AVE Unknown 
View4720 4th AVE   
View4714 4th AVE   
View5312 9th AVE Unknown 
View417 Smith ST   
View5732 17TH AVE Unknown 
View5224 Brooklyn AVE Unknown 
View2112-2114 8th AVE   
View2922 Mayfair AVE   
View806 24th AVE Unknown 
View2418 5th Unknown 
View5007 9th AVE Unknown 
View4424 Sunnyside AVE   
View6637 FLORA AVE Unknown 
View823 W Fulton ST W   
View1317 Willard AVE Allen, Dr. Eugene, House 
View5520 Brooklyn AVE Unknown 
View4225 Corliss AVE   
View1915 5th AVE Unknown 
View452 Newton ST   
View502 25th AVE Unknown 
View8201 Greenwood AVE UnknownHappy Hair
View2314 N 56th ST N   
View2017 Nob Hill Unknown 
View1111 1st AVE   
View4331 Burke AVE   
View2719 10th AVE Unknown 
View2426 5th AVE Unknown 
View4210 Burke AVE   
View3906 Burke AVE   
View1954 4th Unknown 
View4217 Corliss AVE   
View3724 38th AVE   
View2663 9th AVE   
View8205 Greenwood AVE UnknownRhinney Ridge Animal Hopital
View2211 15th AVE   
View4209 1st AVE   
View5018 15th AVE Unknown 
View2457 1st AVE   
View2315 16th AVE   
View1218 S ANGELO ST S Unknown 
View8616 14th AVE Unknown 
View2402 Nob Hill AVE   
View108 Galer ST Unknown 
View2432 1st AVE   
View2706 10th AVE Unknown 
View1623 10th AVE   
View200 17th AVE Unknown 
View2413 N 39th ST N   
View1104 8th AVE Unknown 
View1906 N 44th ST N   
View103 Highland DR Polson, Perry, HousePolson House
View309 Lynn ST   
View3242 HUNTER BLVD   
View4211 Meridian AVE   
View5603 16TH AVE Unknown 
View1005 S Southern ST S Unknown 
View1825 NE 58th AVE NE Unknown 
View1017 W Armour W Unknown 
View444 Smith ST Folts, Arthur & Faye, House 
View911 1st AVE Unknown 
View1215 S Sullivan ST S Unknown 
View2703 3rd AVE Unknown 
View5243 11th AVE Unknown 
View2009 31st AVE   
View2438 5th AVE   
View6444 CORSON AVE Unknown 
View2304 N 43rd ST N   
View1706 Warren AVE   
View2907 Warren AVE Unknown 
View3929 Densmore AVE   
View206 Hayes ST   
View4624 Eastern AVE   
View2211 4th AVE Unknown 
View360 Wheeler ST   
View4611 Eastern AVE   
View1947 4th AVE Unknown 
View916 Warren AVE Walsh, Edward & Ruth, House 
View2141 7th AVE   
View621 20TH AVE Unknown 
View1610 2nd AVE Unknown 
View2126 9th AVE Unknown 
View2582 Westview DR Unknown 
View7009-7011 Roosevelt WAY UnknownPerfect Wheels & Vintage Costumers
View4232 Bagley AVE   
View2727 Warren AVE   
View310 Lynn ST   
View4542 4th AVE   
View2538 10th AVE Unknown 
View2115 8th AVE   
View812 NE 59th ST NE Unknown 
View3442 15th   
View2906 1st AVE Unknown 
View4103 Ashworth AVE   
View2509 9th AVE Unknown 
View615 20th AVE Unknown 
View158 Prospect ST Knoff, A. E., House 
View311 NE 54th ST NE   
View5219 Kensington PL   
View1528 Valentine PL Unknown 
View5301 8th AVE Unknown 
View5309 7th AVE Unknown 
View5300 Keystone PL   
View4332 Thackeray PL   
View4714 19TH AVE Unknown 
View2711 10th AVE Unknown 
View4023 Meridian AVE   
View1936 6th AVE   
View2323-2329 Eastlake AVE UnknownRoanoke Court Apartments
View5249 16TH AVE Seydel Residence 
View312 W Olympic WAY W Unknown 
View1011 W McGraw W Unknown 
View2406 4th AVE   
View411 W Howe W Unknown 
View4528 2nd AVE   
View3333 HUNTER BLVD   
View4208 Meridian AVE   
View814 19th AVE Unknown 
View161 Fulton ST   
View2322 Bigelow   
View5643 20TH AVE Unknown 
View407 W Howe ST W Unknown 
View5019 Meridian AVE   
View5334 9th AVE Unknown 
View3934 Densmore AVE   
View2552 11th AVE Unknown 
View402 Halladay   
View3825 Wallingford AVE   
View5423 21st AVE Unknown 
View2719 9th AVE Unknown 
View702 W Halladay ST W Welch, Michael, House 
View198 26th AVE Unknown 
View2575 9th AVE   
View5503 12th AVE Unknown 
View2104 4th AVE   
View3230 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View3505 Burke AVE   
View1132 NW 63rd ST NW Unknown 
View9302 7th AVE Unknown 
View307 Lynn ST   
View5207 12th AVE Unknown 
View2539 8th AVE   
View2324 Bigelow AVE   
View2513 8th AVE   
View2115 N 46th ST N   
View3819 Densmore AVE   
View2501 5th AVE Unknown 
View2852 NW 68th ST NW Unknown 
View1008 W Baler W Unknown 
View2909 2nd AVE Unknown 
View9621 60th AVE Unknown 
View2920 2nd AVE   
View5321 8th AVE Unknown 
View1916 4th Unknown 
View6244 CORSON AVE George W. Bissell House #2 
View525 W Crockett W   
View4714 2nd AVE   
View837 S Thistle ST S unknown 
View4660 Sunnyside AVE   
View4201 Interlake AVE   
View5019 8th AVE Unknown 
View2218 Nob Hill AVE   
View5030 8th AVE Unknown 
View3420 CASCADIA AVE   
View2108 Nob Hill AVE   
View806 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View4738 16TH AVE Unknown 
View2612 1st Unknown 
View2109 N 36th ST N   
View6504 4th AVE Unknown 
View2231 3rd AVE Unknown 
View2330 34th AVE   
View1708 2nd AVE Unknown 
View4126 Sunnyside AVE   
View9369 8th AVE UknownVerdi Truck Farm
View2668 9th AVE Unknown 
View515 18th AVE Unknown 
View3646 Woodlawn AVE   
View356 Wheeler ST   
View1247 15th AVE Volunteer Park Shelter House 
View1812 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View2139 6th AVE   
View1024 S Thistle ST S Unknown 
View715 W Wheeler ST W Unknown 
View2557 9th AVE Unknown 
View3332 37th AVE   
View1019 Sturgus AVE   
View332 NE 51st ST NE   
View2701 Mayfair AVE   
View2426 1st AVE Moss, George & Dolly, House 
View5265 19TH AVE Unknown 
View2311 Nob Hill AVE Geele, Ralph & Mary, House 
View4749 4th AVE Murphy House 
View4545 5th AVE   
View5610 Brooklyn AVE Unknown 
View1512 1st AVE   
View724 N 79th ST N Unknown 
View4308 9th AVE Unknown 
View3822 Densmore AVE   
View2022 Nob Hill AVE   
View208 17th AVE Unknown 
View316 W Raye ST W   
View339 NE 55th ST NE   
View407 Smith ST Unknown 
View2920 10th PL Unknown 
View3636 Wallingford AVE   
View1917 5th AVE   
View1516 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View810 W Fulton W Unknown 
View5423 21st AVE Unknown 
View6633 ELLIS AVE Unknown 
View3540 CHEASTY BLVD   
View3508 Densmore AVE   
View410 W Raye ST W Unknown 
View2502 N 40th ST N   
View1106 1st AVE Unknown 
View841 S Sullivan ST S Unknown 
View4738 17TH AVE Unknown 
View4202 Wallingford AVE   
View2415 8th AVE   
View726 S ORCAS ST S A. A. Mauer House 
View312 W McGraw PL W   
View1928 5th   
View910 W Garfield ST W Dorsey, Hilen & Minna, House 
View506 W Smith ST W Unknown 
View2305 Nob Hill AVE   
View907 W Howe ST W   
View215 W Lee W Unknown 
View817 20th AVE Unknown 
View1052 S Cloverdale ST S Unknown 
View2222 Nob Hill AVE   
View5234 12th AVE Unknown 
View1427 Orange PL   
View4318 Thackeray PL   
View5610 Roosevelt WAY Unknown 
View711 W Kinnear PL W Griffiths, Albert & Martha, House 
View2313 Bigelow Unknown 
View2443 3rd AVE   
View6208 Phinney AVE UnknownLa Tavola Ceramica
View2147 5th AVE   
View2310 N 56th ST N   
View2131 4th AVE   
View5641 12th AVE Unknown 
View4750 20th AVE Unknown 
View902 W Halladay ST W   
View807 NE 55th ST NE Unknown 
View2043 13th AVE   
View2576 5th AVE   
View1946 5th   
View3706 Corliss AVE   
View4035 Burke AVE  Hardy Residence
View4212 Wallingford AVE   
View3631 37th AVE   
View4013 Corliss AVE   
View2419 1st AVE Unknown 
View5319 Latona AVE   
View2608 4th AVE   
View523 18th AVE Unknown 
View833 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View7807 8th AVE Unknown 
View3337 HUNTER BLVD   
View811 NE 58th ST NE Unknown 
View1901 7th AVE   
View5254 18TH AVE Unknown 
View6611 FLORA AVE James M. and Josephine Reeves House 
View1806 29th AVE   
View1658 21st AVE Unknown 
View2715 California AVE UnknownOmni Construction
View6239 CARLETON AVE C. W. Reames House 
View3819 Interlake AVE   
View4203 Woodlawn AVE Stapp Residence / North Central Outlook 
View3644 Densmore AVE   
View4233 Woodlawn AVE   
View1906 6th AVE   
View1332 13th AVE   
View2508 10th AVE   
View5646 11th AVE Unknown 
View1809 2nd AVE Unknown 
View509 W Olympic PL W   
View1733 13th AVE   
View1021 W Garfield W Unknown 
View1511 5th AVE Unknown 
View7709 14th AVE Unknown 
View1006 S Rose ST S Unknown 
View2010 N 82nd ST N Unknown 
View4535 4th AVE   
View417 W Dravus ST W Unknown 
View1717 NE 55TH ST NE Johnson, J. A., House #1 
View5826 16TH AVE VanZandt Residence 
View5827 16TH AVE Beck, Nemias B., House #2 
View1802 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Heins, John, House 
View5241 16TH AVE   
View5002 20th AVE   
View5034 16TH AVE Pierce, Burton B. and Charlena, House 
View4719 9th AVE   
View5225 17TH AVE Alberty, Louis C. and Ada, House 
View5203 12th AVE   
View5047 12th AVE Moses, Melvin, House 
View5244 18TH AVE Anderson, Charles P. and Ida, House 
View1021 NE Ravenna BLVD NE Beisel, A. R., House 
View5412 21st AVE Wahl House 
View5251 12th AVE   
View2113-2119 NE 52nd ST NE H.H. Benton cottages 
View5338 7th AVE   
View5031 8th AVE   
View4716 11th AVE   
View1620 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Bruggerhoffer Residence 
View5243 12th AVE   
View5208 18TH AVE   
View5252 16TH AVE Campbell Residence 
View4720 7th AVE  Thiel House
View2936-2948 Eastlake AVE Allison Lakeview Courtsame
View2618 Eastlake AVE nonePatricia Brennan, Architects
View2608 Eastlake AVE noneAnne's Hair Shop
View6300 Phinney AVE noneTwelve Step Shop
View6501-6509 Roosevelt WAY noneRoosevelt Shops
View1419 N 45th ST N noneAssistance League Thrift Shop
View5922 California AVE noneFarmers Insurance Group
View2117 NE 55th ST NE Unknown 
View4221 Eastern AVE   
View2151 7th AVE   
View5405 California AVE UnknownAffirmations Salon
View2325 N 56th ST N   
View514 Crockett ST Hull, Stephen & Rose, House 
View2308 3rd AVE   
View2143 6TH AVE   
View5321 9th AVE Unknown 
View416 W Lee ST W Unknown 
View4118 Sunnyside AVE   
View514 W Crockett ST W Unknown 
View2619 10th AVE   
View214 NE 50th ST NE   
View1400 E Galer ST E Volunteer Park Horticulture & Grounds Maintenance Facility 
View212 17th AVE Unknown 
View4009 Eastern AVE   
View1511 Warren AVE   
View5010 Keystone PL   
View2402 4th AVE   
View7034 Cleopatra PL Unknown 
View415 W Fulton W Unknown 
View5618 12th AVE Unknown 
View3043 19th AVE   
View102 NE 50th ST NE UnknownAntiques
View5319 9th AVE Unknown 
View2803 8th AVE   
View2540 32nd AVE   
View9326 7th AVE Unknown 
View3258 14th Unknown 
View2426 9th AVE Soleu, Ole, House 
View2919 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View3226 HUNTER BLVD   
View5619 12th AVE Unknown 
View2316 Nob Hill AVE   
View3613 S Spokane ST S Unknown 
View3024 4th AVE Unknown 
View412 McGraw ST   
View1400 Boston ST Unknown 
View5321 7th AVE Unknown 
View103 Garfield ST Sumbardo, Allessandro & Helen, House 
View1810 3rd AVE Tate, Ina, House 
View4112 Sunnyside AVE   
View100 NE 52nd ST NE   
View 4th AVE Unknown 
View6715 FLORA AVE Horace C. and Minnie B. Ashton House 
View2542 7th AVE Unknown 
View5007 7th AVE Unknown 
View1023 S Thistle ST S Unknown 
View1529 2nd AVE   
View4067 SW College ST SW Unknown 
View3980 MADRONA DR Denny Blaine Lake Park Realty OfficeDenny Blaine Lake Park Shelter
View1012 W Armour ST W   
View2918 9th AVE   
View1632 4th AVE Collins, Cyril & Mary, House 
View811 S Donovan ST S Unknown 
View4002 Corliss AVE   
View3655 Ashworth AVE   
View2425 1st AVE Brooks, John W., House 
View2211 1st AVE Unknown 
View222 W ROY ST W   
View8104 8th AVE Unknown 
View324 NE 50th ST NE   
View5020 12th AVE Unknown 
View15 W Garfield ST W   
View2349 33rd AVE   
View5631 20TH AVE Unknown 
View2420 1st AVE   
View1952 11th AVE Unknown 
View1217 6th AVE   
View1309 W Dravus W Unknown 
View1510 11th AVE   
View357 McGraw ST   
View909 NE 55th ST NE Unknown 
View5011 19TH AVE Unknown 
View5018 8th AVE Unknown 
View5245 11th AVE Unknown 
View5432 Kirkwood PL   
View5225 12th AVE Unknown 
View1207 Ravenna AVE Unknown 
View437 Smith ST Unknown 
View1910 N 44th ST N   
View5215 Wallingford AVE   
View2517 NW 67th ST NW Unknown 
View4647 Eastern AVE   
View5305 8th AVE Unknown 
View4231 2nd AVE   
View4323 Meridian AVE   
View5115 Wallingford AVE   
View1010 S Thistle ST S Unknown 
View5040 19TH AVE Unknown 
View5320 9th AVE Unknown 
View2111-13 Nob Hill AVE Craftsman apartments 
View222 NE 50th ST NE   
View312 Lynn ST   
View2430 8th AVE   
View2212 4th AVE Unknown 
View1900 5th AVE Queen Anne Presbyterian ChurchQueen Anne Presbyterian Church
View4521 Latona AVE   
View2424 9th AVE Unknown 
View1608 N 37th ST N   
View5315 Latona AVE   
View5332 8th AVE Unknown 
View2901 HARRIS PL   
View2710 5th AVE Unknown 
View1203 NE Ravenna BLVD NE Unknown 
View5603 17TH AVE Burn Residence 
View3346 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View1834 8th AVE   
View2309 Nob Hill AVE   
View5236 18TH AVE Unknown 
View915 Warren AVE   
View1102 NE 55th ST NE Unknown 
View1522 Warren Unknown 
View216 17th AVE Unknown 
View1942 6th AVE Unknown 
View3925 Densmore AVE   
View3704 38th AVE   
View2135 4th Unknown 
View5210 12th AVE Unknown 
View121 NE 54th ST NE   
View803 W Newell ST W Unknown 
View906 3rd AVE   
View315 McGraw ST   
View2806 1st AVE Unknown 
View3434 14th AVE   
View2519 34th AVE   
View471 Wheeler ST   
View614 W McGraw ST W UnknownNapolitano Spa
View2562 7th AVE Unknown 
View2610 19th AVE   
View2156 6th AVE   
View2411 7th AVE   
View2014 Nob Hill AVE   
View345 16th AVE Unknown 
View1817 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View3721 39th AVE   
View2210 3rd AVE   
View3418 13th Unknown 
View837 S Kenyon ST S Unkown 
View2632 1st   
View1956 4th Unknown 
View2837 32nd AVE   
View417 W Raye ST W   
View106 W Boston ST W   
View4211 Bagley AVE   
View2427 9th AVE Unknown 
View2411 Nob Hill AVE   
View4121 Sunnyside AVE   
View9731 62nd AVE Unknown 
View1203 N Allen PL N   
View6701 CARLETON AVE Unknown 
View5614 8th AVE Unknown 
View2603 2nd Unknown 
View5243 19TH AVE Unknown 
View2908 16th AVE   
View1809 S LANDER ST S   
View1812 9th AVE Unknown 
View2207 1st AVE Unknown 
View5259 11th AVE Unknown 
View4311 7th AVE Unknown 
View417 Ward   
View114 NE 55th ST NE   
View2539 9th Unknown 
View1712 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Zinkie/Ellis Residence 
View4233 Thackeray PL   
View2106 6th AVE   
View1620 26th AVE Tallman House 
View3033 4th AVE Unknown 
View2815 MOUNT RAINIER DR  Mt. Baker Clubhouse
View6426 CARLETON AVE Antonio Banchero Residence 
View4536 Thackeray PL   
View6248 CORSON AVE George W. Bissell House #1 
View4034 Whitman AVE   
View5334 7th AVE Unknown 
View905 NE 55th ST NE Unknown 
View1635 11th AVE Unknown 
View2716 Warren AVE Unknown 
View1003 S Sullivan ST S Unknown 
View4033 Wallingford AVE   
View1622 29th AVE Unknown 
View3433 13th AVE   
View5224 12th AVE Unknown 
View1913 9th AVE Unknown 
View5339 8th AVE Unknown 
View814 W Halladay ST W   
View4334 Thackeray PL   
View2707 Mayfair AVE   
View5317 7th AVE Unknown 
View2111 4th   
View5407 21st AVE Unknown 
View2912 3rd AVE   
View4308 7th AVE Unknown 
View5240 17TH AVE Unknown 
View3102 33rd AVE   
View1324 16th AVE   
View2906 Mayfair AVE   
View4024 Pasadena PL Unknown 
View3227 37th AVE   
View2586 Westview DR Unknown 
View2155 7th AVE   
View4136 Eastern AVE   
View5039 8th AVE Unknown 
View1412 Warren AVE   
View2637 2nd   
View4716 7th AVE Unknown 
View4324 Bagley AVE   
View1816 N 40th ST N   
View2420 9th AVE Unknown 
View5103 Meridian AVE   
View1939 10th AVE   
View1949 7th AVE   
View5507 12th AVE Unknown 
View2322 N 52nd ST N   
View25 W McGraw ST W   
View402 W Crockett ST W Taulbee, Charles & Eldean, House 
View728 S Concord ST S Unknown 
View1522 12th AVE   
View4558 4th AVE   
View1520 1/2 1st AVE Unknown 
View403 W Howe W Unknown 
View1847 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View3804 24th PL   
View1734 NE 55TH PL NE Unknown 
View817 S ORCAS ST S Minnie Butterworth House 
View5320 8th AVE Unknown 
View2343 N 51st ST N   
View5802 Roosevelt WAY Unknown 
View4406 Woodlawn AVE   
View1914 N 40th ST N   
View123 Garfield Unknown 
View2223 Nob Hill AVE   
View6517 ELLIS AVE Unknown 
View1006 Bothwell Unknown 
View1822 3rd AVE Unknown 
View4718 4th AVE   
View1917 16th AVE   
View316 Prospect Unknown 
View304 Lynn ST   
View2216 14th AVE Unknown 
View1302 YAKIMA AVE   
View2911 39th AVE Unknown 
View2553 5th AVE   
View742 N 74th ST N Unknown 
View15281/2 1st AVE   
View2546 11th AVE   
View6906 CARLETON AVE Benjamin W. Ehring House 
View4635 Eastern AVE   
View2541 8th Unknown 
View3643 Densmore AVE   
View1901 8th AVE Unknown 
View1412 Nob Hill AVE   
View1519 4th AVE Unknown 
View1809 N 42nd ST N   
View9316 7th AVE Unknown 
View1818 4th AVE   
View2433 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1528 6th AVE Larsen, Lars & Marie, House 
View5117 1st AVE   
View1647 S Weller ST S Unknown 
View844 NE 56th ST NE Unknown 
View3815 Bagley AVE   
View4611 2nd AVE   
View2008 Nob Hill   
View2122 4th Unknown 
View2102 N 38th ST N   
View3521 Ashworth AVE   
View918 W Newell ST W   
View4210 7th AVE Unknown 
View2425 W Westview DR W   
View5326 9th AVE Unknown 
View4719 2nd AVE   
View4132 Corliss AVE   
View4519 1st AVE   
View2529 10th AVE   
View1929 10th AVE Unknown 
View3822 24th PL   
View1222 S ANGELO ST S Unknown 
View5510 12th AVE Unknown 
View2509 N 43rd ST N   
View720 NE 47th ST NE Unknown 
View2935 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View3724 Corliss AVE   
View3827 Bagley AVE   
View3216 SW Spokane ST SW SW Spokane Street Pump Station 
View2704 18th AVE   
View3815 Burke AVE   
View3257 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View3451 12th Unknown 
View1523 1st AVE   
View2566 5th AVE   
View2216 11th AVE   
View3409 37th AVE   
View4612 Corliss AVE   
View848 NE 56th ST NE Unknown 
View4422 2nd AVE   
View3448 14th AVE   
View1621 Warren AVE Newell, John & Ida, House 
View715 25th AVE Unknown 
View5436 Kirkwood PL   
View4758 2nd AVE   
View4203 11th AVE Unknown 
View1011 N 48th ST N   
View2922 1st AVE   
View11 W Garfield ST W   
View6447 FLORA AVE Unknown 
View3723 Bagley AVE   
View123 Prospect ST Myers, H. A. P., Residence 
View2726 Mayfair AVE Unknown 
View4039 2nd AVE   
View5261 11th AVE Unknown 
View1721 BRADNER PL   
View2467 4th AVE   
View303 Blaine ST Unknown 
View310 N 85th ST N UnknownFred's Canopys
View411 W Blaine ST W   
View5229 18TH AVE Unknown 
View2630 Warren AVE Unknown 
View2218 1st AVE   
View4541 5th AVE   
View1808 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Broberg Residence 
View363 Garfield ST   
View1202 S Donovan ST S Unknown 
View2916 4th AVE Unknown 
View3632 Densmore AVE   
View1110 Nob Hill AVE Unknown 
View128 NE 56th ST NE   
View2258 N 54th ST N   
View1417 10th AVE Unknown 
View220 17th AVE Unknown 
View4009 Burke AVE   
View2927 3rd AVE Unknown 
View1503 6th AVE Unknown 
View2125 5th AVE   
View5500 Phinney AVE Woodland Park Zoo Commissary & DispensaryKeeper Central/Old Animal Health
View6717 CARLETON AVE Unknown 
View5324 8th AVE Unknown 
View3823 Burke AVE   
View104 NW 117th ST NW Unknown 
View2733 33rd AVE   
View2011 5th AVE   
View4741 Latona AVE   
View2565 8th AVE   
View4229 Bagley AVE   
View406 W Crockett W   
View4032 Burke AVE   
View5417 5th AVE   
View1906 8th AVE   
View832 NE 57th ST NE Unknown 
View1016 2nd Unknown 
View3809 Wallingford AVE   
View415 W Crockett W Unknown 
View5208 19TH AVE Unknown 
View4035 8th AVE Unknown 
View1621 N 39th ST N   
View4614 Sunnyside AVE   
View947 N 79th ST N Unknown 
View1533 30th AVE   
View3719 Wallingford AVE   
View2930 Mayfair AVE   
View4114 Wallingford AVE   
View360 Boston ST   
View4018 Burke AVE   
View1635 2nd AVE Unknown 
View4514 Bagley AVE   
View5303 Latona AVE   
View849 NE 58th ST NE Unknown 
View361 Newton ST   
View2900 3rd AVE   
View2507 4th AVE   
View1225 S Angleo ST S Unknown 
View1427 N 47th ST N   
View6728 26th AVE Unknown 
View4307 Meridian AVE   
View4735 21st AVE Unknown 
View4731-4733 Roosevelt WAY Unknown 
View730 S ORCAS ST S Louise Krause House 
View2112 5th AVE Adams, Fred & Marion, House 
View3206 13th Unknown 
View3645 Densmore AVE   
View4026 2nd AVE   
View2405 Nob Hill AVE   
View6938 FLORA AVE Unknown 
View761 S HOMER ST S Unknown 
View4302 Burke AVE   
View344 NE 53rd ST NE   
View308 McGraw ST Unknown 
View5310 9th AVE Unknown 
View2326 Bigelow Unknown 
View141 NE 53rd ST NE   
View123 Blaine   
View4054 20th AVE Unknown 
View2414 Bigelow AVE   
View3311 6th AVE   
View1822 NE 55TH ST NE Randolf Residence 
View2664 10th AVE   
View4505 1st AVE UnknownSeattle Stained Glass
View1911 E Jefferson ST E Unknown 
View4532 1st AVE   
View3710 Wallingford AVE   
View319 NE 53rd ST NE   
View328 NE 51st ST NE   
View4053 7th AVE Unknown 
View5208 Latona AVE   
View900 W Lee ST W   
View2914 9th AVE Unknown 
View1415 Nob Hill AVE   
View2312 13th AVE   
View3036 15th   
View3410 11th AVE Unknown 
View159 Hayes Unknown 
View6643 SW ELLIS AVE SW Clarence W. Sibley House 
View4128 Ashworth AVE   
View819 S ORCAS ST S Charles and Elizabeth Fickeisen House 
View3604 38th AVE   
View4706 4th AVE   
View4302 Woodlawn AVE   
View5329 7th AVE Unknown 
View2564 7th AVE Unknown 
View1601 1st AVE   
View3323 HUNTER BLVD   
View4649 Eastern AVE   
View1814 3rd AVE Unknown 
View4233 Eastern AVE   
View4303 Meridian AVE   
View16 W Fulton ST W   
View321 NE 54th ST NE   
View2152 9th AVE Unknown 
View2929 Mayfair AVE   
View5316 9th AVE Unknown 
View408 W Newell ST W Unknown 
View4064 1st AVE   
View1211 6th AVE   
View2225 1st AVE   
View2701 Mount Saint Helens PL   
View712 NE 47th ST NE Unknown 
View3440 15th AVE Unknown 
View4215 Woodlawn AVE   
View3834 Meridian AVE   
View6705 ELLIS AVE L.H. Graham House 
View2407 4TH AVE McGovern, Hugh, House 
View1607 N 48th ST N   
View3722 Bagley AVE Orre Residence 
View852 NE 56th ST NE Unknown 
View9714 60th AVE Unknown 
View2419 1st AVE   
View2431 1st AVE   
View1423 7th AVE Foss, Arthur and Ellen, House 
View5328 8th AVE Unknown 
View4725 4th AVE   
View502 W Crocket ST W   
View2517 10th AVE   
View1920 E Jefferson ST E Unknown 
View4109 Eastern AVE   
View428 Smith ST Unknown 
View6661 ELLIS AVE Unknown 
View3215 15th AVE   
View5010 8th AVE Unknown 
View3907 Corliss AVE   
View6230 CARLETON AVE John H. and Sophia Verser House 
View111 TOWER PL Griffin, Arthur E., House 
View3303 HUNTER BLVD   
View4630 Eastern AVE   
View519 W Crocket ST W   
View5635 11th AVE Unknown 
View1631 4th AVE Verhulst, John & Clara, House 
View4753 2nd AVE   
View2700 Mayfair   
View312 McGraw ST Unknown 
View3824 Burke AVE   
View1312 3rd AVE Shinkle, Ira and Lydia, House 
View1221 S ANGELO ST S Unknown 
View15 W McGraw ST W Unknown 
View4335 Meridian AVE   
View4208 1st AVE   
View2207 4th AVE   
View2612 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View4609 S Angeline ST S Unknown 
View4020 1st AVE   
View2327 N 54th ST N   
View4414 Thackeray PL   
View1815 N 38th ST N   
View3451 10th Unknown 
View 4th AVE Queen Anne Pump Station 
View2539 9th AVE Unknown 
View1927 8th AVE Unknown 
View2556 10th AVE Unknown 
View5239 22nd AVE Unknown 
View2109 N 37th ST N   
View300 29th AVE Unknown 
View2707 10th AVE   
View4229 Corliss AVE   
View2704 Nob Hill AVE   
View1729 NE 55TH ST NE Unknown 
View4549 Latona AVE   
View5313 7th AVE Unknown 
View2221 Warren AVE Schnebele, Edwin & Esther, House 
View5035 8th AVE Unknown 
View3354 LAKEWOOD AVE   
View4316 Bagley AVE   
View3318 HUNTER BLVD   
View5219 22nd AVE Unknown 
View1625 7th AVE Unknown 
View402 W Smith ST W Unknown 
View4039 Whitman AVE   
View5527 17TH AVE Unknown 
View301 Lynn ST   
View5801 CORSON AVE Scott and Imogene Woodin House (and Office) 
View1916 Nob Hill AVE Waits, Walter & Hilda, House 
View1925 6th AVE   
View3720 Woodlawn AVE   
View561 S Donovan ST S Unknown 
View132 NE 55th ST NE   
View5622 41st AVE Unknown 
View1325 N 38th ST N   
View4427 Thackeray PL UnknownDick's Drive'In Community Center
View4465 Fremont AVE UnknownCombined Insurance Services
View6415 ELLIS AVE L.L. Rukonich House 
View2911 Warren Unknown 
View3115 14th AVE   
View3107 37TH AVE   
View1911 N 44th ST N   
View6733 ELLIS AVE James M. Purkapile House 
View1213 6th AVE   
View4719 Thackeray PL   
View1400 E Galer ST E Volunteer Park Cottage 
View3080 S ANDOVER ST S   
View1831 11th AVE Unknown 
View3 - 3 1/2 Smith ST Unknown 
View5719 16TH AVE Unknown 
View1815 9th AVE   
View411 Wheeler ST   
View5203 11th AVE Unknown 
View117 Garfield Unknown 
View309 W Prospect ST W Randall, Francis & Lucia, House 
View4334 Wallingford AVE   
View2623 3rd   
View1911 9th AVE Unknown 
View513 Galer ST Unknown 
View5023 8th AVE Unknown 
View361 Wheeler ST Hurley-Chester House 
View4536 20th AVE Unknown 
View402 Wheeler ST Unknown 
View2585 9th AVE Unknown 
View3944 1st AVE   
View2148 8th AVE   
View3933 Burke AVE   
View940 24th AVE Unknown 
View407 Wheeler ST   
View1919 4th AVE   
View5318 Wallingford AVE   
View2538 9th AVE   
View1629 S King ST S Unknown 
View2538 11th AVE   
View3661 Ashworth AVE Unknown 
View4127 Eastern AVE   
View4236 Latona AVE   
View5327 8th AVE Unknown 
View366 Ward Unknown 
View1004 W Newell ST W   
View711 S HOMER ST S H. T. Knapp Duplex 
View3629 Woodlawn AVE   
View619 20th AVE Unknown 
View611 W Pleasant PL W Unknown 
View5046 7th AVE Unknown 
View310 Blaine ST   
View2111 8th AVE   
View811 Martin Luther King Jr. WAY Unknown 
View4016 Sunnyside AVE   
View2568 7th AVE Unknown 
View5014 18TH AVE Unknown 
View218 W ROY WAY W   
View317 NE 47th ST NE   
View4263 Woodland Park AVE   
View2631 3rd AVE   
View1928 11th AVE Unknown 
View719 W Wheeler ST W Unknown 
View836 W Armour W Unknown 
View2301 N 44th ST N   
View5400 Keystone PL   
View715 W Howe ST W Unknown 
View5345 7th AVE Unknown 
View223 Pontius AVE 223 Pontius Ave. N.223 Pontius Ave. N.
View507 W McGraw ST W   
View321 McGraw ST   
View1818 3rd AVE   
View9835 60th AVE Unknown 
View6731 ELLIS AVE M. M. West House 
View1508 Warren   
View618 22nd AVE Sullivan, Katherine, Residence 
View2009 12th AVE Bryce, Alex and Gertrude, House 
View2107 12th AVE Manheimer, Sanford & Ella, Residence 
View1947 14th AVE unknown 
View1215 E Lynn ST E Green, Athol 
View1216 E Newton ST E unknown 
View2015 10th AVE Hoff, Martha, House 
View923 17th AVE unknown 
View1211 22nd AVE unknown 
View2212 Everett AVE Sundsten, John & Gene, House 
View627 14th AVE Mary & Martha Hall 
View606 22nd AVE MacGregor, Catherine, Residence 
View1007 15th AVE Cox, William & Nordica, House 
View1932 Federal AVE St. Barnabas Mission 
View321 W Blaine W Unknown 
View2910 9th AVE   
View3619 Densmore AVE   
View2817 14th AVE   
View1702 N 34th ST N   
View1170 Republican ST 1164-1168-1170 Republican StreetNeudorfer Engineering
View507 W McGraw W   
View808 S Sullivan ST S Unknown 
View2436 1st AVE Unknown 
View3501 Burke AVE   
View15 Newell Unknown 
View5818 Roosevelt WAY Unknown 
View315 NE 53rd ST NE   
View2505 18th AVE   
View3303 25th AVE   
View2318 N 38th ST N   
View5103 Latona AVE   
View5614 12th AVE Unknown 
View1120 W Blaine ST W Unknown 
View1928 9th AVE Unknown 
View4536 2nd AVE   
View1816 26th AVE Washington, James W., Jr. House & Studio 
View5011 9th AVE Unknown 
View4223 Thackeray PL   
View1111 NE Ravenna BLVD NE Unknown 
View4735 4th AVE   
View2219 N 37th ST N   
View2116 10th AVE Unknown 
View1922 10th AVE Ross, James & Margaret, House 
View18 W Armour W Unknown 
View2224 Queen Anne AVE   
View4031 Latona AVE   
View4307 Burke AVE   
View4710 2nd AVE   
View1207 NE 55th AVE NE Unknown 
View5246 18TH AVE Unknown 
View5022 7th AVE Unknown 
View1623 1st AVE   
View1012 W Bothwell ST W   
View5317 8th AVE Unknown 
View4217 Meridian AVE   
View4328 Burke AVE   
View1709 N 47th ST N   
View2306 N 56th ST N   
View1910 4th AVE Unknown 
View519 W McGraw ST W   
View1511 S STEVENS ST S   
View4604 Eastern AVE   
View1020 W Raye ST W Unknown 
View5330 9th AVE Unknown 
View323 W Dravus ST W   
View4033 Corliss AVE   
View2712 4th AVE   
View164 Galer Unknown 
View204 17th AVE Unknown 
View1422 Warren Unknown 
View5340 Roosevelt AVE Unknown 
View5 Smith ST   
View1918-1920 4th AVE   
View2221 1st AVE Unknown 
View152 Newell ST Unknown 
View6316 32nd AVE UnknownLee E. Lott, C. P. A.
View4751 21st AVE Unknown 
View1007 W Halladay ST W   
View1533 15th AVE   
View515 W Crocket ST W   
View3642 Woodlawn AVE   
View4541 Thackeray PL   
View2415 Bigelow AVE Brown, Stephen & Florence, House 
View519 W Raye ST W Unknown 
View4110 Woodland Park AVE   
View2337 N 56th ST N   
View3214 33rd AVE Unknown 
View1836 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Unknown 
View2708 2nd AVE   
View5018 19TH AVE T.C. Kinney Residence 
View2551 5th AVE   
View365 Wheeler ST   
View4429 4th AVE   
View2728 3rd AVE   
View419 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View4553 Thackeray PL   
View2440 Queen Anne AVE Unknown 
View1928 8th AVE Unknown 
View5718 8th AVE Unknown 
View2523 1st AVE Unknown 
View2212 Federal AVE Porter, Charles, House 
View1305 E Prospect ST E Episcopal Bishop's Residence 
View1821 Federal AVE Schmechel, Henry, Duplex 
View1801 10th AVE Hildebrandt House 
View1709 E John ST E   
View2007 14th AVE unknown 
View2006 14th AVE unknown 
View934 22nd AVE Gunn, J. A., House 
View1010 E Lynn ST E Du Bois, A. B., House 
View2220 Federal AVE Chestnut House 
View1230 Federal AVE Bond, Marshall, House 
View1709 E John ST E   
View1100 E Newton ST E Hewitt, John H. & Pauline, Residence 
View914 22nd AVE Friedman, Harry, House 
View1020 E Denny WAY E Lincoln Court ApartmentsLincoln Court Apartments
View214 13th AVE Rosemont ApartmentsRosemont Apartments
View406 Summit AVE 406 Summit406 Summit
View812 E GWINN PL E   
View923 27TH AVE   
View113 MADRONA   
View2724 S NORMAN ST S   
View1026 32ND AVE   
View731 16TH AVE   
View1438 22ND AVE   
View2506 LYNN ST  
View2611 GLENWILDE PL 04 Codomo-MacMillin Residence
View1617 BOYER AVE Colonel John Boyer Residence50 Benson Residence
View5235 17TH AVE  
View2601 E GALER ST E   
View2314 E WARD ST E   
View1328 S SHELTON ST S   
View452 27TH AVE   
View1028 32ND AVE   
View1024 31ST AVE   
View4408 PHINNEY AVE Charles A. Wall Residence 
View3829 WHITMAN AVE Chester & Mayme Streckenbach House 
View3636 WOODLAND PARK AVE Howard P. & Bertha Miller House 
View327 N 48TH ST N Henry E. Compton House 
View602 N 48TH ST N Ira T. Wolfe House 
View712 N 49TH ST N Robert A. & Bessie Ellis House 
View2524 E WARD ST E   
View3900 E PINE ST E   
View4226 PHINNEY AVE John C. Powell House 
View617 N 47TH ST N Fred J. Kerr Co. House 
View911 N 47TH ST N M.W. Twitchell House 
View1734 25TH AVE   
View1437 20TH AVE   
View2515 E YESLER WAY E   
View2307 22ND AVE Digiacomo Residence
View2303 22ND AVE Weiner + Maizels Residence
View2502 E MCGRAW ST E Flett Residence25 Vogeley Residence
View4710 17TH AVE  
View2150 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Chamberlain Residence50 Ahmann Residence
View5201 19TH AVE  
View406 S LUCILE ST S 406 Lucile St406 S. Lucile St
View416 S LUCILE ST S 416 Lucile St416 S Lucile St
View2408 E MILLER ST E Ryden Residence
View5026 17TH AVE Kauffmann Residence 
View5809 17TH AVE Ainsworth Residence 
View5503 16TH AVE N.Y. Life Insurance Co./Thompson/Parks Residence 
View2103 BOYER AVE Auernheimer Residence34 Metzger Residence
View4751 19TH AVE  
View4755 19TH AVE  
View4747 19TH AVE  
View2205 25TH AVE Fullerton Residence39 Wells Residence
View4720 17TH AVE Unknown 
View4705 16TH AVE Law Offices
View4710 16TH AVE  
View2414 E BOSTON ST E Dye Residence 39 Bundesmann Residence
View2011 25TH AVE Romer Residence39 Fero Residence
View2006 25TH AVE 40 Simenstad Residence
View2023 26TH AVE 40 Blaski Residence
View2031 26TH AVE 40 Foley Residence
View5016 19TH AVE  
View1115 DEXTER AVE J.R. Reuter House 
View2219 E NORTH ST E Mattson Residence
View5028 18TH AVE  
View2501 E CALHOUN ST E Brook Residence 25 Anderson Residence
View5037 16TH AVE  
View2509 E CALHOUN ST E Baker Residence 25 Engelland Residence
View2515 E CALHOUN ST E Lindroth Residence25 Williams-Murphy Residence
View5511 16TH AVE  
View1719 NE RAVENNA BLVD NE Jennings, Judson H., HouseRader, Melvin and Virginia, House
View1717 NE 56TH ST NE  
View1713 NE 56TH ST NE  
View1816 NE 55TH ST NE  
View1806 NE 55TH ST NE  
View1802 NE 55TH ST NE  
View1712 NE 55TH ST NE  
View1714 NE 55TH PL NE  
View1729 NE 56TH ST NE  
View1742 NE 55TH PL NE  
View5513 20TH AVE  
View5710 15TH AVE  
View4554 16TH AVE  
View2109 BOYER AVE O'Connor Residence34 Dahl Residence
View2119 BOYER AVE Van Frank Residence 34 Vennemann Residence
View4415 BAKER AVE   
View4220 DAYTON AVE  Fellows Residence
View4317 LINDEN AVE   
View4517 LINDEN AVE   
View4119 PHINNEY AVE   
View5220 18TH AVE  
View5810 16TH AVE  
View4743 19TH AVE  
View5607 16TH AVE  
View5518 16TH AVE  
View5609 20TH AVE  
View5619 20TH AVE Unknown 
View5623 20TH AVE  
View5629 20TH AVE  
View2515 E MCGRAW ST E Lessler Residence
View2209 E ROANOKE ST E Kerl Residence
View5027 16TH AVE  
View5211 16TH AVE Unknown 
View5217 16TH AVE  
View1823 24TH AVE 49 Teeter Residence
View1818 23RD AVE 49 Lilly Residence
View2506 E MCGRAW ST E Combat Residence25 Stuk Residence
View2510 E MCGRAW ST E Mitchell Residence25 Anderson, Eric, Residence
View2520 E MCGRAW ST E U'Renn Residence25 Bainbridge Residence
View2519 E CALHOUN ST E Tandberg Residence25 Knight Residence
View2006 24TH AVE Christensen Residence 50 Sanborn-Oppenheim Residence
View2015 25TH AVE Lueben Residence 39 Villeneuve Residence
View2003 25TH AVE Bryant Residence39 Andrews Residence
View2007 25TH AVE Saboe Residence39 Oliphant Residence
View2019 25TH AVE Cook Residence39 Schuchart Residence
View2004 25TH AVE 40 Mead Residence
View2014 25TH AVE 40 Wenger Li Residence
View2007 26TH AVE 40 Griffeth Residence
View2015 26TH AVE 40 Boileau Residence
View2047 26TH AVE 40 Cox Residence
View2016 26TH AVE 41 Ingham Residence
View2022 26TH AVE 41 Allen Residence
View2018 BOYER AVE 43 Greer Residence
View2410 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Russell Residence50 Residence
View5825 16TH AVE Beck, Nemias B., House #1 
View5726 16TH AVE  
View5815 17TH AVE  
View5823 17TH AVE  
View5705 18TH AVE  
View5719 18TH AVE Unknown 
View2510 E MCGRAW ST E Livingstone Residence25 Bicknell Residence
View2026 26TH AVE 41 Siebert Resident
View1831 23RD AVE 44 Purpus Residence
View1857 23RD AVE 44 Coryell Residence
View1871 23RD AVE 44 Risse Residence
View2201 E NEWTON ST E 44 Warren Residence
View2205 E NEWTON ST E 44 Miron Residence
View2130 HAMLIN Keeper Residence 
View2211 E NEWTON ST E 44 Kreyenhagen Residence
View2217 E NEWTON ST E 44 Medferd Residence
View1750 BOYER AVE 45 Chen Residence
View1754 BOYER AVE 45 Ellis residence
View1764 BOYER AVE 45 Harvey residence
View1901 25TH AVE 45 Canale Residence
View1923 25TH AVE 45 Hamilton Residence
View1939 25TH AVE 45 Man residence
View1953 25TH AVE 45 Emerson residence
View1812 E SHELBY ST E 01 Arai Residence
View1817 E SHELBY ST E 01 Davis Residence
View2112 E SHELBY ST E Sullivan Residence 
View2137 E SHELBY ST E Quigley Residence 
View2146 E SHELBY ST E Hardman Residence 
View1822 E SHELBY ST E 01 Rosen Residence
View2152 E SHELBY ST E Clegg Residence 
View2418 E MILLER ST E Seto Residence
View4722 19TH AVE  
View5230 19TH AVE  
View5226-28 19TH AVE  
View5212 19TH AVE Unknown 
View1825 NE 58TH ST NE Unknown 
View5211 19TH AVE  
View5229 19TH AVE  
View5233 19TH AVE  
View5247 19TH AVE  
View1810 23RD AVE 49 Pozarycki Residence
View2123 BOYER AVE Larsen Residence34 Perin Residence
View1833 E SHELBY ST E 01 Park and Hong Residence
View1837 E SHELBY ST E 01 Wilkinson Residence
View2402 24TH AVE Murdock Residence 
View1838 E SHELBY ST E Williams-Pepper Residence01 Leonard Residence
View1876 E SHELBY ST E 01 Brown Residence
View1877 E SHELBY ST E 01 Wissmar Residence
View1886 E SHELBY ST E 01 Wilder Residence
View1862 E HAMLIN ST E Roop Residence01 Andrews Residence
View1866 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Parker Residence
View1882 E HAMLIN ST E 01 De Moreno Residence
View2817 E PARK DR E 02 Elliott Residence
View1857 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Johnson Residence
View1867 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Beckwith Residence
View1879 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Bova Residence
View5215 18TH AVE  
View2505 E CALHOUN ST E Harter Residence25 Matthews Residence
View5255 16TH AVE  
View2410 E BOSTON ST E Pincus Residence39 Counts Residence
View2417 E LYNN ST E Eckford Residence 39 McMurray-Rose Residence
View2039 26TH AVE 40 Dahl Residence
View2002 BOYER AVE 43 Michaelsen Residence
View2006 BOYER AVE 43 Albertstein Residence
View2008 BOYER AVE 43 Brixey Residence
View2014 BOYER AVE 43 Loop Residence
View1862 E SHELBY ST E 01 Loeffler Residence
View2456 24TH AVE Mitten Residence 
View2209 E ROANOKE ST E Mortrude Residence 
View2734 MONTLAKE BLVD Price Residence 
View2412 E LOUISA ST E Odom Residence 08 Nayle-Renderos Residence
View2428 E LOUISA ST E Kerchen Residence08 Brinker-Ngoc-Huye
View2815 MONTLAKE BLVD Kahlke Residence 
View2904 MONTLAKE BLVD Nelson Residence 
View2908 MONTLAKE BLVD Thompson Residence 
View5014 19TH AVE H.L. Seamans Residence 
View4514 18TH AVE  
View4547 19TH AVE  
View1720 NE 58TH ST NE  
View1800 NE 58TH ST NE  
View5710 18TH AVE  
View2002 E MILLER ST E 10 Balaski Residence
View2012 E MILLER ST E Beach Residence10 Weiskopf Residence
View2014 E MILLER ST E 10 Loh Residence
View2507 22ND AVE Rawson Residence10 Orr-Schoenborn Residence
View2514 20TH AVE Rogers Residence10 Turnbull Residence
View1908 25TH AVE Stapleton Residence46 Cook Residence
View1916 25TH AVE Perknson Residence 46 Bear Residence
View1922 25TH AVE Wilmot Residence46 Downing Residence
View1932 25TH AVE 46 Kinnear Residence
View1938 25TH AVE 46 Li Residence
View1711 26TH AVE Roston Residence46 Pillarisetty
View1719 26TH AVE Wakefield Residence46 Wallach-Hatch Residence
View1727 26TH AVE DeFreece Residence46 Dhamdhere Residence
View1755 26TH AVE Shager Residence46 Phillips Residence
View1759 26TH AVE Eckhart Residence46 Tomchak Residence
View1931 26TH AVE Graham Residence 46 Marsh Residence
View1949 26TH AVE Kirshbaum Residence46 Gannon-Fernandez Residence
View1953 26TH AVE Dykes Residence46 Arkans Residence
View1957 26TH AVE Scherz Residence46 Dick-Forry Residence
View2415 19TH AVE Wilfrey Residence 
View1902 E MCGRAW ST E Gifford Residence 
View1736 26TH AVE Allen Residence47 Fan-Rafton Residence
View1748 26TH AVE Knudsen Residence 47 Cline Residence
View1912 26TH AVE Jamieson Residence 47 Hopkins Residence
View1918 26TH AVE Shaw Residence 47 Opheim Residence
View1928 26TH AVE Lankford Residence 47 Rorke Residence
View1936 26TH AVE Hebert Residence47 Saylor Residence
View1940 26TH AVE Ashley Residence 47 Kelly Residence
View1952 26TH AVE Gilbert Residence 47 Wood residence
View1960 26TH AVE Faris Residence 47 Wehman Residence
View1914 BOYER AVE Scuitto Residence 48 Weaver Residence
View5047 18TH AVE  
View5043 18TH AVE  
View5034 18TH AVE  
View5802 17TH AVE  
View2157 BOYER AVE Nestor Residence 34 Affolter Residence
View2209 25TH AVE Bean Residence39 Curtis Residence
View2216 25TH AVE 40 Fulghum Residence
View2222 25TH AVE 40 Brown Residence
View2001 26TH AVE 40 Cummings Residence
View2043 26TH AVE 40 Johnston Residence
View1822 23RD AVE 49 Huster Residence
View2147 BOYER AVE Fitzsimmons Residence34 Ortblad Residence
View2201 25TH AVE Cruikshank Residence39 Schmidt Residence
View2022 25TH AVE 40 Wesol Residence
View2026 25TH AVE 40 Bauer Residence
View2202 25TH AVE 40 Allor Johan Residence
View2206 25TH AVE 40 Hurlbut Residence
View2210 25TH AVE 40 Bammert Residence
View2011 26TH AVE 40 Tianen Workinesh Residence
View2201 E HOWE ST E 44 Hein Residence
View2205 E HOWE ST E 44 Sundheim Residence
View2209 HOWE AVE 44 Gruber Residence
View2215 E HOWE ST E 44 Jacobson Residence
View2110 E HAMLIN ST E Gustav Residence 
View2111 E HAMLIN ST E Belford Residence 
View2112 E HAMLIN ST E Vandewall Residence 
View2117 E HAMLIN ST E Curti Residence 
View2136 HAMLIN Berliner Residence 
View2141 E HAMLIN ST E Wolf Residence 
View2147 E HAMLIN ST E Steigert Residence 
View1808 24TH AVE 45 Lee residence
View1816 24TH AVE Mayrand Residence45 Singer residence
View1824 24TH AVE 45 Byrd residence
View1844 24TH AVE 45 Frijlink residence
View1874 24TH AVE 45 Ryn residence
View1882 24TH AVE 45 Weisman Residence
View1813 25TH AVE Windas Residence45 Morehead residence
View1856 E SHELBY ST E 01 Wener Residence
View1873 E SHELBY ST E 01 Dobrowolski Residence
View1874 E SHELBY ST E 01 Domenowske Residence
View2810 W PARK DR W Barnhart Residence01 2810 LLC Residence
View2118 E SHELBY ST E 02 Balick Residence
View2511 22ND AVE Crane Residence10 Farley Residence
View1910 25TH AVE Fleetwood Residence46 Greenberg Residence
View1948 25TH AVE Kramer Residence 46 Powers Residence
View1954 25TH AVE 46 Johsson Haeran Residence
View1958 25TH AVE Airheart Residence 46 Brice Residence
View2016 E MILLER ST E Wood Residence10 Dale Residence
View2020 E MILLER ST E Copeland Residence10 Stephens Residence
View1826 25TH AVE Hobbs Residence46 Hobbs Residence
View1900 25TH AVE Vanderbilt Residence 46 Fenichel Residence
View2303 19TH AVE Dickson Residence 
View2307 19TH AVE Murphy Residence 
View1606 BOYER AVE Stratton Residence 47 Smith Residence
View1708 26TH AVE Richardson Residence 47 Albertson Residence
View1718 26TH AVE Jacobs Residence 47 Gibson Residence
View1722 26TH AVE Curkendall Residence47 Gibson Residence
View1902 E LYNN ST E Powers Residence 
View1962 BOYER AVE Dobb Residence48 Chapple Residence
View2019 E NEWTON ST E 36 Weir Residence
View2029 E NEWTON ST E 36 Holtman residence
View2033 E NEWTON ST E 36 Raab Residence
View2045 E NEWTON ST E 36 Lindhorst Residene
View2032 E NEWTON ST E 37 Santos Residence
View2211 22ND AVE 37 Goldenberg residence
View2221 22ND AVE 37 Durand residence
View2227 22ND AVE 37 Motzer residence
View2001 E LYNN ST E 37 Onat Residence
View2007 E LYNN ST E Zimmerman Residence 37 Johnston Residence
View2207 24TH AVE 38 Glein Residence
View2219 24TH AVE 38 Thirkield Residence
View2317 E LYNN ST E 38 Lynn St Apts
View2206 E LYNN ST E Brotherton Residence31 Payseno Residence
View2210 E LYNN ST E Hare-Allen Residence31 Allen Residence
View2314 E LYNN ST E Cunningham Residence 31 Beiter Residence
View1909 25TH AVE 45 Fuller Residence
View1911 25TH AVE 45 Bridgman residence
View1840 E SHELBY ST E Reif Residence01 Torrance Residence
View2506 24TH AVE Anderson-Ballard Residence 
View1883 E SHELBY ST E 01 Huie Residence
View2408 E LOUISA ST E Peterson Residence08 Covington Residence
View2422 E LOUISA ST E Mortrude Residence08 Houtz Residence
View2557 25TH AVE Koehler Residence08 Jones residence
View1937 26TH AVE McDonald Residence 46 Reese-Cox Residence
View1921 E LYNN ST E 36 Davidson Residence
View2205 22ND AVE 37 Tratt Residence
View2031 24TH AVE Conyers Residence 38 Manzin Residence
View2304 22ND AVE 31 Knight residence
View1930 E LYNN ST E 29 Dahl Residence
View1616 E MCGRAW ST E Laney Residence19 Connor-Forbes Residence
View1620 E MCGRAW ST E Olsen Residence 19 O'Neil Residence
View1915 E MILLER ST E Ohlson Residence13 Sullivan Residence
View1904 E MCGRAW ST E Druxman Residence 21 Fleishman residence
View1910 E MCGRAW ST E Gloyer Residence 21 Soper Residence
View1924 E MCGRAW ST E Elliott Residence 21 Roe Residence
View1934 E MCGRAW ST E Burnell Reidence 21 Buckley Residence
View1927 E CALHOUN ST E Crook Residence 21 Justice-O'Conner residence
View2215 E CALHOUN ST E Millar Residence 23 Mao Residence
View2219 E CALHOUN ST E McMeekin Residence23 Shearer residence
View2415 E CALHOUN ST E Neslon Residence24 Hartlage Residence
View2424 E CALHOUN ST E McCue Residence16 Ho Residence
View2423 E MILLER ST E Halliwell Residence 16 Goodman Residence
View2427 E MILLER ST E Aamod Residence 16 Johnson Residence
View2215 E MILLER ST E Drain Residence15 Froehlich Residence
View2216 E MILLER ST E Hansen Residence11 Dixon Residence
View2220 E MILLER ST E Cooper Residence11 Baker Residence
View2011 E MILLER ST E Gray Residence 14 Yoder Residence
View2017 E MILLER ST E Means Residence 14 Knox Residence
View2210 E CALHOUN ST E Morrow Residence 15 Fuller Residence
View2214 26TH AVE Hall Residence 40 Gray Residence
View2560 24TH AVE Draper Residence08 Clark-Quinn Residence
View1736 26TH AVE Allen Residence47 Fan-Rafton Residence
View1927 26TH AVE MacDougall-Dulmage Residence46 Smith Residence
View1941 26TH AVE Greenhill Residence46 Lund Residence
View1945 26TH AVE Halverson Residence 46 Ulmschneider Residence
View1965 26TH AVE Downie Residence46 Stanton Residence
View1969 26TH AVE Flakstad Residence 46 Brown Residence
View1924 26TH AVE Freudenberger Residence 47 Opheim Residence
View2077 E HOWE ST E 36 Trower Residence
View2064 23RD AVE 38 Burke residence
View2074 23RD AVE 38 Wilson residence
View2303 25TH AVE Moore Residence32 Thompson Residence
View2309 25TH AVE Gould Residence32 Frink residence
View1912 E MCGRAW ST E Swigart Residence 21 Simonds residence
View7302 22ND AVE  
View7307 23RD AVE  
View8323 15TH AVE  
View7706 32ND AVE  
View7343 ALONZO AVE  
View3403 NW 70TH ST NW  
View3404 NW 68TH ST NW  
View7003 26TH AVE  
View7042 27TH AVE  
View1739 26TH AVE 46 Marks Residence
View1743 26TH AVE 46 MacDonald Residence
View1770 26TH AVE Weber Residence47 Forbush residence
View1918 BOYER AVE Shimmin Residence48 Harper Residence
View1927 E LYNN ST E Morrison Residence 36 Spooner Residence
View1931 E LYNN ST E 36 Baraboi residence
View2015 E NEWTON ST E 36 Vrignau Residence
View2041 24TH AVE 38 Stroud Residence
View2051 24TH AVE 38 Fung Residence
View2057 24TH AVE Columbro Residence 38 Thirkield Residence
View1934 E LYNN ST E Keeney Residence 29 Bakken Residence
View2211 E CALHOUN ST E McNamara Residence 23 Fox Residence
View2203 E MILLER ST E Erb Residence 15 Shaul Residence
View2211 E MILLER ST E West Residence 15 Hunt Residence
View2215 E MILLER ST E Drain Residence 15 Froehlich Residence
View7303 23RD AVE  
View7040 MARY AVE  
View7042 26TH AVE  
View2838 NW 58TH ST NW  
View3203 NW 60TH ST NW  
View1102 NW 64TH ST NW  
View943 NW 60TH ST NW  
View1958 BOYER AVE Howe Residence 48 Lindstrom Residence
View2215 22ND AVE 37 Neudorfer residence
View2217 22ND AVE 37 Lobel residence
View2015 E LYNN ST E 37 Schreiber residence
View2017 23RD AVE Elwell Residence 37 Wartman Residence
View2056 23RD AVE Alt Residence38 Bain Residence
View2005 24TH AVE 38 Johnson Residence
View2011 24TH AVE Hart Residence38 Clagg Residence
View2223 E MCGRAW ST E 31 Jaffe Residence
View1919 E MCGRAW ST E 29 Summers Residence
View1935 E MCGRAW ST E 29 Deburle Residence
View1906 E LYNN ST E 29 Blazina Residence
View1914 E LYNN ST E 29 Shapiro Residence
View2507 E MILLER ST E Catlow Residence 17 Thomas Residence
View2227 E LOUISA ST E Residence11 Lemon residence
View1920 E MCGRAW ST E Harris Residence 21 Lucia Residence
View1915 E CALHOUN ST E Reese Residence 21 Trzyna Residence
View1919 E CALHOUN ST E Meredith Residence 21 Burnell Residence
View2208 E MCGRAW ST E Gerrick Residence23 Rezek-Brown Residence
View2416 E MCGRAW ST E Hartney Residence 24 Arnold Residence
View2407 25TH AVE Beneke Residence 24 Schlenker Residence
View2416 24TH AVE Benjamin Residence 24 Lee Residence
View2212 E MILLER ST E Shields Residence11 Chang Residence
View2202 E CALHOUN ST E Delfel Residence 15 Sawyer Residence
View2611 25TH AVE MacLean Residence04 Freiburger Residence
View2319 25TH AVE Gray Residence32 Marek Residence
View1915 E MCGRAW ST E 29 Saganic Residence
View815 6TH AVE  
View565 VALLEY ST  
View2609 BROADWAY AVE Johnson-Hanson HouseBroadway House
View2601 BROADWAY AVE Betterton-Hillman HouseRoanoke House
View1000 E SHELBY ST E Dart, Frank V. and Nora A., HouseMcKinley, Todd, House
View2333 BROADWAY AVE Cummings HouseBillodue House
View1923 E CALHOUN ST E Bedle Residence 21 Landin residence
View1931 E CALHOUN ST E Sprinkle Residence 21 Turner residence
View1935 E CALHOUN ST E Esdae Residence 21 Iyer residence
View2428 E CALHOUN ST E Swartzlander Residence 16 Galassi Residence
View2832 BROADWAY AVE Tucker, Wilm on and Lillian, HouseBaker, Abner B., House
View2700 10TH AVE Beckwick, D.V. and Julia, HouseOwens, Angela P ., House
View4401 CALIFORNIA AVE Dr. Albert KnutsonBill Raleigh, DDS
View2726 HARVARD AVE Agnew-Kahle HouseGagnon, Rosalie, House
View2728 HARVARD AVE Gleason, James P. and Nellie D., HouseGleason, James P. and Nellie D., House
View2817 NW 69TH ST NW  
View7558 16TH AVE  
View3031 NW 59TH ST NW  
View8341 12TH AVE   
View2722 10TH AVE Cavanaugh, William E. and Alice, HouseCarlstrom, David and Lin Jin, House
View2809 10TH AVE Bardshar, Fred H. and Rachel, HouseAllen, Victoria Elizabeth, House
View7311 26TH AVE  
View7353 15TH AVE  
View7100 28TH AVE  
View1712 NW 63RD ST NW  
View7007 25TH AVE  
View3002 NW 58TH ST NW  
View2823 10TH AVE Mason, Leonard A. and Marion B., HouseChapman, Bruce and Sarah, House
View2832 10TH AVE Higgins, John C. and Lorene S., HousePickel, Charles Weber and Bossier, Shirley A., House
View3208 NW 59TH ST NW  
View2725 BROADWAY AVE Soderberg, J. A. and Martha, HouseVivekananda House
View2818 BROADWAY AVE Marcus, Max and Frieda, HouseParthasarathi, Mukhopadhya House
View2822 BROADWAY AVE Gaunce, Harold S. and Maude I., HouseChao House
View804 E HAMLIN ST E Stephens, Dr. Lorenzo L. and Maude B., HouseGibbs, Bruce C., House
View912 E SHELBY ST E Prosser-Dowling HouseMayeno, James M. and Mary M., House
View2706 10TH AVE Parshall, Louis A. and Martha I., HouseTodaro, Thomas Matthew, House
View2729 10TH AVE Packard-Bridge HouseWalters,Deborah, and Patterson, Daniel S., House
View2808 10TH AVE Spencer, George K. and Mabel M., HouseWatson, Brant, House
View2817 10TH AVE Stevenson, Elizabeth, HouseGalpin, Amos and Lufkin, Elise, House
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