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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View2311 E ALDER ST E   
View2736 BROADWAY AVE Sullivan-Walker HouseSilverberg, Steven M. and Elizabeth H., House
View2722 HARVARD AVE Stokes, Harry C. and Emma J., HouseEspling, Erik S. and Emilie M., House
View2808 BROADWAY AVE Pettitt, Elbert and Jennie, HouseTaylor, Ed and Sue, House
View815 13TH AVE   
View632 33RD AVE   
View801 34TH AVE   
View1515 E MARION ST E   
View1814 E CHERRY ST E   
View128 30TH AVE   
View137 31ST AVE   
View1733 MADRONA DR   
View1616 37TH AVE   
View317 16TH AVE   
View1121 GRAND AVE   
View528 19TH AVE   
View1443 22ND AVE   
View1132 16TH AVE   
View814 19th AVE Unknown 
View908 W Fulton ST W Unknown 
View5002 8th AVE Unknown 
View119 Tower PL DeMille-Jongeward House 
View5211 11th AVE Unknown 
View2745 Mount Saint Helens PL   
View3921 Densmore AVE   
View5235 22nd AVE Unknown 
View5026 19TH AVE Unknown 
View3223 HUNTER BLVD   
View2206 Nob Hill AVE Martin, Harry & Zoulou, House 
View5203 15th AVE Unknown 
View2415 10th AVE   
View5520 17TH AVE Unknown 
View4533 Eastern AVE   
View2528 31st AVE   
View3328 HUNTER BLVD   
View2333 34th AVE   
View3243 CASCADIA AVE   
View2705 3rd AVE   
View2202 2nd AVE Unknown 
View1043 S Cloverdale ST S Unknown 
View3410 CASCADIA AVE   
View5253 19TH AVE Unknown 
View3237 HUNTER BLVD   
View309 NE 52nd ST NE   
View303 W Prospect ST W Hager, George and Beatrice, House 
View2567 Shoreland DR   
View4726 18TH AVE Unknown 
View2909 E ALDER ST E   
View107 DORFFEL DR   
View755 32ND AVE   
View4527 18TH AVE  
View4533 19TH AVE  
View4748 19TH AVE  
View4758 19TH AVE  
View1719 NE 50TH ST NE  
View4747 18TH AVE  
View4711 18TH AVE  
View4730 17TH AVE  
View4734 17TH AVE  
View4732 16TH AVE Unknown 
View5010 19TH AVE  
View5023 19TH AVE  
View5032-34 19TH AVE  
View5043 19TH AVE Unknown 
View5027 18TH AVE  
View5019 17TH AVE  
View5031 16TH AVE  
View5043 16TH AVE  
View5040 16TH AVE Estes Residence 
View5023 18TH AVE Muriel L. Guberlet Residence 
View4728 16TH AVE  
View5731 16TH AVE Unknown 
View5727 17TH AVE Unknown 
View4716 19TH AVE  
View4730 19TH AVE  
View5018 18TH AVE  
View5015 18TH AVE  
View5003 18TH AVE  
View5042 17TH AVE  
View4714 18TH AVE  
View4722 18TH AVE  
View4736 18TH AVE Unknown 
View5242 16TH AVE  
View4508 18TH AVE  
View5039 18TH AVE  
View5042 18TH AVE Wager Residence 
View5258 19TH AVE  
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