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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View2502 LYNN ST  Muktarian Residence
View2510 E LYNN ST E Anderson Residence
View2514 E LYNN ST E Jacques Residence
View2528 E LYNN ST E Johnson-Chetlimer Residence
View2532 E LYNN ST E Looney Residence
View2320 25TH AVE Lindell Residence
View2507 E MCGRAW ST E Kimball Residence
View2509 E MCGRAW ST E Jones, Jeffrey, Residence
View2525 E MCGRAW ST E Todd-Mackay Residence
View2001 E MCGRAW ST E Carriker Residence
View2313 22ND AVE McGovern Residence
View2317 22ND AVE Viola-Billey Residence
View2010 E LYNN ST E Gandara Residence
View2012 E LYNN ST E Heller Residence
View2020 E LYNN ST E Kremers Residence
View2512 24TH AVE Eck Residence
View2411 E LOUISA ST E Boyle Residence
View2415 E LOUISA ST E Steinbrecher Residence
View2421 E LOUISA ST E Hubbell Residence
View2427 E LOUISA ST E Albright Residence
View2511 25TH AVE Kehl Residence
View2408 E MILLER ST E Ryden Residence
View2428 E MILLER ST E Delay Residence
View2201 E ROANOKE ST E Nickles Residence
View2205 E ROANOKE ST E Goggin Residence
View2550 22ND AVE Cuevas Residence
View2210 E LOUISA ST E Rizk-Smith Residence
View2216 E LOUISA ST E Rhee Residence
View2220 E LOUISA ST E Gray Residence
View2212 E ROANOKE ST E Gail Residence
View2220 E ROANOKE ST E McIntyre Residence
View2610 24TH AVE 04 Kavanaugh Residence
View2404 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Beeharry Residence
View2408 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Marshall Residence
View2412 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Crakes Residence
View2410 E Lynn ST E Montlake TheaterMontlake Apartments
View2500 Lake Washington BLVD Washington Park Playfield Shelter House 
View2305 24th AVE Montlake MarketCafé Lago
View2700 24th AVE Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) 
View2012 43rd AVE Lakecrest/Shoremont ApartmentsLake Court Apartments
View2506 LYNN ST  
View2005 E MCGRAW ST E Williamson Residence
View2009 E MCGRAW ST E OMalley Residence
View2015 E MCGRAW ST E Foster Residence
View2023 E MCGRAW ST E Duncan Residence
View2420 E MILLER ST E Gallo Residence
View2225 E NORTH ST E 04 Pahlow Residence
View2422 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Ringenburg Residence
View2436 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Randall Residence
View2610 GLENWILDE PL 04 Hawkins Residence
View2611 GLENWILDE PL 04 Codomo-MacMillin Residence
View2618 GLENWILDE PL 04 Long Residence
View2606 25TH AVE 04 Harvey Residence
View2612 25TH AVE 04 Sinkler Residence
View2502 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Conkling Residence
View1617 BOYER AVE Colonel John Boyer Residence50 Benson Residence
View2311 26TH AVE Looney-McDonald Residence
View2017 E MCGRAW ST E Butler Residence
View2307 22ND AVE Digiacomo Residence
View2303 22ND AVE Weiner + Maizels Residence
View2216 E ROANOKE ST E Lowe Residence
View1603 BOYER AVE Harmer Residence50 Morrison Residence
View2124 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Howe Residence50 Monks-Lavin Residence
View2112 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Foster Residence50 Feldman Residence
View1821 BOYER AVE Bartells Residence50 Plutt-Streckenbach residence
View2502 E MCGRAW ST E Flett Residence25 Vogeley Residence
View2150 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Chamberlain Residence50 Ahmann Residence
View2402 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E 50 Kan Residence
View2607 ROYAL CT 04 Trupin-Hundley Residence
View2611 ROYAL CT 04 Shigaki Residence
View2103 BOYER AVE Auernheimer Residence34 Metzger Residence
View2021 25TH AVE Nowell Residence39 Lindblad Residence
View2205 25TH AVE Fullerton Residence39 Wells Residence
View2414 E BOSTON ST E Dye Residence 39 Bundesmann Residence
View2425 E LYNN ST E Stusser Residence39 Lecocq Residence
View2429 E LYNN ST E Todd Residence39 Haworth-Pai Residence
View2011 25TH AVE Romer Residence39 Fero Residence
View2006 25TH AVE 40 Simenstad Residence
View2023 26TH AVE 40 Blaski Residence
View2031 26TH AVE 40 Foley Residence
View2000 26TH AVE 41 Clifford Residence
View2008 26TH AVE 41 Pernell Residence
View2004 E LYNN ST E Akers Residence
View2024 E LYNN ST E Fry + Demers Residence
View2219 E NORTH ST E Mattson Residence
View2611 24TH AVE 04 Donnelly-Ross Residence
View2616 24TH AVE 04 Roach Residence
View2518 E MCGRAW ST E Olson Residence25 Zeribi Residence
View2501 E CALHOUN ST E Brook Residence 25 Anderson Residence
View2509 E CALHOUN ST E Baker Residence 25 Engelland Residence
View2515 E CALHOUN ST E Lindroth Residence25 Williams-Murphy Residence
View2414 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Rorabaugh Residence 50 Startup Residence
View2426 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Mason Residence 50 Rosenberg Residence
View2432 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Birkinshaw Residence50 Rye-Digene Residence
View2019 19TH AVE O'Connor Residence34 Fillipi Residence
View2109 BOYER AVE O'Connor Residence34 Dahl Residence
View2119 BOYER AVE Van Frank Residence 34 Vennemann Residence
View2426 E MILLER ST E Engen Residence
View2434 E MILLER ST E Laughman Residence
View2515 E MCGRAW ST E Lessler Residence
View2209 E ROANOKE ST E Kerl Residence
View2571 E MONTLAKE PL E Ihnot Residence
View2206 E LOUISA ST E Lampkin Residence
View2428 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Clark Residence
View2432 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Kaufman Residence
View2512 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Pittaway Residence
View2610 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Residence50 Steinbach & Whimbey
View1851 24TH AVE 49 Frydenlund residence
View1855 24TH AVE 49 Hilliard Residence
View1823 24TH AVE 49 Teeter Residence
View1808 24TH AVE 49 Carney residence
View1818 23RD AVE 49 Lilly Residence
View2506 E MCGRAW ST E Combat Residence25 Stuk Residence
View2510 E MCGRAW ST E Mitchell Residence25 Anderson, Eric, Residence
View2520 E MCGRAW ST E U'Renn Residence25 Bainbridge Residence
View2526 E MCGRAW ST E Pincus Residence25 Tufel Residence
View2519 E CALHOUN ST E Tandberg Residence25 Knight Residence
View2525 E CALHOUN ST E Ostrow Residence25 Noll Residence
View1910 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Hyse Residence34 Derschang Residence
View2001 19TH AVE Thorne Residence 34 Sugarman Residence
View2007 19TH AVE Thorne Residence 34 Parke Residence
View2127 BOYER AVE Seiter Residence 34 Iseman Residence
View2133 BOYER AVE Hayes Residence34 Chin Residence
View2167 BOYER AVE Harris Residence 34 Skarin Residence
View2171 BOYER AVE Jones Residence34 Leonard Residence
View2175 BOYER AVE Nisbet Residence34 Duthweiler Residence
View2006 24TH AVE Christensen Residence 50 Sanborn-Oppenheim Residence
View2022 24TH AVE Waller Residence 39 Wallace Residence
View2015 25TH AVE Lueben Residence 39 Villeneuve Residence
View2003 25TH AVE Bryant Residence39 Andrews Residence
View2007 25TH AVE Saboe Residence39 Oliphant Residence
View2019 25TH AVE Cook Residence39 Schuchart Residence
View2004 25TH AVE 40 Mead Residence
View2010 25TH AVE 40 Edgerton Tere Residence
View2014 25TH AVE 40 Wenger Li Residence
View2007 26TH AVE 40 Griffeth Residence
View2015 26TH AVE 40 Boileau Residence
View2047 26TH AVE 40 Cox Residence
View2049 26TH AVE 40 Robinson Residence
View2016 26TH AVE 41 Ingham Residence
View2022 26TH AVE 41 Allen Residence
View2030 26TH AVE 41 Wessells Residence
View2034 26TH AVE 41 Johnson Residence
View2038 26TH AVE 41 Heller Residence
View2605 E LYNN ST E 41 Williamson Residence
View2000 19TH AVE 42 Williams Residence
View2011 E EATON PL E 42 Pierson Residence
View2024 19TH AVE 42 Jorgensen Residence
View1955 20TH AVE 42 Ashworth Residence
View1903 21ST AVE 42 Carey Residence
View1904 21ST AVE 42 Strong Residence
View1908 21ST AVE Merritt Residence42 Fogdall Residence
View1912 21ST AVE Goldman Residence42 Pagano-Mehdi Residence
View1951 21ST AVE Goss Residence 42 Rosenblatt Residecne
View1905 22ND AVE Prescott Residence42 Ailion Residence
View2005 BOYER AVE Madden Residence42 Burkart Residence
View2011 BOYER AVE Broadfoot Residence42 Lesnikowski Residence
View2025 BOYER AVE Sleigh Residence42 Hart Residence
View2033 BOYER AVE Inkeles Residence 42 Connorton Residence
View2029 BOYER AVE Kronfield Residence42 Shields Residence
View2037 BOYER AVE Nelson Residence42 Anderson Residence
View1907 E BLAINE ST E 43 Lamb Residence
View1915 E BLAINE ST E 43 O'Brien Residence
View1919 E BLAINE ST E 43 Hobbs Residence
View1925 E BLAINE ST E 43 Goldsmith Residence
View1929 E BLAINE ST E 43 Matter Residence
View1933 E BLAINE ST E 43 Warren Residence
View2018 BOYER AVE 43 Greer Residence
View2022 BOYER AVE 43 Krauser Residence
View2223 E HOWE ST E 44 Handler Residence
View2231 E HOWE ST E 44 Bean Residence
View2268 E HOWE ST E 44 Goebel Residence
View2272 E HOWE ST E 44 Gehrke Residence
View2228 E BLAINE ST E 44 Lindy LLC residence
View2232 E BLAINE ST E 44 Cashman Residence
View1807 E HAMLIN ST E Seattle Yacht ClubSeattle Yacht Club
View1841 23RD AVE 44 Manos-Dinter Residence
View1849 23RD AVE 44 Sears-Brown Residence
View2524 E LYNN ST E Palmer Residence
View2410 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Russell Residence50 Residence
View2610 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Residence50 Pasckvale Residence
View1826 23RD AVE 49 Stanley Residence
View2510 E MCGRAW ST E Livingstone Residence25 Bicknell Residence
View1648 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Wheeler Residence34 McTaggart Residence
View2026 26TH AVE 41 Siebert Resident
View2001 BOYER AVE Morgan Residence42 Georgakopoulos Residence
View1885 E HAMLIN ST E Brown Residence 
View2121 E HAMLIN ST E Fleetwood Residence 
View1831 23RD AVE 44 Purpus Residence
View1853 23RD AVE 44 Rothbefg Residence
View1857 23RD AVE 44 Coryell Residence
View1863 23RD AVE 44 Ruddy Residence
View1871 23RD AVE 44 Risse Residence
View2201 E NEWTON ST E 44 Warren Residence
View2205 E NEWTON ST E 44 Miron Residence
View2127 E HAMLIN ST E Crane Residence 
View2128 E HAMLIN ST E Everett Nordstrom House 
View2130 HAMLIN Keeper Residence 
View2133 E HAMLIN ST E Graham Residence 
View2150 E HAMLIN ST E Edington Residence 
View2151 E HAMLIN ST E Merritt Residence 
View2160 E HAMLIN ST E Beuschlein Residence 
View2211 E NEWTON ST E 44 Kreyenhagen Residence
View2217 E NEWTON ST E 44 Medferd Residence
View2221 E NEWTON ST E 44 Cady Residence
View2225 E NEWTON ST E 44 Flying Fish LLC residence
View1750 BOYER AVE 45 Chen Residence
View1887 E SHELBY ST E Condon Residence 
View1754 BOYER AVE 45 Ellis residence
View1764 BOYER AVE 45 Harvey residence
View1850 24TH AVE 45 Chavez residence
View1864 24TH AVE 45 Benedetto Residence
View1888 24TH AVE 45 Robinson residence
View1821 25TH AVE Olson Residence45 Jackson residence
View1827 25TH AVE 45 Gellings residence
View1901 25TH AVE 45 Canale Residence
View1923 25TH AVE 45 Hamilton Residence
View1927 25TH AVE 45 Cox Residence
View1937 25TH AVE 45 Pesce Residence
View1939 25TH AVE 45 Man residence
View1943 25TH AVE 45 Cromartie Residence
View1953 25TH AVE 45 Emerson residence
View1812 E SHELBY ST E 01 Arai Residence
View1817 E SHELBY ST E 01 Davis Residence
View1894 E SHELBY ST E Hawthorne Residence 
View2112 E SHELBY ST E Sullivan Residence 
View2117 E SHELBY ST E Lutz Residence 
View2121 E SHELBY ST E Scholtes Residence 
View2127 E SHELBY ST E McGill Residence 
View2137 E SHELBY ST E Quigley Residence 
View2146 E SHELBY ST E Hardman Residence 
View2147 E SHELBY ST E Houlahan Residence 
View2136 E SHELBY ST E Faurot Residence 
View1822 E SHELBY ST E 01 Rosen Residence
View2152 E SHELBY ST E Clegg Residence 
View2158 E SHELBY ST E Dunn Residence 
View1823 E SHELBY ST E 01 Lam Residence
View2159 E SHELBY ST E Mary Houlahan House 
View1827 E SHELBY ST E Friedlander Residence 01 Walther Residence
View1863 E SHELBY ST E 01 Buckland Residence
View2418 E MILLER ST E Seto Residence
View2552 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Moeur Residence
View2556 E ROANOKE ST E 04 Kleinman Residence
View1847 24TH AVE 49 Cross residence
View1843 24TH AVE 49 Foote residence
View1810 23RD AVE 49 Pozarycki Residence
View2123 BOYER AVE Larsen Residence34 Perin Residence
View2018 25TH AVE 40 Lewis Residence
View2006 19TH AVE 42 Vandenberghe Residence
View1909 22ND AVE Diamond Residence 42 Canady
View1953 E BLAINE ST E 43 Seidenverg Residence
View1957 E BLAINE ST E 43 Chermack Residence
View1961 22ND AVE 43 Omberg Residence
View1893 E HAMLIN ST E Rogers-Tartar Residence 
View1800 E SHELBY ST E 01 Phi Chi Fraternity
View2142 E SHELBY ST E Faber Residence 
View1818 E SHELBY ST E Erwin Residence 01 1818 East Shelby LLC Residence
View1833 E SHELBY ST E 01 Park and Hong Residence
View1837 E SHELBY ST E 01 Wilkinson Residence
View2402 24TH AVE Murdock Residence 
View1838 E SHELBY ST E Williams-Pepper Residence01 Leonard Residence
View2502 24TH AVE Callahan Residence 
View2515 24TH AVE Cole Residence 
View1876 E SHELBY ST E 01 Brown Residence
View1877 E SHELBY ST E 01 Wissmar Residence
View2455 24TH AVE Brashen Residence 
View2406 E CALHOUN ST E Hoover Residence 
View1886 E SHELBY ST E 01 Wilder Residence
View1822 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Wilkinson Residence
View1826 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Leed Residence
View1836 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Hayden Residence
View1840 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Jacobson Soma Residence
View1846 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Leopold Residence
View1852 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Meleshuk Pevt Residence
View1856 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Weiner Residence
View1862 E HAMLIN ST E Roop Residence01 Andrews Residence
View1866 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Parker Residence
View1876 E HAMLIN ST E Thompson Residence 01 Baker Residence
View1882 E HAMLIN ST E 01 De Moreno Residence
View2126 E SHELBY ST E 02 Ralph-Ott Residence
View2132 E SHELBY ST E 02 Schuyler Residence
View2153 E SHELBY ST E 02 Burkland Residence
View2817 E PARK DR E 02 Elliott Residence
View1853 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Matsen Residence
View1857 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Johnson Residence
View1867 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Beckwith Residence
View1877 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Oppermann Residence
View1879 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Bova Residence
View1891 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Krutch Residence
View2557 22ND AVE 06 Haug Residence
View2553 22ND AVE 06 Baker Residence
View2625 E MONTLAKE PL E 06 Kemper Development Co. Gas Station
View2220 E LOUISA ST E Vaux Residence 
View2233 E MILLER ST E  
View2403 E ROANOKE ST E 08 Blakeney Residence
View2415 E ROANOKE ST E Pugh Residence08 Kahan Residence
View2425 E ROANOKE ST E Wilcox Residence08 Nelson Residence
View2809 MONTLAKE BLVD Kellogg Residence 
View2564 24TH AVE Scott Residence 08 Remole Residence
View2134 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Allen Residence50 Fahey Residence
View2142 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Bordeau Residence50 Phillips Residence
View2505 E CALHOUN ST E Harter Residence25 Matthews Residence
View2407 E BOSTON ST E Morse Residence39 Turner Residence
View2410 E BOSTON ST E Pincus Residence39 Counts Residence
View2413 E LYNN ST E Collins Residence39 Perrott Residence
View2417 E LYNN ST E Eckford Residence 39 McMurray-Rose Residence
View2421 E LYNN ST E Carey Residence39 Akers Residence
View2411 E BOSTON ST E Bucklew Residence39 Smith Residence
View2027 26TH AVE 40 Schmitt Residence
View2031 26TH AVE 40 Dubeck Erickson Residence
View2039 26TH AVE 40 Dahl Residence
View2010 E EATON PL E Hull Residence42 Majid Residence
View1900 22ND AVE Miller Residence42 Miller Residence
View1901 22ND AVE Prigmore Residence42 Smith Residence
View1941 BOYER AVE Kahler Residence42 Karkeck Residence
View1953 BOYER AVE Koch Residence42 Kragianis-Nozipho Residence
View2002 BOYER AVE 43 Michaelsen Residence
View2006 BOYER AVE 43 Albertstein Residence
View2008 BOYER AVE 43 Brixey Residence
View2014 BOYER AVE 43 Loop Residence
View2236 E BLAINE ST E 44 Zimmer Residence
View2240 E BLAINE ST E 44 Trupin-Pollock Residence
View2244 E BLAINE ST E 44 Sand Residence
View1826 E SHELBY ST E 01 Johnson Residence
View1855 E SHELBY ST E 01 Stoll Residence
View1862 E SHELBY ST E 01 Loeffler Residence
View2459 24TH AVE Quiett Residence 
View2466 24TH AVE Andrews Residence 
View2456 24TH AVE Mitten Residence 
View2009 E ROANOKE ST E Christianson Residence 
View2209 E ROANOKE ST E Mortrude Residence 
View2559 E ROANOKE ST E Jefferson Residence 
View2603 E ROANOKE ST E Base Residence 
View1618 E CALHOUN ST E Montlake Field House 
View2008 E LOUISA ST E 06 Fein Residence
View2524 25TH AVE 09 Scoccia Residence
View2604 E MONTLAKE PL E Brennan Residence 
View2610 E MONTLAKE PL E Umoff Residence 
View2219 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Lawrence Residence 
View2223 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Kachel Residence 
View227 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Davis Residence 
View2231 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Graf Residence 
View2401 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Wakefield Residence 
View2409 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Merrick Residence 
View2415 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Swift Residence 
View2441 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Lawrence Residence  
View2445 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Bowles Residence 
View2445 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD McBurney Residence 
View2537 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Alexander Residence 
View2734 MONTLAKE BLVD Price Residence 
View2723 MONTLAKE BLVD U.S. Bureau of Fisheries - West Wing Building 
View2723 MONTLAKE BLVD U.S. Bureau of Fisheries – North Campus Building #2 
View2723 MONTLAKE BLVD U.S. Bureau of Fisheries – Hatchery Building 
View2723 MONTLAKE BLVD U.S. Bureau of Fisheries – Butler Building 
View2552 25TH AVE 09 Thayer Residence
View2412 E LOUISA ST E Odom Residence 08 Nayle-Renderos Residence
View2418 E LOUISA ST E Miller Residence08 Murdock Residence
View2428 E LOUISA ST E Kerchen Residence08 Brinker-Ngoc-Huye
View2556 25TH AVE 09 Hsieh + Chang Residence
View2562 25TH AVE 09 Howitson Residence
View2505 E ROANOKE ST E 09 Evans Residence
View2515 E ROANOKE ST E 09 Kleinschmidt Residence
View2555 E ROANOKE ST E 09 Schumy Residence
View2504 25TH AVE Fasten Residence09 Sim Residence
View2512 E MILLER ST E Hocking Residence09 Abu-Alhashem Residence
View2518 E MILLER ST E Harschfeld Residence09 Arnstein Residence
View2524 E MILLER ST E Katz Residence09 Atlakson Residence
View2530 E MILLER ST E Haldane Residence09 Ephram Residence
View2511 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD 09 Jamieson + Coe Residence
View2521 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Arensberg Residence 09 Taylor Residence
View2525 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD 09 Smith Residence
View2531 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Havens Residence 09 Albert Residence
View2810 MONTLAKE BLVD John W. Nordstrom House 
View2812 MONTLAKE BLVD Magee Residence 
View2815 MONTLAKE BLVD Kahlke Residence 
View2818 MONTLAKE BLVD Wells Residence 
View2904 MONTLAKE BLVD Nelson Residence 
View2908 MONTLAKE BLVD Thompson Residence 
View2309 BOYER AVE Lee Residence 
View2324 BOYER AVE Knaust Residence 
View1602 E LYNN ST E Murdoch Residence 
View1608 E LYNN ST E Anderon Residence 
View1612 E LYNN ST E Hain Residence 
View2518 ROYAL CT 09 Stone Residence
View2519 ROYAL CT 09 Peterson Residence
View2523 ROYAL CT 09 Haley Residence
View2524 ROYAL CT 09 Gorman Residence
View2527 ROYAL CT 09 Reyhner Residence
View2531 ROYAL CT 09 Macleod Residence
View1612 26TH AVE Meagher Residence50 Senauer-Horsman Residence
View1950 20TH AVE 42 Traver Residence
View1955 21ST AVE 42 Blitz Residence
View2007 E EATON PL E Levinski Residence 42 Robinson-Braman Residence
View2009 BOYER AVE Becker Residence42 Flanders Residence
View2045 BOYER AVE Shaffer Residence42 Raitzer Residence
View2049 BOYER AVE Moser Residence42 Johnson Residence
View1905 E BLAINE ST E 43 Kong-Lau Residence
View1913 E BLAINE ST E 43 Debique Residence
View1941 E BLAINE ST E 43 Trotter Residence
View1945 E BLAINE ST E 43 Peiper Residence
View1949 E BLAINE ST E 43 Albus Residence
View2028 BOYER AVE 43 Hong Residence
View2026 BOYER AVE  43 Bouscaren Residence
View2032 BOYER AVE 43 Peterson Residence
View2036 BOYER AVE 43 Abramson Residence
View2044 BOYER AVE 43 Halfaker Residence
View2040 BOYER AVE 43 Duvall Residence
View1896 E HAMLIN ST E Cheese Residence 
View2507 W MONTLAKE PL W Spies Residence 
View2511 W MONTLAKE PL W Fellows Residence 
View2521 W MONTLAKE PL W McKee-Wood Residence 
View2553 W MONTLAKE PL W Cherberg Residence 
View2571 W MONTLAKE PL W Franzke Residence 
View2575 W MONTLAKE PL W Turnure Residence 
View2532 ROYAL CT 09 Davidson Residence
View2536 ROYAL CT 09 Seely Residence
View2528 ROYAL CT 09 Hinrichs Residence
View2006 E MILLER ST E McGalliard Residence10 Thiel Residence
View2002 E MILLER ST E 10 Balaski Residence
View2012 E MILLER ST E Beach Residence10 Weiskopf Residence
View2014 E MILLER ST E 10 Loh Residence
View2507 22ND AVE Rawson Residence10 Orr-Schoenborn Residence
View2501 22ND AVE Kessler Residence 10 Young Residence
View2514 20TH AVE Rogers Residence10 Turnbull Residence
View2023 E LOUISA ST E Hinton Residence10 Shaw Residence
View1726 BOYER AVE Bradner Residence46 Chen-Whe Residence
View1730 BOYER AVE McKillop Residence46 Rabkin Residence
View1630 E LYNN ST E Maxwell Residence 
View1802 E LYNN ST E Long Residence 
View1814 25TH AVE Christian Residence46 Zimmerman Residence
View1908 25TH AVE Stapleton Residence46 Cook Residence
View1916 25TH AVE Perknson Residence 46 Bear Residence
View1922 25TH AVE Wilmot Residence46 Downing Residence
View1932 25TH AVE 46 Kinnear Residence
View1936 25TH AVE Bell Residence46 Ashman Residence
View1938 25TH AVE 46 Li Residence
View1942 25TH AVE Knott Residence 46 Sutherland Residence
View1950 25TH AVE Harmon Residence 46 Reichl Residence
View2503 E NEWTON ST E 46 Lade Residence
View1703 26TH AVE Patton Residence46 Blume-McMeekin Residence
View1711 26TH AVE Roston Residence46 Pillarisetty
View1717 26TH AVE Davies Residence 46 Klube Residence
View1719 26TH AVE Wakefield Residence46 Wallach-Hatch Residence
View1723 26TH AVE Beal Residence46 Ferman Residence
View1727 26TH AVE DeFreece Residence46 Dhamdhere Residence
View1735 26TH AVE Thorp Residence46 Russo Residence
View1737 26TH AVE Tucker Residence46 Orton Residence
View1751 26TH AVE Riddle Residence46 Harrison Residence
View1755 26TH AVE Shager Residence46 Phillips Residence
View1759 26TH AVE Eckhart Residence46 Tomchak Residence
View1901 26TH AVE Freeman Residence46 Wiktor-Meher Residence
View1905 26TH AVE Matthews Residence46 Jessup-Powell Residence
View1907 26TH AVE Stevning Residence 46 Tate Residence
View1919 26TH AVE Singer Residence46 Humphrey Residence
View1931 26TH AVE Graham Residence 46 Marsh Residence
View1949 26TH AVE Kirshbaum Residence46 Gannon-Fernandez Residence
View1953 26TH AVE Dykes Residence46 Arkans Residence
View1957 26TH AVE Scherz Residence46 Dick-Forry Residence
View2415 19TH AVE Wilfrey Residence 
View1961 26TH AVE 46 Kosack Residence
View2519 20TH AVE Holmes-Anches Residence 
View2510 W MONTLAKE PL W Richards Residence 
View2520 W MONTLAKE PL W Reynolds Residence 
View1902 E MCGRAW ST E Gifford Residence 
View1903 E CALHOUN ST E Lamson Residence 
View2462 W MONTLAKE PL W Bemiss Residence 
View2817 E PARK DR E Burman Residence 
View2552 20TH AVE Evans Residence 
View1736 26TH AVE Allen Residence47 Fan-Rafton Residence
View1738 26TH AVE Gresham Residence 47 McCarthy Residence
View1748 26TH AVE Knudsen Residence 47 Cline Residence
View1906 26TH AVE Smith Residence47 Mack-Mayerfeld residence
View1912 26TH AVE Jamieson Residence 47 Hopkins Residence
View1914 26TH AVE Freeman Residence 47 Myhr Residence
View1918 26TH AVE Shaw Residence 47 Opheim Residence
View1928 26TH AVE Lankford Residence 47 Rorke Residence
View1930 26TH AVE Bradt Residence 47 Brater residence
View1936 26TH AVE Hebert Residence47 Saylor Residence
View1940 26TH AVE Ashley Residence 47 Kelly Residence
View1952 26TH AVE Gilbert Residence 47 Wood residence
View1960 26TH AVE Faris Residence 47 Wehman Residence
View1968 26TH AVE Clawson Residence47 Young Residence
View1914 BOYER AVE Scuitto Residence 48 Weaver Residence
View1922 BOYER AVE Tully Residence48 Periera-Intrach Residence
View2418 E INTERLAKEN BLVD E Brazier Residence50 Spafford Residence
View2115 BOYER AVE Rose Residence 34 Nelson Residence
View2157 BOYER AVE Nestor Residence 34 Affolter Residence
View2209 25TH AVE Bean Residence39 Curtis Residence
View2216 25TH AVE 40 Fulghum Residence
View2222 25TH AVE 40 Brown Residence
View2001 26TH AVE 40 Cummings Residence
View2043 26TH AVE 40 Johnston Residence
View2014 26TH AVE 41 Allen Residence
View1822 23RD AVE 49 Huster Residence
View2145 BOYER AVE Mills Residence 34 Davis Residence
View2147 BOYER AVE Fitzsimmons Residence34 Ortblad Residence
View2149 BOYER AVE Gray Residence 34 Harview-Watt Residence
View2163 BOYER AVE West Residence 34 Brown Residence
View2201 25TH AVE Cruikshank Residence39 Schmidt Residence
View2415 E BOSTON ST E Holland Residence39 Spurzem Residence
View2022 25TH AVE 40 Wesol Residence
View2026 25TH AVE 40 Bauer Residence
View2202 25TH AVE 40 Allor Johan Residence
View2206 25TH AVE 40 Hurlbut Residence
View2210 25TH AVE 40 Bammert Residence
View2011 26TH AVE 40 Tianen Workinesh Residence
View2019 26TH AVE 40 Klein Residence
View2042 26TH AVE 41 Phillips Residence
View2046 26TH AVE 41 Davis Residence
View1956 20TH AVE 42 Durkin Residence
View1921 E BLAINE ST E 43 Marcuss Residence
View1937 E BLAINE ST E 43 Kanive Residence
View2048 BOYER AVE 43 Residence
View2052 BOYER AVE 43 Catania Residence
View2201 E HOWE ST E 44 Hein Residence
View2205 E HOWE ST E 44 Sundheim Residence
View2209 HOWE AVE 44 Gruber Residence
View2215 E HOWE ST E 44 Jacobson Residence
View2219 E HOWE ST E 44 Russell Residence
View2110 E HAMLIN ST E Gustav Residence 
View2111 E HAMLIN ST E Belford Residence 
View2112 E HAMLIN ST E Vandewall Residence 
View2117 E HAMLIN ST E Curti Residence 
View2122 E HAMLIN ST E Graves Residence 
View1835 23RD AVE 44 Beaudry Residence
View2136 HAMLIN Berliner Residence 
View2137 E HAMLIN ST E Bailey Residence 
View2141 E HAMLIN ST E Wolf Residence 
View2142 E HAMLIN ST E Granger Residence 
View2146 E HAMLIN ST E Swank Residence 
View2147 E HAMLIN ST E Steigert Residence 
View1806 24TH AVE 45 Beard Residence
View1808 24TH AVE 45 Lee residence
View1816 24TH AVE Mayrand Residence45 Singer residence
View1820 24TH AVE 45 McGeough Residence
View1824 24TH AVE 45 Byrd residence
View1830 24TH AVE 45 Wischik residence
View1834 24TH AVE 45 Martin Residence
View1840 24TH AVE 45 Ruiz+ Murphy Residence
View1844 24TH AVE 45 Frijlink residence
View1854 24TH AVE 45 Wood Residence
View1872 24TH AVE 45 Sakamoto residence
View1874 24TH AVE 45 Ryn residence
View1882 24TH AVE 45 Weisman Residence
View1813 25TH AVE Windas Residence45 Morehead residence
View1803 E SHELBY ST E 01 Salter Residence
View1811 E SHELBY ST E 01 Baldwin Residence
View1897 E SHELBY ST E Red Cedar Lumber Manuf. Model Home 
View2111 E SHELBY ST E Hinz Residence 
View1846 E SHELBY ST E 01 Robart Jalbi Residence
View1847 E SHELBY ST E 01 Stoner Residence
View1852 E SHELBY ST E 01 Norwood Residence
View1851 E SHELBY ST E Wichman Residence 01 Fales Residence
View1856 E SHELBY ST E 01 Wener Residence
View1866 E SHELBY ST E 01 Heiser Residence
View1869 E SHELBY ST E 01 Dubree Residence
View1873 E SHELBY ST E 01 Dobrowolski Residence
View1874 E SHELBY ST E 01 Domenowske Residence
View1882 E SHELBY ST E 01 Ringenburg Residence
View2907 MONTLAKE BLVD 01 Dummer Residence
View2810 W PARK DR W Barnhart Residence01 2810 LLC Residence
View2814 W PARK DR W 01 Battuello Residence
View2118 E SHELBY ST E 02 Balick Residence
View1863 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Morris Residence
View1875 E HAMLIN ST E 03 Journey Residence
View1925 E MILLER ST E 05 Wetter Residence
View2505 20TH AVE 05 Hansen Residence
View2509 20TH AVE 05 Boelke Residence
View2515 20TH AVE 05 McLain Residence
View2563 W MONTLAKE PL W 05 Nelson-Moon Residence
View1910 E LOUISA ST E 05 Woerman Residence
View2015 E ROANOKE ST E 06 Mann Bottcher Residence
View2023 E ROANOKE ST E 06 Patterson Residence
View2565 22ND AVE 06 Ford Residence
View2014 E LOUISA ST E 06 Wheatley Residence
View2226 E LOUISA ST E  
View2600 E MONTLAKE PL E Northwest Brick & Tile Model Home 
View2429 E ROANOKE ST E Mead Residence08 Bernard Residence
View2610 E MONTLAKE PL E Cope Residence 
View2411 E ROANOKE ST E 08 Mullally Residence
View2421 E ROANOKE ST E Boots-Simpson Residence08 Bowers Residence
View2425 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Kefauver Residence 
View2429 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Fritz Residence 
View2433 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Bow Residence 
View2607 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Cochrane Residence 
View2615 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Maizels Residence 
View2517 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Barnett Residence09 Childs Residence
View2315 BOYER AVE Hays Residence 
View2302 BOYER AVE England Residence 
View2308 BOYER AVE Mooney Residence 
View2316 BOYER AVE Arnot Residence 
View2511 22ND AVE Crane Residence10 Farley Residence
View2515 22ND AVE Sparr Residence10 Grant-Kaufman Residence
View2009 E LOUISA ST E Coles Residence10 Riggers Residence
View2015 E LOUISA ST E Andrews Residence10 Kaplan Residence
View2019 E LOUISA ST E Prakken Residence10 Weitkamp Residence
View1910 25TH AVE Fleetwood Residence46 Greenberg Residence
View1948 25TH AVE Kramer Residence 46 Powers Residence
View1954 25TH AVE 46 Johsson Haeran Residence
View1958 25TH AVE Airheart Residence 46 Brice Residence
View1964 25TH AVE Hill Residence 46 McVittie Residence
View1911 26TH AVE Hayes Residence 46 Story Residence
View1915 26TH AVE Schenck Residence 46 James-Moy Residence
View1814 E LYNN ST E Jasper Residence 
View1820 E LYNN ST E Gilroy Residence 
View1619 E LYNN ST E Herrett Residence 
View1627 E LYNN ST E Rosenwald Residence 
View1633 E LYNN ST E Sater Residence 
View1805 E LYNN ST E Naon Residence 
View1811 E LYNN ST E Lackman Residence 
View1819 E LYNN ST E More Residence 
View2012 19TH AVE 42 Thompson Residence
View2018 19TH AVE 42 Luke Residence
View2030 19TH AVE 42 Glassford Residence
View1893 E HAMLIN ST E Rogers-Tartar Residence 
View1963 21ST AVE Udhus Residence42 Branson-Raab Residence
View1911 E EATON PL E Glaser Residence42 Olson Residence
View1915 E EATON PL E Wolfstone Residence42 Cantor Residence
View1906 22ND AVE Tennyson Residence42 Hulton Residence
View1908 22ND AVE Voegtlin Residence42 Johnson Residence
View1931 BOYER Vitous Residence42 Crisera-Duzan Residence
View1937 BOYER AVE Haines Residence 42 Elosegui Residence
View1945 BOYER AVE Blangy Residence42 Bailey Residence
View1957 BOYER AVE Dewsnap Residence42 Cooke Residence
View1961 BOYER AVE Ash Residence42 Gillett-Macks Residence
View1957 25TH AVE 45 Dreis Residence
View1961 25TH AVE McKnight Residence45 Baker Residence
View2415 E NEWTON ST E 45 Gu Residence
View2122 E SHELBY ST E Murton Residence 
View2133 E SHELBY ST E Gray Residence 
View2409 E ROANOKE ST E 08 O'Rourke Residence
View2520 25TH AVE 09 Rasey-Jackson Residence
View2016 E MILLER ST E Wood Residence10 Dale Residence
View2020 E MILLER ST E Copeland Residence10 Stephens Residence
View2026 E MILLER ST E Pregent Residence10 Pregent Residence
View1818 25TH AVE 46 Larsen Residence
View1822 25TH AVE Perry Residence46 Calhoun Residence
View1826 25TH AVE Hobbs Residence46 Hobbs Residence
View1900 25TH AVE Vanderbilt Residence 46 Fenichel Residence
View2303 19TH AVE Dickson Residence 
View2307 19TH AVE Murphy Residence 
View2315 19TH AVE Millais Residence  
View2401 19TH AVE Johnston Residence 
View1606 BOYER AVE Stratton Residence 47 Smith Residence
View1708 26TH AVE Richardson Residence 47 Albertson Residence
View2318 19TH AVE Sweeney Residence 
View1710 26TH AVE Bell Residence 47 Von Rockmann residence
View1718 26TH AVE Jacobs Residence 47 Gibson Residence
View1722 26TH AVE Curkendall Residence47 Gibson Residence
View1902 E LYNN ST E Powers Residence 
View1907 E MILLER ST E Davis Residence 
View1918 E MILLER ST E Brown Residence 
View1726 26TH AVE Osborn Residence47 Fox Residence
View1730 26TH AVE McMahon Residence47 Sack Residence
View1946 BOYER AVE Tinling Residence 48 Augustavo Residence
View1948 BOYER AVE Nutt Residence48 McIver Residence
View1954 BOYER AVE Holton Residence48 Comstock-Tamura
View1962 BOYER AVE Dobb Residence48 Chapple Residence
View2201 E BLAINE ST E Bragdon Residence48 Ellingson Residence
View2237 E BLAINE ST E Halpern Residence 48 Fraese Residence
View2247 E BLAINE ST E Jones Residence48 Malaika-Sherma Residence
View2269 E HOWE ST E Turner Residence48 Stukel Residence
View2271 E HOWE ST E Ames Residence 48 Adams Residence
View2132 BOYER AVE 35 Greek Orthodox Church admin bldg
View2156 BOYER AVE 35 Huynh Residence
View2164 BOYER AVE Brockway Residence 35 Cook Residence
View1932 E BLAINE ST E 36 Griffin residence
View1938 E BLAINE ST E 36 Armstrong Residence
View2019 E NEWTON ST E 36 Weir Residence
View2021 E NEWTON ST E 36 Weir Residence
View2025 E NEWTON ST E 36 Conn Residence
View2029 E NEWTON ST E 36 Holtman residence
View2033 E NEWTON ST E 36 Raab Residence
View2035 E NEWTON ST E 36 Arsove residence
View2045 E NEWTON ST E 36 Lindhorst Residene
View2049 E NEWTON ST E 36 Newton LLC Residence
View2025 E HOWE ST E 36 Hohlbein residence
View2029 E HOWE ST E 36 Gardner Residence
View1529 E MCGRAW ST E Tuohy Residence 26 Walz Residence
View1531 E MCGRAW ST E Lacy Residence 26 Montane Residence
View2311 16TH AVE Marshall Residence 26 Decker Residence
View2018 E NEWTON ST E 37 Glass Residence
View2032 E NEWTON ST E 37 Santos Residence
View2211 22ND AVE 37 Goldenberg residence
View2220 22ND AVE 37 Turbak residence
View2221 22ND AVE 37 Durand residence
View2222 22ND AVE Carmody Residence 37 Beaudry Residence
View2227 22ND AVE 37 Motzer residence
View2229 22ND AVE Dupar Residence37 Fitzgerald Residence
View2235 22ND AVE 37 Chang residence
View2001 E LYNN ST E 37 Onat Residence
View2007 E LYNN ST E Zimmerman Residence 37 Johnston Residence
View2019 E LYNN ST E 37 Loveland residence
View2019 23RD AVE 37 Schroth Residence
View2025 23RD AVE 37 Gee Residence
View2004 23RD AVE 38 Gambetty residence
View2006 23RD AVE 38 Oberle Residence
View2016 23RD AVE Kearny Residence 38 Job Residence
View2207 24TH AVE 38 Glein Residence
View2215 24TH AVE 38 Barker residence
View2219 24TH AVE 38 Thirkield Residence
View2317 E LYNN ST E 38 Lynn St Apts
View2223 24TH AVE 38 Montlake Bicycle
View2070 23RD AVE Jenkins Residence38 Payne Residence
View2206 E LYNN ST E Brotherton Residence31 Payseno Residence
View2210 E LYNN ST E Hare-Allen Residence31 Allen Residence
View2304 E LYNN ST E Oostenbrug Residence31 Ben-Shmuel Residence
View2314 E LYNN ST E Cunningham Residence 31 Beiter Residence
View2301 24TH AVE Montlake Market31 Cafe Lago
View2307 24TH AVE Montlake Confectonery 31 Traveler Pub
View1919 E EATON PL E McAllister Residence42 LaFond Residence
View2003 E EATON PL E McJannet Residence42 Chapman Residence
View2005 E EATON PL E Berryman Residence42 Forsberg Residence
View1817 23RD AVE 44 Gray Residence
View1821 23RD AVE 44 Frey Residence
View1827 23RD AVE 44 Polissar Residence
View1817 25TH AVE 45 Curtis residence
View1909 25TH AVE 45 Fuller Residence
View1911 25TH AVE 45 Bridgman residence
View1917 25TH AVE 45 Werner residence
View1840 E SHELBY ST E Reif Residence01 Torrance Residence
View2506 24TH AVE Anderson-Ballard Residence 
View2516 24TH AVE Boone Residence 
View1883 E SHELBY ST E 01 Huie Residence
View1804 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Mahan Residence
View1812 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Thomas Residence
View1832 E HAMLIN ST E 01 Liind Residence
View2514 25TH AVE 09 Tharalson Residence
View2408 E LOUISA ST E Peterson Residence08 Covington Residence
View2209 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Elwood Residence 
View2215 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Robb Residence 
View2422 E LOUISA ST E Mortrude Residence08 Houtz Residence
View2553 25TH AVE Warren Residence08 Alhadeff Residence
View2557 25TH AVE Koehler Residence08 Jones residence
View2565 25TH AVE Navarre Residence08 Powers Residence
View2508 E MILLER ST E 09 Bennett Residence
View1937 26TH AVE McDonald Residence 46 Reese-Cox Residence
View1946 26TH AVE Sackett Residence47 Marsh Residence
View1956 26TH AVE Watkins Residence 47 Rooney residence
View1938 BOYER AVE Davies Residence 48 Shintaffer Residence
View1611 E LYNN ST E 35 Neary Residence
View1619 E LYNN ST E 35 McCrory Residence
View1902 E BLAINE ST E 36 Brougham Residence
View1904 E BLAINE ST E 36 Miller Residence
View1954 E BLAINE ST E 36 Batthish Residence
View1912 E BLAINE ST E Eldrich Residence36 Retman Residence
View1958 E BLAINE ST E 36 Wall Residence
View1901 E LYNN ST E 36 Vane Residence
View1905 E LYNN ST E 36 Rhodes Residence
View1909 E LYNN ST E Thompson Residence 36 Arvold residence
View1921 E LYNN ST E 36 Davidson Residence
View1925 E LYNN ST E 36 Breyman residence
View2020 E NEWTON ST E 37 Staub residence
View2205 22ND AVE 37 Tratt Residence
View2032 23RD AVE Doerlikng Residence38 Blumenfeld-Axell Residence
View2036 23RD AVE 38 Mondzac residence
View2040 23RD AVE 38 Westward Breeze
View2044 23RD AVE  38 Manzin Residence
View2015 24TH AVE 38 Toomy Residence
View2017 24TH AVE 38 Meyer Residence
View2023 24TH AVE Waller Residence38 Lawson Residence
View2025 24TH AVE 38 Gopalkrishnan Residence
View2031 24TH AVE Conyers Residence 38 Manzin Residence
View2033 24TH AVE 38 Emerton Residence
View2311 24TH AVE 31 Johnson's Antiques
View2317 24TH AVE Lustig Drug Company 31 Pay Northwest
View2304 22ND AVE 31 Knight residence
View2215 E MCGRAW ST E Howard Residence31 Lawry Residence
View2219 E MCGRAW ST E 31 Kaufman Residence
View2414 E LYNN ST E Scully Residence 32 Anderson Residence
View2420 E LYNN ST E Courtright Residence 32 Plummer Residence
View2415 E MCGRAW ST E Stockland Residence 32 Clark Residence
View2419 E MCGRAW ST E Parker Residence 32 Edlund Residence
View2423 E MCGRAW ST E Huff Residence 32 Griffith Residence
View2315 18TH AVE 27 Hoover Residence
View2306 16TH AVE Wilson Residence27 Carroll Residence
View2312 16TH AVE 27 Wagoner Residence
View1607 E MCGRAW ST E 27 Welch Residence
View1621 E MCGRAW ST E Phillips Residence 27 Deitz-Hribar Residence
View1625 E MCGRAW ST E McCarty Residence 27 DiJulio Residence
View1826 E LYNN ST E 28 Ramsay Residence
View2316 18TH AVE 28 Rosencrantz Residence
View1809 E MCGRAW ST E Berg Residence 28 Otis Residence
View1815 E MCGRAW ST E 28 Rutherford Residence
View1821 E MCGRAW ST E 28 Hauschka Residence
View1930 E LYNN ST E 29 Dahl Residence
View2522 E CALHOUN ST E Einzig Residence 17 Tuttle Residence
View2451 26TH AVE Williamson Residence17 Johnson Residence
View2457 26TH AVE Peterson Residence17 Root Residence
View1526 E MCGRAW ST E Residence 18 Neuhart Residence
View1515 E CALHOUN ST E Residence18 Mulhair-Lee Residence
View1908 E CALHOUN ST E Lee Residence13 Ballbach Residence
View1532 E MCGRAW ST E Boye Residence 18 McCrory Residence
View1932 E CALHOUN ST E Stevenson Residence13 Berg Residence
View1529 E CALHOUN ST E Residence 18 Haimer Residence
View1531 E CALHOUN ST E Residence 18 Yasuda Residence
View1920 E CALHOUN ST E Burdick Residence13 Coldwell Residence
View1925 E MILLER ST E Whitney Residence13 East Miller Condominiums
View1602 E MCGRAW ST E Fox Residence19 Hirst Residence
View2461 20TH AVE Perry Residence13 McQueen Residence
View1612 E MCGRAW ST E Buchan Residence19 Todd Bruce Residence
View1914 E CALHOUN ST E Jarvis Residence13 Remley Residence
View1616 E MCGRAW ST E Laney Residence19 Connor-Forbes Residence
View2465 20TH AVE Webb Residence13 Seto Residence
View1922 E CALHOUN ST E Shelton Residence 13 Stevenson Residence
View1620 E MCGRAW ST E Olsen Residence 19 O'Neil Residence
View1624 E MCGRAW ST E Olsen Residence 19 Uhlir Residence
View1915 E MILLER ST E Ohlson Residence13 Sullivan Residence
View1628 E MCGRAW ST E Cathro Residence19 Eisenberg Residence
View1601 E CALHOUN ST E Wolfstone Residence19 Oseran Residence
View2502 22ND AVE Holtz Residence11 Kay Residence
View1607 E CALHOUN ST E Callahan Residence 19 Rising Residence
View1611 E CALHOUN ST E Clark Residence 19 Ambuske Residence
View1617 E CALHOUN ST E delValle Residence 19 Seiple Residence
View2605 22ND AVE 06 Montlake LLC Grocery Store
View1920 E BLAINE ST E 36 Garden Residence
View1623 E CALHOUN ST E Kolb Residence 19 Gwynn Residence
View1807 E CALHOUN ST E Hoff Residence 20 McElvain Residence
View1811 E CALHOUN ST E Markov Residence 20 Mjelde Residence
View1904 E MCGRAW ST E Druxman Residence 21 Fleishman residence
View1910 E MCGRAW ST E Gloyer Residence 21 Soper Residence
View1924 E MCGRAW ST E Elliott Residence 21 Roe Residence
View1934 E MCGRAW ST E Burnell Reidence 21 Buckley Residence
View1909 E CALHOUN ST E Schille Residence 21 Van Droof Residence
View1927 E CALHOUN ST E Crook Residence 21 Justice-O'Conner residence
View2202 E MCGRAW ST E Salmon Residence 23 Figg-Johnson residence
View2215 E CALHOUN ST E Millar Residence 23 Mao Residence
View2219 E CALHOUN ST E McMeekin Residence23 Shearer residence
View2225 E CALHOUN ST E Lemcke Residence 23 Jacquet Residence
View2412 24TH AVE Alexander Residence 24 Zavala Residence
View2415 E CALHOUN ST E Neslon Residence24 Hartlage Residence
View2421 E CALHOUN ST E Pregent Residence24 Kolden Residence
View2425 E CALHOUN ST E Phelan Residence 24 Hood Residence
View2414 E CALHOUN ST E Mershon Residence16 Carlsen Residence
View2420 E CALHOUN ST E Gleason Residence 16 Hill Residence
View2424 E CALHOUN ST E McCue Residence16 Ho Residence
View2432 E CALHOUN ST E Chastain Residence 16 Craemer-Johns Residence
View2463 25TH AVE Schoolfield Residence16 Hjelle Residence
View2409 E MILLER ST E McHardie Residence 16 Bentley Residence
View2411 E MILLER ST E Finn Residence16 Petersen Residence
View2417 E MILLER ST E Nelson Residence 16 Geyman residence
View2423 E MILLER ST E Halliwell Residence 16 Goodman Residence
View2427 E MILLER ST E Aamod Residence 16 Johnson Residence
View2433 E MILLER ST E Rudd Residence 16 Soli Residence
View2512 22ND AVE Asia Residence11 Hardy Residence
View2506 22ND AVE Christenson Residence11 Huskinson Residence
View2203 E LOUISA ST E Raymer Residence11 Nelson Residence
View2211 E LOUISA ST E Dibble Residence11 Lund Residence
View2217 E LOUISA ST E Hudson Residence11 Rhone Residence
View2223 E LOUISA ST E Harris Residence11 Sedney-Read Residence
View2215 E MILLER ST E Drain Residence15 Froehlich Residence
View2208 E MILLER ST E Watkins Residence11 Douglas Residence
View2216 E MILLER ST E Hansen Residence11 Dixon Residence
View2220 E MILLER ST E Cooper Residence11 Baker Residence
View2012 E CALHOUN ST E Wilson Residence14 Bruns Residence
View2224 E MILLER ST E Snow Residence11 Davidson Residence
View2014 E CALHOUN ST E Hymen Residence 14 Dubman Residence
View2537 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Alexander Residence09 Epstein Residence
View2020 E CALHOUN ST E Posner Residence 14 Critney Residence
View2026 E CALHOUN ST E Freeman Residence 14 McLean Residence
View2453 22ND AVE Spellman Residence 14 Bennett Residence
View2461 22ND AVE Lackore Residence 14 Bennett Residence
View2007 E MILLER ST E Convisar Residence 14 Bain Residence
View2011 E MILLER ST E Gray Residence 14 Yoder Residence
View2017 E MILLER ST E Means Residence 14 Knox Residence
View2021 E MILLER ST E Peach Residence 14 Dailey Residence
View2025 E MILLER ST E Malmo Residence14 Chouhury Residence
View2029 E MILLER ST E Cave Residence14 Martinsen Residence
View2033 E MILLER ST E Harris Residence14 Dorros Residence
View2210 E CALHOUN ST E Morrow Residence 15 Fuller Residence
View2216 E CALHOUN ST E McQuiston Residence 15 Morrow Residence
View2220 E CALHOUN ST E Stewart Residence 15 Schoolfield Residence
View2224 E CALHOUN ST E Bohling Residence 15 Whitson Residence
View1934 E MILLER ST E Scott Residence 05 Ishiguro Residence
View2214 26TH AVE Hall Residence 40 Gray Residence
View2556 24TH AVE Backstrom Residence08 Mahon Residence
View2560 24TH AVE Draper Residence08 Clark-Quinn Residence
View2400 E LOUISA ST E Darland Residence 08 Ayala Residence
View2455 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Gibson Residence 
View2459 LAKE WASHINGTON BLVD Lake Residence 
View1500 E MCGRAW ST E Meyers Residence 
View1614 E LYNN ST E Oseran Residence 
View2535 ROYAL CT Port Residence09 Skanderson Residence
View1736 26TH AVE Allen Residence47 Fan-Rafton Residence
View1806 E LYNN ST E Spicer Residence 
View1810 E LYNN ST E Warrington Residence 
View1923 26TH AVE White Residence46 Clarkson Residence
View1927 26TH AVE MacDougall-Dulmage Residence46 Smith Residence
View1941 26TH AVE Greenhill Residence46 Lund Residence
View1945 26TH AVE Halverson Residence 46 Ulmschneider Residence
View2457 26TH AVE Dowell Residence 
View2451 26TH AVE Williamson Residence 
View2463 26TH AVE Cochrane Residence 
View1965 26TH AVE Downie Residence46 Stanton Residence
View2467 26TH AVE Peterson Residence 
View1969 26TH AVE Flakstad Residence 46 Brown Residence
View2312 19TH AVE Becker Residence 
View2454 19TH AVE Bunch Residence 
View2456 19TH AVE Ornberg Residence 
View2100 BOYER AVE St. Demetrios Church 
View1924 26TH AVE Freudenberger Residence 47 Opheim Residence
View2077 E HOWE ST E 36 Trower Residence
View2101 22ND AVE Spier Residence36 Nichols Residence
View1950 E BLAINE ST E 36 R.M. Land Company
View2111 22ND AVE 36 Krause residence
View2142 BOYER AVE 35 Steinberg Residence
View2041 23RD AVE 37 Malarkey Residence
View2043 23RD AVE Allen Residence37 Jackson Residence
View2047 23RD AVE 37 Namioka Residence
View2048 23RD AVE 38 Daniels residence
View2052 23RD AVE Quinn Residence 38 Sunde Residence
View2060 23RD AVE 38 Farrokhi Residence
View2064 23RD AVE 38 Burke residence
View2068 23RD AVE 38 Kenny Residence
View2074 23RD AVE 38 Wilson residence
View2080 23RD AVE 38 McMurray residence
View2211 E MCGRAW ST E Pinch Residence31 Pinch Residence
View2303 25TH AVE Moore Residence32 Thompson Residence
View2309 25TH AVE Gould Residence32 Frink residence
View1926 E LYNN ST E 29 Harris Residence
View2518 E CALHOUN ST E Norbom Residence17 Fox Residence
View1520 E MCGRAW ST E Shindell Residence18 Layton Residence
View2412 E 15TH AVE E Residence 18 Bauer Residence
View2416 15TH AVE Residence 18 Bauer Residence (2)
View1632 E MCGRAW ST E Meister Residence 19 Covington Residence
View1926 E CALHOUN ST E Burke Residence13 Voller Residence
View1618 E CALHOUN ST E Montlake Field House and Playfield 19 Montlake Field House and Playfield
View1627 E CALHOUN ST E Knudson Residence 19 McCall Residence
View1633 E CALHOUN ST E Sprincin Residence 19 Rostomily Residence
View1802 E MCGRAW ST E Watters Residence 20 1802 E McGraw LLC Residence
View1912 E MCGRAW ST E Swigart Residence 21 Simonds residence
View2002 E CALHOUN ST E Lindblom Residence 14 Goodman Residence
View1618 E LYNN ST E Norton Residence 
View1622 E LYNN ST E Hoglund Residence 
View1626 E LYNN ST E Kelliher-Brackett Model House 
View1739 26TH AVE 46 Marks Residence
View1743 26TH AVE 46 MacDonald Residence
View1752 26TH AVE Duvalle Residence 47 Judson Residence
View1770 26TH AVE Weber Residence47 Forbush residence
View1902 26TH AVE Weidman Residence 47 Forbush Residence
View1964 26TH AVE Berglund Residence 47 Holloway Residence
View1918 BOYER AVE Shimmin Residence48 Harper Residence
View1926 BOYER AVE Navin Residence48 Dixon Residence
View1930 BOYER AVE Walker Residence 48 Friedman Residence
View1934 BOYER AVE Wicklund Residence 48 Denbeste Residence
View1916 E BLAINE ST E 36 Engel residence
View1946 E BLAINE ST E Williams Residence 36 Dimitrijevic Residence
View1927 E LYNN ST E Morrison Residence 36 Spooner Residence
View1931 E LYNN ST E 36 Baraboi residence
View2024 E HOWE ST E 36 Sadow-Hasenberg residence
View2020 E HOWE ST E 36 Richey Residence
View2015 E NEWTON ST E 36 Vrignau Residence
View2020 23RD AVE Ericson Residence38 Abrahamsen Residence
View2026 23RD AVE Grossman Residence38 De Vesci residence
View2041 24TH AVE 38 Stroud Residence
View2043 24TH AVE Patrick Residence38 Adler-Smith Residence
View2051 24TH AVE 38 Fung Residence
View2047 24TH AVE 38 Kashuk Residence
View2057 24TH AVE Columbro Residence 38 Thirkield Residence
View2053 24TH AVE 38 Gillum Residence
View1934 E LYNN ST E Keeney Residence 29 Bakken Residence
View2514 E CALHOUN ST E Estep Residence 17 Seurer Residence
View1928 E MCGRAW ST E Wie Residence 21 Berard Residence
View2211 E CALHOUN ST E McNamara Residence 23 Fox Residence
View2228 E CALHOUN ST E Krause Residence 15 Fox Residence
View2203 E MILLER ST E Erb Residence 15 Shaul Residence
View2211 E MILLER ST E West Residence 15 Hunt Residence
View2215 E MILLER ST E Drain Residence 15 Froehlich Residence
View2530 E MILLER ST E Haldane Residence 11 Kennedy Residence
View1942 BOYER AVE Tait Residence 48 Benoit Residence
View1958 BOYER AVE Howe Residence 48 Lindstrom Residence
View2148 BOYER AVE Gerber Residence35 Brillhart Residence
View1900 E BLAINE ST E 36 Manella residence
View1908 E BLAINE ST E Cowan Residence 36 Nelson Residence
View1924 E BLAINE ST E 36 Mann Residence
View1928 E BLAINE ST E 36 Graham Residence
View1942 E BLAINE ST E 36 Costello Residence
View1917 E LYNN ST E Groves Residence36 Ramseyer residence
View2215 22ND AVE 37 Neudorfer residence
View2217 22ND AVE 37 Lobel residence
View2015 E LYNN ST E 37 Schreiber residence
View2021 E LYNN ST E 37 Benjamin residence
View2200 E NEWTON ST E 37 Vinnedge Residence
View2005 23RD AVE Falknor Residence 37 Laurrari Residence
View2015 23RD AVE 37 Shinbo Residence
View2017 23RD AVE Elwell Residence 37 Wartman Residence
View2035 23RD AVE Porter Residence 37 Beitel Residence
View2027 23RD AVE 37 Baker residence
View2012 23RD AVE Neatby Residence38 Levin Residence
View2024 23RD AVE 38 Hobbs residence
View2056 23RD AVE Alt Residence38 Bain Residence
View2304 E NEWTON ST E 38 Bartholomew residence
View2005 24TH AVE 38 Johnson Residence
View2011 24TH AVE Hart Residence38 Clagg Residence
View2314 22ND AVE Kirchner Residence 31 Pettijohn Residence
View2207 E MCGRAW ST E Lacy Residence31 Nossal Residence
View2223 E MCGRAW ST E 31 Jaffe Residence
View2300 24TH AVE Montlake Theater 32 Montlake Apartments
View2424 E LYNN ST E King Residence32 Santarelli Residence
View2428 E LYNN ST E Swanson Residence32 Stevenson residence
View2307 18TH AVE Bohm Residence 27 Thompson Residence
View2311 18TH AVE Freeman Residence27 Doran Residence
View2316 16TH AVE 27 Hooley Residence
View1611 E MCGRAW ST E 27 Stewart Residence
View1615 E MCGRAW ST E McLaughlin Residence 27 Blossey Residence
View1827 E MCGRAW ST E 28 Allen Residence
View1909 E MCGRAW ST E 29 Boyes Residence
View1919 E MCGRAW ST E 29 Summers Residence
View1923 E MCGRAW ST E 29 Anderson Residence
View1927 E MCGRAW ST E 29 Matsubara Residence
View1931 E MCGRAW ST E 29 Wallace Residence
View1935 E MCGRAW ST E 29 Deburle Residence
View1906 E LYNN ST E 29 Blazina Residence
View1914 E LYNN ST E 29 Shapiro Residence
View2463 26TH AVE Cochrane Residence17 Lewis-Baker Residence
View2467 26TH AVE Peterson Residence17 Cordy Residence
View2450 25TH AVE Berg Residence 17 Zimmerman Residence
View2466 25TH AVE Metzger Residence 17 Root Residence
View2507 E MILLER ST E Catlow Residence 17 Thomas Residence
View2509 E MILLER ST E Gard Residence 17 Kremers Residence
View2517 E MILLER ST E Residence 17 Blanchfield Residence
View2521 E MILLER ST E Southwick Residence 17 Atchison Residence
View1512 E MCGRAW ST E Holmdahl Residence 18 Rosenberg Residence
View2455 20TH AVE Rogers Residence13 Hagman Residence
View1606 E MCGRAW ST E Rumberger Residence19 Smith Residence
View2227 E LOUISA ST E Residence11 Lemon residence
View1808 E MCGRAW ST E Blumenthal Residence 20 Hauschka Residence
View1824 E MCGRAW ST E Residence 20 Knutson-Gorman Residence
View1801 E CALHOUN ST E Barton Residence 20 Bundy- Light Residence
View1815 E CALHOUN ST E Forde Residence 20 VanLeuven Residence
View1821 E CALHOUN ST E Levy Residence 20 Toepel Residence
View1920 E MCGRAW ST E Harris Residence 21 Lucia Residence
View1915 E CALHOUN ST E Reese Residence 21 Trzyna Residence
View1919 E CALHOUN ST E Meredith Residence 21 Burnell Residence
View2208 E MCGRAW ST E Gerrick Residence23 Rezek-Brown Residence
View2214 E MCGRAW ST E Bent Residence 23 Mannino Residence
View2218 E MCGRAW ST E Norbom Residence 23 Grammer Residence
View2415 24TH AVE Hawkins Residence 23 Dwyer residence
View2201 E CALHOUN ST E Riley Residence 23 Orton Residence
View2207 E CALHOUN ST E Baxter Residence 23 Crevier residence
View2412 E MCGRAW ST E Leon Residence 24 Arnold Residence
View2416 E MCGRAW ST E Hartney Residence 24 Arnold Residence
View2422 E MCGRAW ST E Gluck Residence 24 Lee Residence
View2426 E MCGRAW ST E McMaster Residence 24 Kleinman Residence
View2403 25TH AVE Bebee Residence 24 Crissman Residence
View2407 25TH AVE Beneke Residence 24 Schlenker Residence
View2411 25TH AVE Hubel Residence 24 Bosworth Residence
View2417 25TH AVE Perry Residence24 Weil Residence
View2416 24TH AVE Benjamin Residence 24 Lee Residence
View2411 E CALHOUN ST E Langabeer Residence 24 Beadie Residence
View2212 E MILLER ST E Shields Residence11 Chang Residence
View2008 E CALHOUN ST E Poitras Residence 14 Hogan Residence
View2001 E MILLER ST E Abernathy Residence14 Varriale Residence
View2202 E CALHOUN ST E Delfel Residence 15 Sawyer Residence
View2221 E MILLER ST E Shuey Residence 15 Hennes Residence
View2225 E MILLER ST E Swanson Residence 15 Kremen Residence
View2229 E MILLER ST E Scott Residence 15 Stevens Residence
View2611 25TH AVE MacLean Residence04 Freiburger Residence
View2319 25TH AVE Gray Residence32 Marek Residence
View2401 E MCGRAW ST E 32 Mont's Market
View1915 E MCGRAW ST E 29 Saganic Residence
View1918 E LYNN ST E 29 Schropp Residence
View1922 E LYNN ST E 29 Lekness Residence
View2206 E CALHOUN ST E Smith Residence 15 Schmeider Residence
View1812 E MCGRAW ST E Campbell Residence 20 Hedner Residence
View1816 E MCGRAW ST E Kent Residence 20 Graham Residence
View1820 E MCGRAW ST E Ewart Residence 20 Milam Residence
View1923 E CALHOUN ST E Bedle Residence 21 Landin residence
View1931 E CALHOUN ST E Sprinkle Residence 21 Turner residence
View1935 E CALHOUN ST E Esdae Residence 21 Iyer residence
View2428 E CALHOUN ST E Swartzlander Residence 16 Galassi Residence
View2213 E LOUISA ST E Baxter Residence11 Lindahl Residence
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