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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View5801 CORSON AVE   
View5901 AIRPORT WAY Unknown 
View6279 ELLIS AVE Leonard Gehring House 
View821 S ORCAS ST S Mary Tosarelli House 
View5812 PADILLA PL Unknown 
View605 S BRANDON ST S Louis Zimmerman House #2 
View6721 CARLETON AVE Unknown 
View6417 FLORA AVE Charles A. and Marie Sprinkle House 
View6443 FLORA AVE Bernard Giancoli House 
View6637 ELLIS AVE Unknown 
View6901 CARLETON AVE Joseph R. Huber Double House 
View755 S HOMER ST S Georgetown Presbyterian Church and AnnexNew Direction Missionary Baptist Church
View826 S ORCAS ST S Unknown 
View6431 FLORA AVE Armido P. and Victoria Fontana House 
View6427 FLORA AVE Mike Yario House 
View6225 CARLETON AVE John L. Morrice House 
View1210 S BAILEY ST S Porcella & Company Building and GarageGriffin Fuel Company
View6650 CORSON AVE Unknown 
View6601 CARLETON AVE County Inn (Roadhouse)Carleton Avenue Grocery
View6718 FLORA AVE Giovanni Devoto House 
View6201 CARLETON AVE John and Bertha Mueller House 
View906 S EDDY ST S Kettle Apartments 
View5501 AIRPORT WAY Bertoldi Block 
View6207 CARLETON AVE Unknown 
View935 S NEBRASKA ST S Unknown 
View6646 CORSON AVE John Sulz House 
View1128 S ALBRO PL S James Gordon Building 
View6206 CARLETON AVE Buhl Home and Grocery 
View706 S ORCAS ST S N.O. and Mary Berg House 
View6657 Flora AVE Antonio and Mary Albanese House 
View6287 ELLIS AVE George W. and Margaret Halstead House 
View6433 FLORA AVE Anton Fischer House 
View6233 CARLETON AVE Edward H. Krafft House 
View6448 FLORA AVE Parezanin Apartments 
View6445 CARLETON AVE Mathew and Anna Rieger House 
View6031 AIRPORT WAY V.L. Miller BuildingBrass Tracks/Ground Control
View6915 ELLIS AVE Frank W. Fisher House 
View6618 SW CARLETON AVE SW Unknown 
View6908 CARLETON AVE Unknown 
View6705 ELLIS AVE L.H. Graham House 
View6622 FLORA AVE Lucas and Kate Budnick Residence 
View6417 CARLETON AVE Unknown 
View6635 CARLETON AVE Guisipi Maniglia House 
View601 S BRANDON ST S Louis Zimmerman House #1 
View6909 ELLIS AVE Stephen J. and Evelyn Eubank House 
View6238 FLORA AVE Paul Plambeck House 
View1226 S ANGELO ST S Unknown 
View5503 AIRPORT WAY  Cutting Board
View6709 CARLETON AVE Tony Nichoota House 
View6724 CARLETON AVE Oscar E. Collins House 
View6620 SW CORSON AVE SW Unknown 
View6701 ELLIS AVE Wallace R. and Mary Carney House 
View6925 CARLETON AVE George Meister House 
View6444 FLORA AVE Ross and Velma Farmer House 
View5913 AIRPORT WAY W.H. Maud BuildingDog's Dream
View6212 CARLETON AVE Dora E. Carle HouseTim O'Brian House
View722 SW WILLOW ST SW Freda Germain House 
View6637 FLORA AVE Unknown 
View612 S FINDLAY ST S Reinsdorff House 
View763 S HOMER ST S Unknown 
View812 S ORCAS ST S Unknown 
View1218 S ANGELO ST S Unknown 
View5801 AIRPORT WAY The State House/Cleveland Hotel 
View5409 DENVER AVE Unknown 
View5403 MAYNARD AVE Mrs. N.C. Hoffeditz ResidenceMaertens Residence
View6226 STANLEY AVE Bruce Apartments (Flats) 
View6266 FLORA AVE Perry and Eura Barker House 
View6600 CORSON AVE Unknown 
View6444 CORSON AVE Unknown 
View5622 CORSON AVE Raecolith Flooring CompanyRaecolith
View674 S LUCILE ST S Unknown 
View801 S ORCAS ST S Unknown 
View6235 ELLIS AVE Unknown 
View6211 CARLETON AVE C. Smet House 
View818 S ORCAS ST S Val B. and Marie M. Morgan House 
View6256 FLORA AVE John Finley House 
View6739 FLORA AVE Unknown 
View5609 CORSON AVE Bernardo and Rose Germani HouseThe Corson Building
View6244 CORSON AVE George W. Bissell House #2 
View6701 FLORA AVE Unknown 
View6942 FLORA AVE Rudolf and Frieda Dreger House 
View6655 Flora AVE Unknown 
View5629 AIRPORT WAY H. & H. Chesbro, Inc. (Georgetown Dept. Store)Two Tarts Bakery
View6710 CORSON AVE C.A. Chambers House 
View6633 ELLIS AVE Unknown 
View718 S ORCAS ST S Mary E. Brown House 
View726 S ORCAS ST S A. A. Mauer House 
View6225 ELLIS AVE Unknown 
View6245 FLORA AVE A. Victor and Thyra Tornquist House 
View6644 CARLETON AVE Unknown 
View823 S ORCAS ST S Doris Rhodes House 
View6616 FLORA AVE Budnick House #2 
View6611 FLORA AVE James M. and Josephine Reeves House 
View6632 CORSON AVE Murgis Monorchio House 
View6239 CARLETON AVE C. W. Reames House 
View1223 S BAILEY ST S C.H. Johnson Building 
View6101 AIRPORT WAY Unknown 
View6245 CARLETON AVE William R. Burke House 
View6657 ELLIS AVE A.M. Clark House 
View6285 AIRPORT WAY Vega Hotel & RoadhouseBoeing Field Apartments
View738 S ORCAS ST S Chas. Sinnett House 
View6620 CARLETON AVE J. M. Hart House 
View836 S ORCAS ST S Unknown 
View6706 CORSON AVE Unknown 
View6726 CORSON AVE Fred Heuschele House 
View6715 FLORA AVE Horace C. and Minnie B. Ashton House 
View5701 AIRPORT WAY Forsyth BuildingForsyth Hotel
View6511 ELLIS AVE Frances L. Lavender House 
View715 WILLOW ST Huber Apartments/Flats 
View6253 13TH AVE Remi Claeys House 
View5605 CORSON AVE Ferguson Apartments/Pacific Tel. & Tel. Exchange 
View6653 CARLETON AVE Chris Wenger House 
View6722 CORSON AVE Oscar W. Jarvis House 
View6281 ELLIS AVE Unknown 
View6727 SW FLORA AVE SW Unknown 
View6286 ELLIS AVE Maggie Daugherty House 
View6278 STANLEY AVE Unknown 
View1201 S VALE ST S Horton Hotel/Union Savings & Trust Company 
View6625 CARLETON AVE Anton and Antonia Modenese House 
View6701 CARLETON AVE Unknown 
View739 S HOMER ST S  Spears-Piksa Residence
View6426 CARLETON AVE Antonio Banchero Residence 
View5511 AIRPORT WAY Bertoldi HallStellar Cafe
View6248 CORSON AVE George W. Bissell House #1 
View727 S HOMER ST S Howard E. Miller House #1 
View6507 ELLIS AVE Unknown 
View6219 CARLETON AVE Dora Horton Ball Carle House 
View5545 AIRPORT WAY Siena Grocery Building 
View6644 CORSON AVE Frank Zitz House 
View817 S ORCAS ST S Minnie Butterworth House 
View6517 ELLIS AVE Unknown 
View6236 STANLEY AVE White Front Hotel 
View6906 CARLETON AVE Benjamin W. Ehring House 
View615 S BRANDON ST S H.J. Hartsell Residence 
View6621 FLORA AVE Unknown 
View1222 S ANGELO ST S Unknown 
View6414 FLORA AVE Barto Company House 
View5623 AIRPORT WAY Georgetown Garage (Wilkes & McKilrath) 
View813 S ORCAS ST S Joseph C. Blais House 
View6447 FLORA AVE Unknown 
View6608 CORSON AVE Unknown 
View6257 ELLIS AVE Unknown 
View6719 FLORA AVE Joseph (Giuseppi) Galliano House 
View6611 CARLETON AVE Lucas Budnick House 
View6247 FLORA AVE August Faust House 
View6257 13TH AVE Unknown 
View801 S HOMER ST S Unknown 
View1021 S BAILEY ST S V.I. Sprinkle House #1 
View6717 CARLETON AVE Unknown 
View6214 FLORA AVE Unknown 
View6280 STANLEY AVE Louis and Delia Banchero House 
View6201 13TH AVE Victor L. Miller and C.H. Johnson Bldg 
View735 S HOMER ST S Howard E. Miller House #2 
View809 S ORCAS ST S Albert J. Wallace House 
View6208 FLORA AVE Unknown 
View1225 S Angleo ST S Unknown 
View730 S ORCAS ST S Louise Krause House 
View5919 AIRPORT WAY The Brick StoreJules Maes Saloon & Eatery
View6938 FLORA AVE Unknown 
View761 S HOMER ST S Unknown 
View6007 12TH AVE The HamiltonVia Tribunali/Hitchcock
View6525 ELLIS AVE Chris M. Perovich GroceryMini Mart City Park
View6643 SW ELLIS AVE SW Clarence W. Sibley House 
View6237 CARLETON AVE Bert E. Cook House 
View819 S ORCAS ST S Charles and Elizabeth Fickeisen House 
View6246 CARLETON AVE J. A. White House 
View6661 ELLIS AVE Unknown 
View6280 STANLEY AVE Unknown 
View6124 12TH AVE White Star Barber Shop 
View6230 CARLETON AVE John H. and Sophia Verser House 
View6901 ELLIS AVE Edwin H. and Margaret Benedict House 
View1221 S ANGELO ST S Unknown 
View6703 CARLETON AVE Dorothy (Dollie) Jarvis House 
View5327 DENVER AVE Unknown 
View5801 CORSON AVE Scott and Imogene Woodin House (and Office) 
View6415 ELLIS AVE L.L. Rukonich House 
View6733 ELLIS AVE James M. Purkapile House 
View5953 AIRPORT WAY Unknown 
View800 S ORCAS ST S Mary Behmetz House 
View5531 AIRPORT WAY Georgetown Garage (Wilkes & McKilrath Garage)Revolver Vintage Interiors
View6929 CARLETON AVE Loren C. and Vera Howden House 
View765 S HOMER ST S Unknown 
View711 S HOMER ST S H. T. Knapp Duplex 
View6222 FLORA AVE Henrietta Harki House 
View5708 7TH AVE William and Jennie Haege Residence 
View6731 ELLIS AVE M. M. West House 
View842 S ORCAS ST S Otto A. and Anna Sturham House  
View6309 ELLIS AVE Unknown 
View6248 Flora AVE Adolph G. and Elsie Vanhoutte House 
View6249 1/2 AIRPORT WAY Unknown 
View5951 AIRPORT WAY The Arcade MarketKassie Keith Shop
View6420 CARLETON AVE Peter Gessner/Dr. Corson HouseGeorgetown Castle
View6225 FLORA AVE L.G. Anderson House 
View6709 FLORA AVE Joseph and Jennie Budinich House 
View6721 ELLIS AVE White-Dromey Company House 
View6924 CARLETON AVE Pacific American Corporation House 
View6402 CARLETON AVE Harry Rogelet Houses 
View611 S BRANDON ST S 611 Brandon St611 S Brandon St
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