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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View3910 1ST AVE   
View1109 N 47TH ST N Mary Haggerty House  
View3832 EVANSTON AVE Frederick M. Cosman House 
View4903 FREMONT AVE Jesse F. Findley House 
View4231 GREENWOOD AVE Albert W. Tallman House 
View919 N 36TH ST N Greene-Stone House 
View1019 N 36TH ST N Oscar A. & Hulda Olson House 
View1023 N 36TH ST N August Lundgren Double House 
View342 NW 49TH ST NW Oscar T. Scheller House 
View4010 WHITMAN AVE   
View726 N 43RD ST N   
View327 N 46TH ST N   
View319 N 46TH ST N   
View423 N 47TH ST N   
View4111 Fremont AVE Unknown 
View3633 Whitman AVE Unknown 
View219 N 36th ST N UnknownWright Bros. Cycle Works
View4465 Fremont AVE UnknownCombined Insurance Services
View4038 WOODLAND PARK AVE  Grevstad Apartments
View4201 Fremont AVE Buckaroo TavernBuckaroo Tavern
View916 N 36th ST N Goddard HouseDr. Patterson House
View4228 Fremont AVE UnknownSurf Cleaners
View4416 Fremont AVE UnknownMarketime
View3829 Linden AVE Fire Station No. 9 
View515 N 50th ST N Camelot ApartmentsCamelot Apartments
View4321 LINDEN AVE Linden Court ApartmentsLinden Court Condominium
View4614 LINDEN AVE Hans B. & Josefine Grevstad HouseFischer/Smith Residence
View3636 WOODLAND PARK AVE Howard P. & Bertha Miller House 
View4142 3RD AVE William & Mary Crawford House 
View4302 6TH AVE William & Margaret Sanders House 
View327 N 48TH ST N Henry E. Compton House 
View602 N 48TH ST N Ira T. Wolfe House 
View712 N 49TH ST N Robert A. & Bessie Ellis House 
View726 N 47TH ST N Hans B. Grevstad House  
View4417 LINDEN AVE   
View959 N MOTOR PL N   
View4119 PHINNEY AVE   
View4267 WHITMAN AVE   
View1060 N 39th ST N UnknownCandles Espresso Bar
View920 N 35TH ST N Smart-Durgan House  
View4415 LINDEN AVE Charles & Lena Littlefield House 
View4903 LINDEN AVE J.B. Hardcastle Apartment BuildingChelsea Station South
View4226 PHINNEY AVE John C. Powell House 
View722 N 49TH ST N Robert A. Elllis House  
View111 N 50TH ST N Herbert A. & Eleanor Ward House 
View321 NW 42ND ST NW J.E. Welch House 
View929 N 36TH ST N Jacob Fuson Double House 
View4003 1ST AVE   
View4221 LINDEN AVE Alfred Bartlett Residence 
View508 N 36th ST N UnknownHoffner Fischer & Harvey
View4800 Fremont AVE Hawthorne SquareHawthorne Square
View911 N 36th ST N Nelson, V. HouseNelson House
View318 N 36th ST N UnknownVacant
View221 NW 36th ST NW UnknownLoud Music Co.
View3829 WHITMAN AVE Chester & Mayme Streckenbach House 
View3606 DAYTON AVE Walter J. Santmyer House 
View4915 LINDEN AVE J.B. Hardcastle Apartment BuildingChelsea Station
View705 N 46TH ST N Kennett Apartment House 
View115 NW 50TH ST NW Joseph Kehrmann House 
View807 N 50TH ST N Charles M & Viola Neth House 
View411 NW 42ND ST NW Pontius B. & Inga M. Nelson House 
View503 N 42ND ST N Celdon F. Martin House 
View4719 WHITMAN AVE Pemberton Bros. Double House 
View4415 BAKER AVE   
View4517 LINDEN AVE   
View4313 6TH AVE   
View602 N 42ND ST N  Hillside Terrace Apartments
View4436 Francis AVE Unknown 
View3625 EVANSTON AVE   
View4258-4262 Fremont AVE Redwood GroceryBrown's Collector Town
View202 N 36th ST N UnknownVacant
View4235 Fremont AVE UnknownSwiftwater
View614 NW 45th ST NW Canal Substation 
View4229 3rd AVE Anderson, W.H. HouseAnderson House
View917 N 36TH ST N Sewell P. & Mary Stone House 
View117 N 36th ST N Unknownartist studio
View112 N BOWDOIN PL N Arthur W. & Goldie Sprague House 
View133 N 50TH ST N Frederick A. Poitras House  
View403 NW 42ND ST NW   
View4408 PHINNEY AVE Charles A. Wall Residence 
View211 NW 41ST ST NW John W. & Callie M. Smiley House 
View4407 2ND AVE   
View129 NW 41ST ST NW   
View211 NW 49TH ST NW   
View452 N 36th ST N UnknownCaffe Ladro
View416 N 36th ST N UnknownM & S Grocery
View1025 N 36TH ST N Nels A. Nelson/Elenora Barr House 
View3920 Linden AVE Unknown 
View469 N 36th ST N UnknownKwanjai Thai Cuisine
View4118 Evanston AVE Unknown 
View3507 Evanston AVE Stone Buhr Milling CompanyHalsey Lidgard, Sailmaker
View4221 DAYTON AVE Charles I. Anderson House 
View617 N 47TH ST N Fred J. Kerr Co. House 
View917 N 47TH ST N William & Mary Denner House 
View4400 FREMONT AVE Gamma Rho Apartments 
View950 N 43RD ST N David N. & Sarah Smith 
View4715 WHITMAN AVE Pemberton Bros. Double House 
View3626 WOODLAND PARK AVE Peter Clausen House 
View4122 2ND AVE Thos. & Amelia S. Elliott House 
View4317 LINDEN AVE   
View110 NW 35TH ST NW   
View315 N 46TH ST N   
View3821 LINDEN AVE   
View500 N 43RD ST N   
View4015-4017 Evanston AVE Unknown 
View404 N 36th ST N UnknownKao Samai
View4142 3RD AVE Unknown 
View4401 Phinney AVE Fitch HouseFitch/Nutt House
View4126 BAKER AVE Phillip A. Olson House 
View4007 DAYTON AVE Pacific Finance Co. House 
View4337 EVANSTON AVE Jorgen H. & Lulu Clausen House 
View521 N 47TH ST N Alvah B. & Ida B. Miller House 
View4711 WHITMAN AVE Pemberton Bros. Double House 
View3408 WOODLAND PARK AVE B.K. Maybee/John Braida HouseBraida House
View4220 DAYTON AVE  Fellows Residence
View602 N 41ST ST N   
View302 NW 42ND ST NW   
View309 N 46TH ST N   
View459 N 36th ST N Unknown 
View4253 WHITMAN AVE Unknown 
View455 N 44th ST N Sunset Heights ApartmentsSunset Heights Apartments
View315 N 50th ST N Ridgeview ApartmentsRidgeview Apartments
View100 NW 36th ST NW UnknownCristy Carner Salon
View914 N 35th ST N Unknown 
View4301 Fremont AVE UnknownUnknown
View4250-4256 Fremont AVE Northfield BlockNorthfield Block
View3612 EVANSTON AVE   
View4255 LINDEN AVE Linden Crest ApartmentsFremont Crest Condominium
View4511 LINDEN AVE John E. & Lottie M. Gabriel House 
View911 N 47TH ST N M.W. Twitchell House 
View302 N 48TH ST N Max P.H. Mielke House 
View915 N 48TH ST N Pemberton Bros. Double House 
View811 N 36TH ST N Mary L. Downie House 
View3632 WOODLAND PARK AVE Wm. J Steinert Apartment HouseThe Steinert
View323 N 46TH ST N   
View3631 LINDEN AVE   
View808 N MOTOR PL N   
View4227 PHINNEY AVE   
View3658 Whitman AVE Unknown 
View817 N 50TH ST N   
View475 N 36th ST N UnknownRudy's Barber Shop
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