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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View831 AIRPORT WAY Popich Sign CompanyOld Popich Sign Company Building
View1750 OCCIDENTAL AVE  United Warehouse Company
View1003 6TH AVE Armour Company WarehousePFI Warehouse
View1251 1ST AVE UnknownCarpet Exchange
View1526 1ST AVE Electric Motors Inc.Emerald Manor Supply
View1530 1ST AVE Unknown1530 1st Ave S
View1915 1ST AVE Unknown (1915 1st Ave S)Simonelli Espresso Center
View1911 1ST AVE MacWhyte Company (?)Wine Outlet
View1939 1ST AVE O. B. Williams Company Sash and DoorsO. B. Williams Co.
View2203 1ST AVE Eyres Transfer and Warehouse CompanyOutdoor Research
View2225 1ST AVE  Millwork Supply Company
View2233 1ST AVE (2233 1st Ave S)Evergreen Energy Services/ Multi-ten Warehouse
View2245 1ST AVE Eyres Storage No. 22245 1st Ave S
View2265 1ST AVE National Bank of Commerce (branch bank)Evergreen Home Loan
View1936 1ST AVE Standard Fence Co.Seattle Radiator Works & Home Basics/ Urbanadd Architecture/ Ryan Rhodes Designs
View1944 1ST AVE Seattle Auto Wrecking Company Art Wolfe Gallery
View2230 1ST AVE Western Tractor and Equipment CompanyInterstate Supply/ Doty & Associates/ Allison & Ross Picture Frames
View2244 1ST AVE  E-Z Mini Storage/ 1st Ave Self Storage
View2456 1ST AVE D. A. Johnson Hardwood Company/ Sherman SupplySherman Supply
View2462 1ST AVE Machine Shop for G. Pearson/ D. A. Johnson Hardwood CompanyPius Kitchen and Bath/ Funes and Oziel Furniture (previously)
View85 S LANDER ST S Safeway StoresPhiloxenia Restaurant/ Surplus Too
View2731 1ST AVE F P Rogers & Co.F P Rogers & Co./ Seattle Plastics
View2737 1ST AVE Mastercraft Visions Espresso
View2700 1ST AVE ..Transfer StorageWestern Neon
View2710 1ST AVE Northwest Envelopes Mfg. Co.Nelson & Michael (div. of Music-Vend Distribution Co
View2720 1ST AVE unknown (2720 1st Ave S)Evergreen Data
View2724 1ST AVE Electric Steel Foundry Co./ Yates American Machine CompanyColumbia Printing
View2764 1ST AVE Seattle First National Bank (branch bank)Bank of America (branch bank)
View2900 1ST AVE Glaser Beverages IncorporatedWestern Foil Corporation
View2910 1ST AVE Gibson Manufacturing CompanyRejuvenation
View2962 1ST AVE Unknown (2962 1st S)Renewal by Andersen Window Replacement
View2909 1ST AVE John Mulhern & Co and Sales Offices for Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation (& others)Acme Tool/ Ajax Electric
View2915 1ST AVE Robinson Gear & Machine Works/ Caldwell Machinery & Co./ Harnischfleger CorporationYear of the Monkey/ Industrial Pump Sales
View2925 1ST AVE Pacific Sanitary Rag Co./ Keenan Machine WorksEderer Incorporated
View2963 1ST AVE R. R. Poppleton Inc.Dick's Restaurant Supply
View3411 1ST AVE Wire Rope Manufacturing & Equipment CompanyNorthwest Castings
View3300 1ST AVE Western Steel Casting Company/ Hemphill & McKillor Inc.Western Steel Casting Park (Lumber Liquidators/Plasteel)
View3408 1ST AVE Clyde Equpment CompanyNew J. R. Abbott Building
View3434 1ST AVE Viking Automatic Sprinkler CompanyViking Automatic Sprinkler Company
View3422 1ST AVE Sundfelt Equipment Company/ Roger Olympic Machine CompanyNortrak (Old Rail Products & Fabricators)
View4786 1ST AVE Sears & Roebuck WarehouseSears & Others
View5033 1ST AVE Asbestos Supply Co./ J. W. Clise & Co.Craftsmen Ltd.
View5000 1ST AVE United Motors Service Inc. (5000 1st Ave S/ 187 S Hudson St)H. R. S. Hughes/ Tri-North Department Stores
View5421 1ST AVE Savage Metal Products CompanyRSC Equipment Rental
View60 LUCILE AVE Seattle Pattern WorksCustom Design Furniture & Cabinetry
View118 S BRANDON ST S 118 Brandon St118 S Brandon St
View124 S BRANDON ST S 124 Brandon St124 S Brandon St
View3201 4TH AVE Nalley's Inc. A C Automotive
View128 S BRANDON ST S 128 Brandon St128 S Brandon St
View135 S BRANDON ST S Harnischfleger CorporationLa Baguette Partners
View5021 COLORADO AVE Liquid Carbonic Co./ Liquid Carbonic Pacific Co.Old Liquid Carbonic Company
View5047 COLORADO AVE 5047 Colorado Ave S5047 Colorado Ave S/ Northcoast Refrigeration
View5000 MARGINAL WAY Inger's Cafe-Cascade Service Station Inc./ Petroleum Transportation Company/ Totem Equipment Co.Hudson (Cafe)
View814 6TH AVE Metropolitan Grocery Co./ Angela Merlino BuildingDwinell Visual Systems
View800 S MAYNARD ST S Crescent Manufacturing Co./Knickerbocker CompanyRDA Building
View207 S HORTON ST S Star Machinery Co./ C. Kirk Hillman Co., Plant No.2Nemco Electric Co.
View1555 4TH AVE Henry Disston & Sons, Inc.Filson
View1924 4TH AVE Lincoln Moving & Storage, Alaska Orient Van LinesStoneway Electric Supply
View2700 4TH AVE Mill and Mine Supply CompanyEsquin Wine Merchants
View3200 4TH AVE Pacific Hoist and Warehouse Company/ Machinery MartG & S Cabinet & Granite
View1919 6TH AVE Graybar Electric CompanyGraybar Electric Company
View1950 1ST AVE Seattle Auto Wrecking Company/ Far West TiresJuke Box City
View2233 6TH AVE Westinghouse Electric Corporation/WescoWesco
View2901 6TH AVE Langendorf United BakeriesFranz Family Bakeries
View3223 6TH AVE Alaska Copper & Brass Co.Alaska Copper & Brass Co.
View450 S SPOKANE ST S Washington State Highway DepartmentWashington State Department of Transportation
View1762 6TH AVE Holgate Terminals IncorporatedMacMillan Piper
View1930 6TH AVE Taylor Edwards Warehouse Transfer CompanyTaylor Edwards
View44 S NEVADA ST S Seattle Warehouse CompanyTerminal 106, Warehouses 1 & 2
View2958 6TH AVE Robertson Freight Lines/ Warehouse for D. S. TobiasAlaskan Copper Employment Office
View600 S SPOKANE ST S Scientific Supplies CompanyConsolidated Press
View625 S LANDER ST S Mill & MIne Supply Co./ Polson Implement Co.Contract Fixtures, Supermarket Services
View2535 AIRPORT WAY Equipment Engineers/ "826 Lander St"American Trailer Repair
View1922 AIRPORT AVE Globe Feed MillsPaint to Golf Corporation
View2828 4TH AVE Master Oil Burner Company/ Industrial Plating WorksStella Coffee
View220 S DAWSON ST S Truck and Coach Division, General MotorsGeneral Electric / Hudson Bay Insulation
View3100 AIRPORT WAY Bayview Brewery Co./ Rainier Brewery Co.Tully's Coffee
View412 S LUCILE ST S 412 Lucile St412 S Lucile St
View655 S ANDOVER ST S Sinclair & ValentineModelwerks
View661 S ANDOVER ST S Seattle Brass Company (Building B)Little Mark Productions
View4025 7TH AVE Seattle Brass Company (Building C)Wilcor Grounding Systems
View707 S SNOQUALMIE ST S Puget Sound Paper Box CompanySunny Arms Co-op
View4740 AIRPORT WAY Polyanna Cafe, Dinty Moore'sDinty Moore's
View4800 AIRPORT WAY Scanlon Machine Shop/ Fluckinger Machine Works4800 Airport Way S
View4810 AIRPORT WAY Olympic Foundry CompanyOld Swan Net
View4809 AIRPORT WAY Kellogg & SonEmerald City Bindery
View710 S LUCILE ST S Colombo Supply CompanyStone-Drew Ashe and Jones Building
View4735 E MARGINAL WAY E Ford Motor Company Assembly PlantFederal Center South
View1519 ALASKAN WAY Pacific Steamship Company1519 Alaskan Way S
View1561 ALASKAN WAY U. S. Army Terminal WarehouseU. S. Coast Guard Headquarters (part of)/Pier 36
View1519 ALASKAN WAY U. S. Army Terminal (building)Coast Guard Museum Northwest/Pier 36
View1727 ALASKAN WAY 1727 Alaskan Way SPacific Maritime Institute, International Org. of Masters Mates & Pilots
View4000 1ST AVE Van Waters & Rogers, Inc.Cascade Designs Inc.
View4130 1ST AVE 4132 1st Ave SUrban Enoteca/ Impex
View130 S DAKOTA ST S Van Waters & Rogers, Inc. (warehouse)Cascade Designs Inc.
View3844 1ST AVE Seattle Hardware CompanyEaston Refrigeration
View3200 6TH AVE Los Angeles Seattle Motor ExpressAlaskan Copper Works
View2025 AIRPORT WAY James Henry Packing CompanyStaging Warehouse for Mercedes Benz
View423 S HORTON ST S J. P. Ruddy & Co. (Fumigant company)Paratek
View3414 4TH AVE LePac CorporationCommercial Plastics
View555 S LANDER ST S National Transfer/ The General Tire and Rubber Co.Hilti/ Praxair
View3300 4TH AVE Unknown (3300 4th Ave S)Pittman Automotive Service
View2200 1ST AVE Seattle Ice Company/Olympic Cold StorageZarrett's Office Building - Old Olympic Cold Storage
View2224 1ST AVE 2224 1st Ave SCommercial Fabrics/ Greenlake Cabinets and Construction
View802 6TH AVE NePage-McKenny Co./ Nepage Electric Co.Wan Hua Foods Inc./ Old Pacific Fish Co.
View3301 1ST AVE  Jabon Freight Forwarders
View2727 6TH AVE H. Amick Sheet Metal WorksAmick Metal Fabricators
View3405 6TH AVE Link-Belt Co.Alaskan Copper Works
View5300 DENVER AVE Kraft Foods/ Aronson Industrial SupplyAronson-Campbell Supply
View5400 DENVER AVE Amalgamated Sugar Co.White Satin Sugar
View3667 1ST AVE Johnson Wax ProductsFantagraphics Books
View3404 4TH AVE Union Carbide and Carbon CompanyGull Industries - Washington Policy Center
View2200 6TH AVE Colorado Fuel & Iron CorporationTotal Reclaim Inc.
View2702 6TH AVE Canal Boiler Works/ Union Machinery & Supply Co. & Clough Equipment ServiceCanal Boiler LP/ Emerald City Trapeze Arts
View2724 6TH AVE Beebe BrothersIngersoll-Rand Shipping and Receiving
View2752 6TH AVE N. W. Wire WorksC F Resource
View2908 6TH AVE Bruning PotteryMotor Sports Limited
View2940 6TH AVE M J B (coffee?)Sherwin-Williams Paints
View3300 6TH AVE United TerminalsAlaskan Copper Works
View2401 AIRPORT WAY Tricoach Superior-buses/ Newell BrothersDuke's Truck Rental
View2415 AIRPORT WAY Chain Belt Co.Nordstrom Catering
View2505 AIRPORT AVE The Fuller Brush CompanyJohnstone Supply
View2100 AIRPORT WAY Motor Parts MachineDeWalt Factory Service
View2548 AIRPORT WAY Bearing (?) Engineering & Supply CompanySanderson Safety Supply Co.
View3810 4TH AVE Industrial Plating WorksSeattle Stair & Design
View3838 4TH AVE Air Mac Rodda Paint-Decor
View4100 4TH AVE The Commission Company, (wholesale grocery)Merlino Foods
View4450 4TH AVE Zidell's of SeattleLeDuc Packaging/ City MVG Systems-United Van Lines
View5055 4TH AVE 5055 4th Ave SHertz Equipment Rental
View306 S BRANDON ST S 306 Brandon St306 S. Brandon St
View5418 2ND AVE 5418 2nd Ave South5418 2nd Ave South
View206 S BRANDON ST S Bedford BuildingBedford Building
View3614 4TH AVE Commercial Steel Treaters, Inc.Trader Marx-Dwinell's/ K T Building Supplt Inc.
View3923 AIRPORT WAY Glendale Cafe, Flynn's CafeStarline Marble & Granite LLC
View4003 AIRPORT WAY Ontario HotelOntario Motel/ Teriyaki Plus
View3707 AIRPORT WAY 3707 Airport WayPeterbilt
View818 S DAKOTA ST S G & H Investment CorporationTrade-Marx Sign & Displat Corporation
View8 S IDAHO PKY S The Automatic Sprinkler CompanySpud!
View21 S NEVADA ST S Sunshine BiscuitsHabitat for Humanity, Seattle, King County/ Home Improvement Outlet
View20 S IDAHO ST S E. H. Edwards Company/ Fraser Import CompanyFiberlay Company/
View16 S IDAHO ST S Behr-Manning CorporationSTC Industries
View12 S IDAHO ST S Keystone Steel & Wire CompanyGeorge S/ Schuster Company
View3801 E MARGINAL WAY E  Ash Grove Cement Company
View5053 E MARGINAL WAY E Jordan Terminal- Interstate Transit CompanySno-Pac Products
View2401 UTAH AVE Sears & Roebuck & Co., (Seattle store)Starbucks SODO Center
View2901 UTAH AVE Alaska Junk Company -officeWashington Chain & Supply Company, (testing facilities)
View2901 UTAH AVE Alaska Junk Company - warehouseWashington Chain & Supply Company - Wire Rope Division
View2901 UTAH AVE Unknown Washington Chain & Supply Company
View2915 UTAH AVE Alaska Junk CompanyWashington Chain & Supply Company -(Order/Wii call)
View1900 OCCIDENTAL AVE Associated Grocers Co-opEdward International-Kasala Outlet
View2228 OCCIDENTAL AVE Ocoma Brands/ McCauley's Incorporated2228 Occidental Ave S
View241 S LANDER ST S Star MachineryPacific Galleries Antique Mall
View4580 COLORADO AVE Bloch Steel IndustriesBloch Steel Industries
View118 S LUCILE ST S 118 Lucile St118 S Lucile St
View2733 3RD AVE USS SteelsRabanco Recycling
View2737 4TH AVE All Bearing Service IncorporatedMarshall Walton Design Group
View2743 4TH AVE North Coast Seed Co. -Cutler HammerHD Holiday Decor
View2949 4TH AVE 2949 4th Avenue SSeattle Police Officers' Guild
View2905 4TH AVE Schuck's Auto SupplyLighting Design Lab
View1943 4TH AVE Earl B. Staley Equipment Co./ Eckert's AutomotiveStar Rentals/ Elliott Tire & Service
View2963 4TH AVE Andy's DinerOrient Express Restaurant & Lounge
View1964 4TH AVE Washington Furniture Manufacturing Co.Pacific Coast Feather Co.
View1915 4TH AVE Do All Nella Knives
View2227 4TH AVE Veterinary HospitalAnimal Hospital
View3901 AIRPORT WAY 3901 Airport Way C S Company/ Goodyear
View5212 6TH AVE Seattle Refrigeration and Manufacturing CompanyInca Marble & Granite
View3924 AIRPORT WAY Adolfo's RestaurantGoldie's Airport Way
View2010 AIRPORT WAY Coast Equipment CompanyIsland Dog Sign Company
View270 S HANFORD ST S Hullen Transfer CompanyHullin Building
View2418 AIRPORT WAY Lee & EastesLee & Eastes/Tube Art
View2951 1ST AVE C. J. Young Iron WorksGrowing Green Interiors (bldg 1 from 1910s)
View2005 AIRPORT WAY Olympic Sausage CompanyOberto Sausage Co.
View2323 AIRPORT WAY S & W Fine FoodsPacific Food Importers
View2520 AIRPORT WAY Cummins Diesel Sales CorporationPhelps Tire Company
View1505 6TH AVE Unknown (1505 6th Ave S)Gulf Systems/ Asian Foods
View660 S ANDOVER ST S Stusser Electric CompanyStusser Electric Company
View66 S HANFORD ST S Independent Paper Stock CompanySODO Commerce Center
View1757 1ST AVE Unknown (1757 1st Ave S)Andrews Machinery/Cucina de Santis; Seattle Door & Window
View1911 1ST AVE MacWhyte CompanyThe Paper Zone
View1943 1ST AVE O. B. Williams Company 1941 Lofts/ Cafe Macrina
View5050 1ST AVE International Harvester Co./ Western CartageIridio
View5201 1ST AVE A. B. Corliss Inc.Pope Machinery Co.
View5319 1ST AVE Loyal Fuel & LumberBellan Construction
View4634 E MARGINAL WAY E Container Corporation of AmericaArena Sports
View1700 AIRPORT WAY Western Blower Co. /"1800 Airport Way"Evergreen Treatment Services
View2326 AIRPORT WAY Lee & Eastes (office & freight terminal)Honolulu Freight Service
View3663 1ST AVE Midtown Inventory CompanyQFC Maintenance Center
View300 S LUCILE ST S Post Luggage ManufacturingSherman Supply Company
View205 S BRANDON ST S Williams Machine WorksWilliam Machine Fab. Inc.
View211 S DAWSON ST S 211 Dawson St211 S Dawson St
View2940 SW Avalon SW UnknownMurphy's & Seaway Marina
View3224 4th AVE Fire Station No. 14 
View3613 4th AVE South Substation Warehouse and ShopsSouth Service Center
View3839 4th AVE South Receiving Substation 
View2328-2330 Harbor AVE UnknownBerg Scaffolding Co. & 1 Other
View4400 35th AVE Avalon Substation 
View707 S Plummer ST S Frye Investment Company/Frye & CompanyMaterials Laboratory (SED)
View S Spokane AVE S South Rectifier Substation 
View2914 SW Avalon WAY SW Boysen ApartmentsBoysen Apartments
View3310 Harbor AVE UnknownElliot Bay Distributors
View4200 Airport WAY Independent Brewing Co./Continental Can Co./Pacific Food ProductsSunny Jim Original Facility (SeaTran Shops)
View3201 1ST AVE C. Kirk Hillman CompanyK. R. Trigger Building
View5400 E MARGINAL WAY E Argo Blower & Manufacturing Co.Argo Blower & Manufacturing Co.
View2450 6TH AVE Industrial Transfer & StorageIndustrial Transfer Warehouse
View5200 DENVER AVE Hazel Atlas Glass Company/ Olympic FoundryGeorgetown Brewing Company
View2424 1ST AVE Jobbers Supply Company/ Major BrandsAvernus Productions (formerly)
View3200 1ST AVE Stetson Ross Machine CompanyStetson Ross Machine Company
View4150 1ST AVE Pacific Metal Company Daniel Smith Fine Art Supplies
View14 S IDAHO ST S Palmer G. Lewis BuildingR2R Investments LLC/ J. C. Wright Sales
View2230 4TH AVE Pacific Iron and Metal Co.Pacific Iron and Metal Co.
View2724 4TH AVE Newell Brothers/ Overall LaundryCabinets and Granite
View2900 4TH AVE Milwaukee Sausage CompanyRivers West/ The Parts Works Inc.
View2922 6TH AVE NW Motor Parts Corp.Zeppelin Studio/ Brake & Clutch Supply
View404 S BRANDON ST S 404 Brandon St404 S. Brandon St
View406 S LUCILE ST S 406 Lucile St406 S. Lucile St
View416 S LUCILE ST S 416 Lucile St416 S Lucile St
View2411 6TH AVE Fruehauf Trailer & EquipmentIndustrial Plating Company
View1900 AIRPORT AVE Charter ConstructionSODO Building LLC
View2733 4TH AVE 2733 4th SEspresso Liquidators
View2701 4TH AVE 2701 4th Ave SBig O Tires
View1954 1ST AVE R. Hoe & Company, SawsKolbeh Restaurant
View2951 1ST AVE C. J. Young Iron Works/ former address: 2959 1st Ave SGrowing Green Interiors (bldg 2 from 1940s)
View3207 1ST AVE Swanson's Welding and ManufacturingVertigo Building
View4100 1ST AVE American Smelting and Refinery CompanyCrosscut Hardwoods
View99 S SPOKANE ST S The Simmons Co./ Buffalo Sanitary Wipers Co.Buffalo Industries
View1563 6TH AVE 1565 6th Ave South, (warehouse owned by C. H. Frye)RE. PC
View2015 AIRPORT WAY "Office & warehouse for Carl Belmont,"/ Burke Concrete AccessoriesPhil Smart Auto Repair
View2020 AIRPORT WAY James Henry Packing Company2020 Airport Way S
View4025 7TH AVE Seattle Brass CompanyDavis Sign Company
View4021 AIRPORT WAY Rainier Ornamental Iron & Wire WorksTouratech
View2715 6TH AVE Panama Machinery & Equipment Company/ Riverside Junk Company Inc.Nolan NW
View4400 4TH AVE Totem Distribution Co./ Totem Wholesale Hardware Co.Carpet Liquidators/ Lennox/ Trane Parts Center
View5409 OHIO AVE Utilities Warehouse Inc.Western Utilities/Terminal (Marine/Comm Fish)
View2901 UTAH AVE  Washington Chain & Supply Company/ General Office
View2935 UTAH AVE Ederer Engineering CompanyEderer Incorporated
View2749 4TH AVE Lakeridge Supply CompanyFuzzy Wuzzy/ Diamond Cleaning Services
View4715 6TH AVE Yo Ne Macaroni-Spaghetti-Egg NoodleSun Food Trading Company/ Golden Grain Macaroni
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