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 AddressHistoric NameCommon Name
View410 Stewart ST Tyee BuildingCentennial Building
View1923 5th AVE Colony Club 
View925 Alaskan WAY Fire Station No. 5 
View1927 5th AVE Eclipse Neckwear Manufacturing Co.Icon Grill
View1931 2nd AVE Puget Sound News CompanyTerminal Sales Building Annex
View2013 2nd AVE Hotel NelsonHotel Commodore
View2003 4TH AVE Huston-Swanstrom BuildingMarshall Building
View116 Stewart ST Hotel ArchibaldSt. Regis Hotel
View1921 3rd AVE Kelley-Gorham BuildingHaddon Hall Apartments
View2025 3rd AVE Pathe Film ExchangePathe Building
View1915 3rd AVE White GarageDowntown Mini Storage
View2030 5th AVE Jordan BuildingPalace Kitchen
View1920 1st AVE Oxford HotelOxford Apartments
View2005 5TH AVE Wilson Modern Business CollegeOld Griffin Business College
View2021 4th AVE Nesika ApartmentsStratford Apartments
View2000 4th AVE Claremont Apartment HotelHotel Andre
View1924 1st AVE Rector Hotel / Madrona HotelCipra Building
View1919 2nd AVE Hansen Bros. Building 
View1626 Boren AVE Olive TowerOlive Tower Apartments
View1017 Olive WAY Northwest Motors, IncSeattle Honda
View2011 5th AVE Sheridan Apartments 
View1531 7th AVE Roosevelt Hotel 
View2000 2nd AVE Calhoun HotelPalladian Apartments
View1915 2nd AVE Northwest Building Co GarageSecond Avenue Parking Garage
View1929 3rd AVE Heiden Building 
View1929 9th AVE Pande Cameron Store 
View1907 3rd AVE Donohoe GarageBergman's Luggage (3rd and Stewart Building)
View1904 3rd AVE Securities Building 
View2000 6th AVE Doric Sixth Avenue Motor HotelSixth Avenue Inn
View2014 4th AVE Virginian, TheVirginian Apartments
View2110 Western AVE Medill Auto RepairEwing and Clark Incorporated
View911 WESTERN AVE Maritime Building/ Pacific Warehouse BuildingMaritime Building
View2801-2115 Elliott AVE 2800 Elliott Avenue West / Ainsworth & Dunn Warehouse/ Plant No. 2 for I. F. Laucks Incorporated 2801 Elliott Avenue
View815 Western AVE Carstens BuildingCommuter Building
View2333 Western AVE Marine Firemen's Union BuildingTabella
View2216 Western AVE warehouse/ Greenbaum's United FurnitureMedusa Club/Office Building/ Venom
View1201 Alaskan WAY Pier 5Pier 56
View2411 Alaskan WAY Edgewater Inn/ The CamelotEdgewater Inn
View1319 Western AVE Mutual Light and Heating Company/ Western Avenue Steam PlantSeattle Steam Corporation plant/ Western Avenue steam plant
View2200 Western AVE Union Livery Stables/ Grunbaum Brothers Furniture2200 Western Avenue
View51 University ST Pacific Net and Twine Company/ Pacific Marine Supply CompanyImmunex
View809 Western AVE Mutual Creamery809 Western Avenue (part of Commuter Center Building)
View1315 1st AVE Hotel Vendome -Post Edwards Building/ New Hotel Vendome Sultan Hotel -The Lusty Lady/ Tolias Building
View1003 Alaskan WAY Pier 3Pier 54
View2315 Western AVE Bon Marche Stables/ Compton Lumber CompanyCompton Building
View1414 Alaskan WAY Schwabacher WarehouseMarket Square/ 1414 Alaskan Wat/ 1415 Western Avenue
View2301 1st AVE Oregon HotelOregon Apartments
View2113 First AVE 2113 First Avenue/ The Shamrock Hotel/ "Store Building for Mrs. O'Leary"Continental Furniture
View1301 Alaskan WAY Pier 6/ John B. Agen Dock/ The Milwaukee PierPier 57
View1201 Alaskan WAY Pier 4Pier 55
View2225 1st AVE Hotel Grace/ Utah Hotel/ Apex HotelApex Hotel, Apex Hotel Condominium, Apex Belltown Coop
View55 Bell ST International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots, Seattle, Washington (Union Hall)Art Institute of Seattle, Industrial Design Technology
View1334 Alaskan WAY Diamond Ice and Storage CompanyShurgard Self Storage
View2501 Elliott AVE Booth Fisheries(north bldg) & Puget Investment Company/ Skyway Luggage Company (both buildings)Old Skyway Luggage Company
View2821 Alaskan WAY Pier 14, Ainsworth and Dunn WharfPier 70, Graham and Dunn
View2601 Elliott AVE American Can CompanyReal Networks/ former Seattle Trade Center
View2114 Western AVE Rainier Boarding and Livery Stable/ Armory GarageElliott Bay Bicycles
View2205 1st AVE Scargo Hotel/ Hotel ScargoHotel Scargo
View2121 1rst AVE Colsky Building2121 1st Avenue
View801 Alaskan WAY Colman DockColman Dock/ Washington State Ferry Terminal
View1400 Alaskan WAY 1400 Alaskan Way, "Warehouse for G. J. Callahan"Seattle Antique Market
View2201 First AVE Martin Block /Lewiston HotelLewiston Hotel
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