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Summary for 1831 BROADWAY / Parcel ID 6003001310 / Inv # 0

Historic Name: Avon Apartments Common Name: Capitol Crest Apartments
Style: Commercial, Queen Anne Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Built By: Year Built: 1905

Built in 1905, this is one of the older large buildings remaining on Broadway. However, it has been significantly altered. In 1956 it was modernized with new storefronts, which have been updated several times since then.  The open balconies in the center bay of the upper stories have been enclosed and the wood window sash replaced with vinyl sash.

This was one of the first sections of Capitol Hill to develop.  It was platted in 1880 by David T. Denny, the trustee for the estate of John Nagle, owner of the donation claim for the area.  In 1891 a streetcar line was extended from James Street, running north on Broadway, with direct service to downtown added on Pike Street in 1901.  Another major impetus to local development was the 1902 completion of Seattle (later Broadway) High School, the city’s first modern high school, just two blocks from this site.  Broadway, already an important street, flourished with new businesses. By 1910 the area was largely developed, with single-family homes, small apartment buildings and several churches.  The Broadway district boomed in the 1920s to become one of the city’s premier shopping venues.  However, the Depression of the 1930s led to general stagnation, and the neighborhood changed significantly after World War II.  Broadway High School closed in 1946 and was replaced by Edison Technical School.  Many houses became rentals or were converted to multifamily, commercial, or institutional uses.  The 1980s brought new development, as people returned to live in city neighborhoods.  Seattle Central Community College, the successor to Edison, demolished and replaced most of the old high school buildings in the 1970s.  The institution has continued to grow and now has several blocks of renovated and newly-constructed buildings.   The area is now thriving with stores and new apartments.

This three-story rectangular building sits on a corner lot with storefronts on the lower floor and two stories of apartments above.  It is of wood frame construction clad with painted brick; the foundation is of poured concrete and concrete block.  The front, rear and north sides each have two two-story hanging bays, each with three windows. On the front façade the open center bay on the second and third stories has been filled in, although a balcony remains on the top floor.  Windows throughout have one-over-one vinyl sash.

The front, on Broadway, has two storefronts, both with large new fixed-sash windows and modern steel doors.  A third storefront, also with large newer windows, is at the rear northwest corner. Just east of this is the oak-paneled recessed apartment  entry with two glazed oak doors.  The rear façade has two entry doors, one to the basement and one on the first floor, and two rorignal steel-sash basement windows.

Detail for 1831 BROADWAY / Parcel ID 6003001310 / Inv # 0

Status: Yes - Hold
Classication: Building District Status:
Cladding(s): Brick Foundation(s): Concrete - Poured
Roof Type(s): Flat Roof Material(s): Unknown
Building Type: Commercial/Trade - Business Plan: Rectangular
Structural System: Balloon Frame/Platform Frame No. of Stories: three
Unit Theme(s): Architecture/Landscape Architecture, Commerce
Changes to Plan: Intact
Changes to Windows: Extensive
Changes to Original Cladding: Intact
Storefront: Extensive
Major Bibliographic References
Williams, Jacqueline B. The Hill with a Future: Seattle's Capitol Hill 1900-1946. Seattle: CPK Ink, 2001.
King County Property Record Card (c. 1938-1972), Washington State Archives.

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Photo taken Jul 11, 2010
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