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Summary for 1521 NW 60TH ST NW / Parcel ID 2767603390 / Inv # 0

Historic Name: Common Name:
Style: Unknown Neighborhood: Crown Hill/Ballard
Built By: Year Built: 1929

Residential Ballard is generally described as extending from the 8th Avenue NW to the east and the bluff to the west, and from NW 85th Street on the north to NW 65th Street to the south. The area primarily contains single family houses, but also includes a collection of mutli-family dwellings, commercial buildings, schools, churches, and other buildings. Most of the historic buildings in Ballard are modest cottages and builder's houses, and were not architect-designed. Building styles include, but are not limited to, Victorian (primarily Queen Anne), vernacular, Craftsman, American Foursquare, Colonial Revival (including variations), Tudor Revival, Minimal Traditional, and Ranch. The historic building fabric of Ballard is threatened by a rapid pace of development.

The City of Ballard was incorporated in 1890. It was the first community to incorporate after Washington achieved statehood in 1889. Although population increased rapidly, north Ballard was still relatively rural. In 1907, primarily due to lack of adequate water for its population of 15,000, Ballard citizens voted to be annexed to Seattle to ensure a good water supply for the area.

After annexation Ballard’s street names were changed to conform to Seattle’s: Ship Street turned into 65th Street, Main Street became 15th Avenue.  During the Great Depression and World War II, construction in Ballard nearly ground to a halt, with the exception of some houses built by Earl F. Mench. However, following World War II, fueled by the G.I. bill and the rise of the automobile, Ballard boomed again, and new housing followed. In recent years, the demand for new housing has spurred a tremendous amount of change in Ballard, with old, modest houses being replaced by large box houses and multi-family units. These changes threaten to alter the character and feeling of this historic neighborhood. 

Lars Peter Relling, along with contractor E B Erickson, built the apartment buildings at 1505 and 1521 NW 60th Street in 1928/1929.  Mr. Relling went on to build the house next door at 1527 NW 60th Street in 1943, among many others in Ballard.

Lars emigrated from Norway in 1902 and was a builder by trade. He was very active in the Norwegian community – a trustee for the Norse Home, charter member of the Leif Erikson Lodge, and a Norwegian Commercial Club participant. He and his wife, Jennie, raised four daughters: Bergliot (Bee), Olive, Louise, and Tordis. Lars and family lived in and managed both apartment buildings from the Fifteenth Avenue Building Apartments at 1505 NW 60th Street, apartment 4, for a number of years. Eldest daughter, Bee, married Willard A Bergh (a teacher at Lincoln High School) in 1932 and they moved into the Arna Apartments at 1521 NW 60th Street following their honeymoon and stayed through at least 1938.

The building changed hands over the years, though youngest daughter, Tordis Mittet, owned the property again until 1991. It is now operated by Arna Ballard LLC.

The building has a basement unit plus four apartments on the first floor and another four on the second. A number of interesting tenants and local business owners have called Arna home over the years (all dates approximate according to reverse directories and newspaper articles):

Thomas W and Barbara A Ryan (Butcher) (1930)

Roscoe E and Mollie Benson (Owner of Benson’s Pharmacy), apt 201 (1934 – 1940)

Calvin D and Olive Henniger (Manager at Ralph A McDonald’s Pike Place Market Grocery), apt 203 (1938 – 1949)

Martin H and Olga Lorentvel (Fisherman), apt 101 (1938)

Llyod E and Cath A Norris (Dentist at the Ballard Eagles Building), apt 104 (1938 – 1940)

Merdelle F Packard (Driver for Paul F Buchmann Hardware) (1938)

Robert W and Mary Shadwell (Division Head of the Carnation Company), apt 202 (1938)

E Ray and Maxine Steele (Pipeman), along with father Chester A Steele (Department Supervisor for the City Water Department), apt 101 (1940 – 1948/49)

Faris S and Maida A Walkley (Embalmer at Mittelstadt Funeral Parlors & Beauty Shop Owner), apt 102 (1940)

Peter M and Myrtle Czak (Account Purchasing Agent at Square D Company), apt 101 (1948/49)

Robert A and Agnes C Harper (Bartender at Pac’s Restaurant), apt 204 (1948/49)

Jay W and Janice J McAfee (Salesman & Stenographer for the Coast Mortgage and Investment Company), apt B (1948/49)

John W and Stella Nelson (Engineer for the Great Northern Railway) (1940-1948/49)

Kenneth K and Betty Endorf (Ballard Mortgage Company), apt B (1955 - 1960)

Robert and Patricia S Muzevic (Prosperity Laundry Equipment), apt 101 (1955)

Henry and Ellen H Schlicktmann (Seaman & Assistant at the Union Federal Savings and Loan Association), apt 103 (1955)

Robert J and Eldena H Kelgard (Owner of Kelgard Real Estate), apt 104 (1955)

Mitchell P and Ruth Pentell (Owner of the Green Apple Pie Restaurant, former Chef for the Washington Athletic Club and Tacoma Elk’s Club), apt 202 (1955)

Edward B and Alda Thorell (Commercial Fisherman & Clerk for the National Bank of Commerce), apt 204 (1955 – 1964)

Side Sewer Cards

1940 Census

Seattle Daily Times

Seattle City Directories 1931, 1934, 1938, 1940, 1943/44, 1948/49, 1955 and 1964

King County Assessor’s Database

MOHAI digital archives

This two-story apartment building sits on a poured concrete foundation, is rectangular in plan, and has a stepped flat roof with an arched parapet above the main entry door. The front (north) façade is symmetrically arranged with the primary entry centered, and three banks of windows on either side. The front entry has a single door and sidelights, surrounded by terracotta framing with a keystone, pediment, and cornice. Above the entry is a pair of multi-light leaded glass casement window with a large multi-light window above. The parapet includes a pair of capped rounded cast columns and arched cornice with a keystone, and a buff and red brick checkerboard pattern. Buff colored accent brick is used to surround windows and doors. Fenestration is largely pairs of double-hung windows. This apartment building has been minimally altered and retains most aspects of integrity.

Detail for 1521 NW 60TH ST NW / Parcel ID 2767603390 / Inv # 0

Classication: District Status:
Cladding(s): Brick Foundation(s): Concrete - Poured
Roof Type(s): Flat Roof Material(s): Unknown
Building Type: Domestic - Multiple Family Plan:
Structural System: No. of Stories: two
Unit Theme(s): Architecture/Landscape Architecture
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Photo taken Feb 01, 2016
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