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Summary for 7000 15TH AVE / Parcel ID 0461002980 / Inv # 0

Historic Name: Common Name:
Style: Commercial Neighborhood: Crown Hill/Ballard
Built By: Year Built: 1927

Residential Ballard is generally described as extending from the 8th Avenue NW to the east and the bluff to the west, and from NW 85th Street on the north to NW 65th Street to the south. The area primarily contains single family houses, but also includes a collection of mutli-family dwellings, commercial buildings, schools, churches, and other buildings. Most of the historic buildings in Ballard are modest cottages and builder's houses, and were not architect-designed. Building styles include, but are not limited to, Victorian (primarily Queen Anne), vernacular, Craftsman, American Foursquare, Colonial Revival (including variations), Tudor Revival, Minimal Traditional, and Ranch. The historic building fabric of Ballard is threatened by a rapid pace of development.

The City of Ballard was incorporated in 1890. It was the first community to incorporate after Washington achieved statehood in 1889. Although population increased rapidly, north Ballard was still relatively rural. In 1907, primarily due to lack of adequate water for its population of 15,000, Ballard citizens voted to be annexed to Seattle to ensure a good water supply for the area.

After annexation Ballard’s street names were changed to conform to Seattle’s: Ship Street turned into 65th Street, Main Street became 15th Avenue.  During the Great Depression and World War II, construction in Ballard nearly ground to a halt, with the exception of some houses built by Earl F. Mench. However, following World War II, fueled by the G.I. bill and the rise of the automobile, Ballard boomed again, and new housing followed. In recent years, the demand for new housing has spurred a tremendous amount of change in Ballard, with old, modest houses being replaced by large box houses and multi-family units. These changes threaten to alter the character and feeling of this historic neighborhood. 

Commercial complex, built in 1927.

Addresses include 7000, 7002, 7004, 1486, and 1484.

By 1928 Evelyn's Beauty Shoppe located at 7004, and Adkinson & Son was located at 1486. Dr. A.F. Brockman, a prominent and well respected member of the Ballard community and medical community, and the Salmon Bay Drug Company was located at 7000 and remained there until roughly 1940.  Brockman, although already a high standing member of society was also a notated four term state legislator. If that wasn't all his adventures, also managed to escape a bullet (but not always the drug store robbery). He passed away at the age of 75 in 1943.

By 1934 Seiter Realty Co. was located at 7004, and no one seemed  to be located at 7002, 1486, 1484. A Seattle Daily Times article also identified this Realty company as Shew & Seiter Realty Co.

By 1940: Donald D. Jones was then located at 7002, no name for 7004, 1486 or 1484. One directory (from 1958) suggests that a Donald D. Jones was a dentist and by this time moved his office location to 6750 15th Ave NW. The 1953 directory suggests the same and stated that he and his wife Marcia L. also resided at 6750. Additional note, a directory from 1930 and 1931 shows Dentist Dr. Donald D. Jones (and office) located at 7002. They had two children, Thesie and Garnet. According to a Seattle Daily Times article from September 5, 1953, husband and wife later went on to become temporary treasurer and secretary for the Pacific Northwest Motorist Owning Airstream House Trailers Caravan Meeting.  By 1932, Jones was also an active member in local community clubs and in Ballard improvement. "Leaders of Clubs Organize to Aid Ballard Bridge" headline cites Dr. Donald D. Jones with the Whitter Heights Improvement Club. By 1934, Jones was also involved with the Federated Clubs as a Chairman to discuss phone rates and the use of public schools for private meetings.

By 1940 John O. Stevenson (proprietor of another drug company) was located at 7000. John A. Helgeland (Barber) located at 7002.  Note, between 1931 and 1942 Directory states the barber shop is as located both at 7002 and 7004. John was married to a Cora Helgeland.

1940 Directory: Jask (Jack?) S. Segraves (Baker) is located at 7004. Nothing located for 1486 or 1484.


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Supplemental Information:

•       Seattle Sunday Times, June 23rd 1935

•       Seattle Daily Times, August 25, 1933

•       Plat Map


Constructed in 1927, his single story commercial block building known as the W.E. Hunt building is located at the northeast corner of NW 70th Street and 15th Avenue Northwest. It has a poured concrete foundation, is clad in buff brick veneer, and has a flat roof with a parapet on the south and west facades. A concrete cornice spans the roofline. The main entry is at the corner, where the nameplate is placed above the door. There are at least four storefronts on this building. Windows, doors, and bulkheads have been replaced, and transom windows have been either covered or removed. Although this building has seen several modifications, it is still a good example of a commercial building in the district, and retains its original use, form, and cladding.

Detail for 7000 15TH AVE / Parcel ID 0461002980 / Inv # 0

Classication: Building District Status:
Cladding(s): Brick Foundation(s): Concrete - Poured
Roof Type(s): Flat Roof Material(s): Unknown
Building Type: Commercial/Trade - Business Plan: Rectangular
Structural System: No. of Stories: one
Unit Theme(s): Architecture/Landscape Architecture
Storefront: Extensive
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Photo taken Feb 01, 2016
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