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Summary for 1031 NW 65TH ST NW / Parcel ID 0452001370 / Inv # 0

Historic Name: Common Name:
Style: Vernacular Neighborhood: Crown Hill/Ballard
Built By: Year Built: 1900

Residential Ballard is generally described as extending from the 8th Avenue NW to the east and the bluff to the west, and from NW 85th Street on the north to NW 65th Street to the south. The area primarily contains single family houses, but also includes a collection of mutli-family dwellings, commercial buildings, schools, churches, and other buildings. Most of the historic buildings in Ballard are modest cottages and builder's houses, and were not architect-designed. Building styles include, but are not limited to, Victorian (primarily Queen Anne), vernacular, Craftsman, American Foursquare, Colonial Revival (including variations), Tudor Revival, Minimal Traditional, and Ranch. The historic building fabric of Ballard is threatened by a rapid pace of development.

The City of Ballard was incorporated in 1890. It was the first community to incorporate after Washington achieved statehood in 1889. Although population increased rapidly, north Ballard was still relatively rural. In 1907, primarily due to lack of adequate water for its population of 15,000, Ballard citizens voted to be annexed to Seattle to ensure a good water supply for the area.

After annexation Ballard’s street names were changed to conform to Seattle’s: Ship Street turned into 65th Street, Main Street became 15th Avenue.  During the Great Depression and World War II, construction in Ballard nearly ground to a halt, with the exception of some houses built by Earl F. Mench. However, following World War II, fueled by the G.I. bill and the rise of the automobile, Ballard boomed again, and new housing followed. In recent years, the demand for new housing has spurred a tremendous amount of change in Ballard, with old, modest houses being replaced by large box houses and multi-family units. These changes threaten to alter the character and feeling of this historic neighborhood. 

According to the online King County Assessor’s Report and the Property Record Card, this four-plex house was built in 1900. It is located in the Ballard Addition to City of Seattle (1890), Block 6, Lots 1 and 2. The property doesn’t appear on the 1905 Baist or Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, which suggests the property may have been built later.

The home was built on the corner of Woodland Park Ave [now 65th] and 1st Ave. E. [now 11th], and the earliest known owner is C. R. Alexander who sold the home to Carrie Munson about 1908.  The home was remodeled in 1908, and sold again to United States Realty in 1911.

Frank M. Stanley (1853–1940), a real estate man born in New York, bought the home from the United States Realty Co. in 1916, and received a permit to change the stairway.  He came to Seattle in 1887 and was a pioneer apartment house builder and operator, owning several apartment buildings in his 50 plus years in the Seattle real estate business.  Among the apartments he owned were: Lenawee Apartments, Barbara Frietchie Apartments, the Summit Vista Apartments, and the Stanley Apartments. He also built the Wall Street Court Apartments, which was operated as the Devonshire Apartments in 1940.  Stanley later sold the property to one of his tenants, Jessie Kidd, in 1930.

Jessie Kidd (1859–19??), born in West Virginia of Scottish parents, and a laundress working on her own account, lived in the home starting in 1913, bought it in 1930, rented housekeeping rooms, and continued living there through 1942. Several advertisements for housekeeping rooms were published in the Seattle Daily Times and described one to four rooms, some large, furnished and unfurnished, with bath, kitchenette, light, and water. The King County Property Record Card remarks on the neighborhood: “colored family lives in adjoining house. Of good habits and behavior and liked by neighbors. Class 2 block and of that style of maintenance.” Jessie sold the property in 1944 to Jennie M. Hagenstein.  A 1949 permit officially converts the residence to 3 housekeeping units.

Subsequent owners include Thomas L. Samuelson (from 19??–1977) and the current owners, as of May 2016, Aldo A. & June Samboni (from 1977–), who continued to rent out rooms as apartments. Advertisements from 1973 to 1983 described unique studio apartments with Franklin stove, fireplace, and utilities included. Rental occupants vary from year to year and include electrical machinists, laundry workers, carpenters, nurses, mill workers, barbers, widows, clerks, butter wrappers, truck drivers, meat cutters, house carpenters, and sales ladies. Two long term tenants lived in the home for about 10 years include Gregor and Henry Zorin (from 1965–1975) and Roger E. Monda (from resident 1985–1994).

This ca. 1900 Corner Farmhouse is one story had has a hip roof clad in asphalt shingles. The house has an approximate L plan with the entrance and focal point at the center of the L, where a large dormer and the front door are located. The house is located on a corner and the front door faces this corner. The large dormer has a hip roof and two adjacent one-over-one-light windows. Two smaller dormers are located at either end of the L, facing the streets on either side of the house. These dormers have hip roofs and each have two single-pane windows. Two one-over-one light windows and two porches, one on each interior wing of the L, flank the door. The porches have low hip roofs extend off of the main roof and are supported by square posts. The porches each have a low wall enclosing them. Several double- and single-pane windows are located on each wing. A brick walkway extends from the street corner at an angle to the front door.

Detail for 1031 NW 65TH ST NW / Parcel ID 0452001370 / Inv # 0

Classication: District Status:
Cladding(s): Wood Foundation(s): Concrete - Poured
Roof Type(s): Hip Roof Material(s): Asphalt/Composition
Building Type: Domestic - Multiple Family Plan:
Structural System: No. of Stories: one & ½
Unit Theme(s): Architecture/Landscape Architecture
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Photo taken Feb 01, 2016

Photo taken Feb 01, 2016
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