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Summary for 3715 S Angeline ST S / Parcel ID 1702900670 / Inv #

Historic Name: Strelic, John, House Common Name:
Style: Tudor, Vernacular Neighborhood: Columbia City
Built By: Year Built: 1892
This house is significant as one of the few remaining early residential buildings constructed in the Columbia City neighborhood. The house is also significant as the only example of the Tudor Revival style in the Columbia City historic district. This house was built in 1892 on block 6, lot 154 of the plat of Columbia. The plat of Columbia was filed on August 5th, 1891 at the request of J.K. Edmiston a representative of the Washington Co-operative Home Company. Approximately 32 houses were built in the plat of Columbia between 1891 and 1892. By 1938, only 21 houses built between 1891 and 1892 were still extant in the Columbia plat. This house is one of five houses built between 1891 and 1892 in the plat of Columbia that are extant in the Columbia City historic district. Although the house has undergone alterations, the basic original form remains intact. The house was remodeled in the 1920s, during the historic period, and the façade was updated and redone in the then popular Tudor Revival style. A garage was constructed in the basement to accommodate the ever-increasing use of the automobile. The house has undergone relatively few changes since the 1920s and remains an intact example of the Tudor Revival style. Ownership history Albert Hock purchased the house from J.K. Edmiston in 1892; Edmiston continued to retain ownership of the adjacent lots for several years until they were purchased by Hock. By 1910 the Scandinavian Bank owned the property and the Lounge and Mattress Company was paying the property taxes. Louise Wall purchased the property from Otto Wendland on September 15th, 1914. The Wall estate sold the property to Simeon J. Toby on November 1st, 1923. Toby sold the property to John Strelic on December 1st, 1923. Toby was a prominent developer in Columbia City and owned commercial, as well as residential, property within the neighborhood. John Strelic’s daughter, Rosemary S. Cogshall, sold the property to M. Sayre on January 18th, 1973. Since the mid-1980s, the property has had several owners who have operated a variety of businesses out of the home. The Strelic Family Jonathan Strelic owned the house from 1923 until 1972. During the early years of his residency, Mr. Strelic owned a concrete roofing tile manufacturing company located in Hillman City, approximately one mile south of his residence on Rainier Avenue. Mr. Strelic was likely to have used his remodeling project 1923/24 as an opportunity to install his best concrete roofing tile product, to serve as a permanent product display for potential customers and contractors to see. Mr. Strelic was born in Hungary in 1875, emigrated to the United States in 1896, and had naturalized in 1909. Magyar was his native language but he was able to read, write, and speak English. Mr. Strelic resided in Alaska territory for several years in the 1910’s and early 1920s, where he owned and operated the Steamer S & S, which stood for Slippern & Strelic. He sold the steamer in 1914 and purchased a trading post on the upper Tanana River, located in a village primary occupied by native Alaskans and white missionaries. Mr. Strelic operated the trading post until the early 1920s, making occasional trips into Fairbanks which were reported in the local newspaper. Mr. Strelic married a woman from Czechoslovakia or Hungary in approximately 1922, and their first daughter, Elizabeth, was born in 1923 in New York. By the end of 1923, the Strelic family had moved to Seattle and purchased their home at 3715 S. Angeline Street. Two more daughters, Dorothy and Rosemary, were born between 1924 and 1928, and Mr. Strelic was widowed in 1930. He raised three daughters with the help of a domestic servant named Mary Carter who worked for the family for several years. Mr. Strelic married Margaret Katherine Thompson in the late 1930s or early 1940s. Mr. Strelic continued to work in manufacturing, and was a member of the Ark Lodge 126 F&AM. By the time of Mr. Strelic’s death in 1972, he also owned properties at 3944 and 3950 S. Angeline. The residential properties were sold at the time of Mr. Strelic’s death, and Mrs. Strelic eventually resided in the Queen Anne neighborhood until her death in 199
This one and one half story vernacular house has a side gable roof with a front gable wing and exhibits Tudor Revival style detailing. The house has a rectangular plan and is of wood frame construction. The house is clad in stucco siding and the roof is covered in concrete tile. The east side of the roof of the front gable wing extends sloping over the front porch. The porch is reminiscent of an arched wing wall and covers the recessed front entrance. The main side gable roof extends to cover a first story rear addition. The fenestration consists primarily of eight-over-one single-hung windows on the first story and six-over one single-hung windows on the half-story. The first story features two windows centered on the front elevation and one window on each of the side elevations; a single fixed pane window is located on the far side of the west elevation. The half story features a window on all three of the gable roof ends. The house has a full basement and is supported by a poured concrete foundation. The house has undergone at least two remodels. The first was completed in 1923/24. This remodel most likely consisted of the construction of the first story rear addition, reconfiguration of the front porch, window replacement and reconfiguration, the application of stucco siding, and the addition of concrete roof tile. The house was essentially given a new façade in the Tudor Revival Style, which was popular at the time of the remodel. In 1928 the house was raised, a concrete foundation was poured and a basement garage was constructed.

Detail for 3715 S Angeline ST S / Parcel ID 1702900670 / Inv #

Status: Yes - Inventory
Classication: Building District Status: NR, LR
Cladding(s): Stucco Foundation(s): Concrete - Poured
Roof Type(s): Gable Roof Material(s): Concrete- Tile
Building Type: Domestic - Single Family Plan:
Structural System: No. of Stories:
Unit Theme(s): Architecture/Landscape Architecture
Changes to Plan: Slight
Changes to Windows: Slight
Changes to Original Cladding: Moderate
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Photo collection for 3715 S Angeline ST S / Parcel ID 1702900670 / Inv #

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