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Director's Rules

DR 2-2006, Requirements for Design & Construction of Side Sewers (Sewage)

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This rule interprets Side Sewer Code (Ch. 21.16)
split/update of DR 7-2004This is a joint rule with SPU

Keeping Your Rules Up-to-date

We publish official legal notice for all Director’s Rules in Seattle's Daily Journal of Commerce. We also publish notice about land use rules in our Land Use Information Bulletin through the Seattle Services Portal. To receive an email alert when the Land Use Information Bulletin is posted contact our Public Resource Center.


Draft Director's Rules


DR 9-2019, Design Review Thresholds for Additions & Expansions.

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DR 4-2019, Yards, Setbacks, and Gross Floor Area for Purposes of Land Use Code Standards

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Still Need Help?

If you have questions about superseded or rescinded rules, please contact Jill Vanneman at (206) 733-9062.